Weekend DIY: Glitter Note Cards

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you… I’m way too into stationery for my own good.  I love nothing better than thick cardstock, an engraved monogram, and maybe a little sparkle.  I have also been known to judge a wedding by it’s invitation.  Alas, stationery is one thing I definitely prefer not to splurge on.  I’ll head to the paper store, buy nice (plain) cards and colorful envelopes… and embellish them on my own.  It also makes a great gift.  (Bundle a set of ten cards with some hot pink envelopes for the perfect present).  Today I’ve partnered up with EKSuccess Tools to make a pretty glittery version.  Trust me, this project is so easy that anyone can do it and everyone will think your stationery is Kate Spade.



You’ll need:  Glitter or other paper with an adhesive backing.  // EKSuccess Tools Scissors

EKSuccess Tools Medium Circle Punch // Blank Note Cards


{I made a few more variations…  the scalloped ones are my favorite, but I had fun with it!}

Disclosure:  This project was brought to you by EKSuccess Tools.  Check them out on Facebook, Spotted Canary for project ideas, or shop them at select Walmart stores.

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  1. Terez says 9.28.12

    These are fantastical! Yes that is a word. 

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      haha, thank you! So glad you like them. Really easy to make, too 🙂

  2. nancy @ adore to adorn says 9.28.12

    This is so awesome! =D

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      aw, thanks Nancy!

  3. Spectacularlyso says 9.28.12

    Grace, Your notecards are so professional – at first I thought you were trying to emulate the first picture!


    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Aw, thanks Annie! x

  4. Noemi says 9.28.12

    Very cute.

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Thank you Noemi! xo

  5. Jordan - Queen of LA says 9.28.12

    so cute! i do the same thing… the martha stewart fine glitter is so amazing for these kinds of projects! 

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Yes, I agree!!!

  6. Jessica says 9.28.12

    I definitely judge weddings on their invitations too! It’s the graphic designer in me, I guess. 

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Love it 🙂

  7. tanya_caines says 9.28.12

    These look so cute. Even more special that these are hand made too.
    xx Tanyahttp://aciddreamsandsugarhighs.blogspot.com/

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Thanks Tanya! xx

  8. Laura Bergin says 9.29.12

    I am obsessed with pretty stationary! Love what you have done here, the scallops are too cute 🙂 

    Laura xo

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      thanks Laura! Pretty stationery is my favorite. 🙂

  9. Nicole Levine says 10.1.12

    these are BRILLIANT!!!

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Aw, thanks Nicole!! xo

  10. Gaby says 10.1.12

    Love the scalloped one, my favorite!

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Thanks Gaby!!

  11. Kate says 10.2.12

    These are super cute! They’d make great DIY holiday gifts too — filing this one away for Christmas present inspiration!

    • graceatwood says 10.3.12

      Thanks Kate! I bought a bunch of hot pink envelopes and can’t wait to bundle ’em together to make sets as a gift.

  12. Katie says 2.9.13

    The photos don’t show up in my browser =(

    • Grace Atwood says 2.9.13

      That’s so strange Katie – I just fixed it… not sure what was going on!

      • Katie says 2.11.13