Weekend in LA.

I love California.  Perhaps it’s sacrilegious as a New Yorker, but I do.  Were it not for my family, friends, and career, I would move there in a second.  Luckily, we go quite a bit.  The boyfriend’s film career brings him there frequently, and I tag along whenever I can.  Occasionally, I’ll go out during the week and take meetings for BaubleBar, but mostly, it’s a lot of weekend trips and red-eye flights home.  We drive along the 405, top down, tunes on… nothing is better.
This weekend was no exception.  We stayed at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills.  I found inspiration everywhere we turned – from the rounded mirrors lining the garage, to the elevator walls – worn in, quilted leather.  Like a beautifully aged couch… or a (very) vintage Chanel bag.
The Clinton event was spectacular.  Seeing Gaga serenade Bill with “A Bill Romance” and call the evening her “Marilyn Moment” is something I’ll never forget.  Same goes for seeing Bono perform acoustic.  Usher covered the Beatles “Help From My Friends,” and it was totally ridiculous.
 love Spike the Punch jewels... she’s sold out right now but you can find her on twitter.  
 Heart him!  (More, after the jump!)

 A beautiful chandelier at the club we went to post-show.
We ended the weekend with delicious Bloody Marys, flat bread pizzas, and Truffled Potato Chips at Ford’s Filling Station with two dear friends and their adorable baby.  Check out my friend Liz’s blog… she has an amazing eye for design and sometimes puts up pictures of her scrumptious little Lucy!
I have a fun DIY project in the works for you for tomorrow… I really think that you will love it!  In the meantime, my giveaway ($50 to Target…) ends on Friday, so be sure to enter!  Lastly, I was so honored to be featured on Target’s Facebook page yesterday with six other, very talented bloggers… check it out here!

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