Outfit Diary, 6.7.23.

Outfit Diary 6.7.23

Outfit Diary, 6.7.23

Last week was a short week. I spent Monday at my parents’ house for the holiday, and then had a bunch of fun Spoleto performances and parties (this is one of the most fun weeks to live in/visit Charleston!). This week is more Spoleto fun (I’m hosting a party tonight!) + work, work, work! I hope you’re having a lovely week.

PS – Last week’s outfit diary!


What I Did: Went over my parents’ house for Memorial Day feasting.

What I Wore: Leaha Lace Top, Leaha Lace Dress, Gia Borghini Dad Sandals

La Vie Stylehouse x Larroude Kaftan and Sandals


What I Did: A very Monday-y Tuesday: worked from home!

What I Wore: La Vie Stylehouse x Larroude Kaftan + Sandals. Love this whole collab SO much.

Wiggy Kit Dress | Outfit Diary 6.7.23


What I Did: Worked from home.

What I Wore: Wiggy Kit Dress, Rag & Bone Espadrille Sneakers (selling out fast — also here + here)

Rag & Bone Espadrille Sneakers
Brunello Cucinelli Sweater with jeans

Wednesday Night:

What I Did: Went over my friend’s house for movie night.

What I Wore: Brunello Cucinelli Sweater, AGOLDE Jeans, Rag & Bone Espadrille Sneakers

scalloped set from Splendid | Outfit Diary 6.7.23


What I Did: Worked from home.

What I Wore: The BEST scalloped set from Splendid: Sweatshirt + Shorts

Evi Grintella dress


What I Did: Saw the ballet!

What I Wore: Evi Grintella dress (this one was a RealReal find!), Clergerie platforms

Faherty dress and dad sandals


What I Did: Lounged around the house, worked a little, chores, read, harassed the cats, etc.

What I Wore: Faherty dress (the coziest house dress but runs very big — I’m in the small wish I got an XS!), Gia Borghini Dad Sandals

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  1. Alex Pappas:

    I bought the scalloped set immediately when you posted on IG- love it!!!

    6.7.23 Reply
  2. m:

    Some cute outfits this week with adorably comfortable looking shoes!

    I’d love to see a post on how you clean and care for your summer clothes. I struggle with this as summer clothes in the hot & humid South take a beating from sunscreen, sweat and bug spray. It’s gotten to the point where I’m scared to wear nice things for fear of ruining them and I always have a pile of special care items to hand wash. Do you dry clean everything? Use the Laundress to wash things in the bathtub? Hang dry? Mesh dry? I’d love to hear your protocol.

    6.7.23 Reply
    • Ana:

      Great idea! Live in the DC area and things take a beating. I feel like I have to shower 2x daily – morning and night to feel clean and there is just so much stuff on my skin and clothes

      6.7.23 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I wish I had more specific advice. I feel like I just stay inside a lot and if I’m out it’s things I can easily wash. If I go to a party that is outside (like last night) where I sweat a lot or get rained on, it goes to the dry cleaner!

      6.8.23 Reply
    • Marianne Brown:

      would love an in depth tour of your closet!!

      6.9.23 Reply