Weekend ABC’s


This weekend was all sorts of blissful. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have been working a lot – and going, going, going on the weekends. From fashion week to my sister’s wedding to San Francisco and then my birthday weekend, I’ve started to feel like a living zombie. I knew I would be relaxing quite a bit this weekend but I didn’t think I’d be quite as lazy as I was. And it was glorious. I finally feel rested and back to normal and ready to conquer the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but at the very least… conquer Monday… let’s do this!

A is for…

Apple Fail. Guys… it’s really, really hard to get an iPhone. Anyone else experience this? I moseyed on over to the 5th Avenue store after brunch today, thinking it would be easy. Wrong. Completely sold out. So then I called the Soho store, and (hooray – or so I thought!) they told me they had plenty in stock. I hopped on the subway and got there 15-20 minutes later. Nope. Sold out. So, I ordered mine online… but I have to wait til the end of the month for it to get here. For such an expensive phone, one would think it wouldn’t be so hard to come by. No. It’s hard… really hard, which only makes me want it more.


C is for…

Carnations. Yes, carnations. Are carnations making a comeback? I saw carnations on Victoria’s instagram last week and thought “oh, those are pretty,” but quickly forgot about them. And then my sister stopped by on Saturday and brought me these. They’re absolutely stunning, no? They are much nicer than the carnations at my local bodega. An added bonus about carnations – they last so much longer than roses and most other flowers. (And for the record, Lena Dunham’s book is pretty funny so far.)

F is for…

Farm to Table. Today I met my friend Sam for brunch on the Upper East Side. I don’t go uptown very often but I’m thinking maybe I should. It’s awfully nice up there. More residential, and so lovely around this time of year. We went to The East Pole, and I kinda fell in love. Everything they use (from the greens to the meats to even the alcohol) is sustainable and locally made or grown. The menu is divine. They also make their own green juice, which I love. I had green juice, the soft scrambled eggs, and (two) iced coffees. I highly recommend it and it was surprisingly easy to get a reservation or even walk in.


G is for…

Gone Girl. I saw it on Friday night. Go. It was really, really good. I read the book maybe two or three years ago (whenever it came out?) so I didn’t remember the plot in full, which was for the best. So many twists and turns. Rosamund Pike was incredible… absolutely perfect for the role. And Ben. Oh, Ben. I love Ben. He was great too. And for the record, I did not see Ben Affleck’s penis. But if you want to, be sure to read this article. Without giving anything away, there was a lot going in on the scene and to be honest I was a bit distracted by his ass. Yup. So if you go, read the article and you will see it. Maybe I will go again. (Laughing so hard as I write this…)


S is for…

Saturday, Scandal, and Sleep. Guys. I was a bit of a slob on Saturday. And it was awesome. I went to bed at a reasonable hour on Friday night and didn’t set my alarm. I slept straight til 11am. My friend was sick and canceled our afternoon brunch plans so I laid in bed with the cat watching Scandal. When Scandal was done, I caught up on The Blacklist and moved onto How to Get Away With Murder. It was pure bliss. The feeling of not having anywhere to be is a very good feeling. I showered, but only because my sister was coming over for a visit. Once she came over we basically just spent a few hours laying on the floor with the cat. Laziest, bestest day ever. PS – did you see the pillows she brought over? I am the luckiest.


T is for…

Tourmaline. This afternoon (post Apple store madness) I ventured over to Ling Skincare in Union Square. They had invited me in to check out their new Energy Lift Acupressure massage and it was pretty fantastic. My therapist, Amanda Danieu used a mixture of massage and heat therapy (using their Energy Lift machine), which left me utterly relaxed and completely blissed out.. Where does Tourmaline come in? It’s part of the Energy Lift machine, combined with far-infared rays. Torumaline is a semi-precious stone that is actually considered to be the highest energy producing crystal in the world. The heat therapy raises the temperature at acupoints, stimulating the natural healing abilities of the body. Amanda was amazing – focusing on all of my trouble spots (neck, shoulders, hips, and oddly my forearms — too much time spent typing on my computer + iPhone!) Add to that, the detoxification benefits… I picked up a green juice on my way home and made my way back to the couch afterward.

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  1. Rachelle:

    I pre-ordered my phone this time to avoid the madness, it usually gets there a little earlier than you think. I wanted to see Gone Girl but didn’t make, maybe next weekend. These pillows are adorable.

    10.5.14 Reply
  2. Rebecca {at} Preppy Panache:

    The whole iPhone thing is madness. Apple didn’t send any to their distributors either so if you went to a Verizon or AT&T store you had to place an online order too. Such a pain!

    10.5.14 Reply
  3. Denise:

    Love today’s post! A piece of your life 🙂

    10.5.14 Reply
  4. Victoria McGinley:

    Sounds like absolute bliss — I’m so glad you took time out for a weekend just for you! I actually re-read Gone Girl yesterday (yes, in a day) and it made me even MORE pumped for the movie. I can’t wait to go! Enjoy the carnations…a week later and mine are still going strong.

    10.5.14 Reply
  5. Bill Atwood:

    Great w/e. Nice slice.

    10.5.14 Reply
  6. The Avg Girl Guide (@AvgGirlsGuide):

    Weekend bliss, for sure! Jealous of the lazy days but your post made me even more pumped for my Gone Girl date tonight (def. reading that article now, haha!).

    10.6.14 Reply
  7. Jordan - Queen of LA:

    awww grace this post made me miss my sis. we are always so busy running around when i come to ny but laying on the floor playing with a cat sounds like heaven 🙂

    10.7.14 Reply