Week in Review… 2/24/11

I feel like I’m getting a little boring.  Every week, I tell you how busy my week was, but each week just seems to get busier.  This week was no exception.  The boyfriend has been in the Hamptons filming his new movie, giving me a little extra time to try make a dent in my to-do list.  Lots of blog work, apartment organizing + decorating, and of course… crafts!  Highlights of the week included dinner with Eliot at Malatesta (one of my favorite little Italian restaurants,) and seeing Love, Loss, and What I Wore last night courtesy of Bounce.  (It’s laugh out loud funny.)

This weekend is going to be spent with the boyfriend.  I’ve missed him.  Tonight we’re staying in and cooking, and tomorrow, we’re heading out to Southampton… I’ll get to hang out on set and experience the Hamptons during the winter, which is always so pretty.

{image, from A Fashion Girl and a Fireman}

My good friend Laura has started a fitness blog.  Healthy recipes, workout tips, the works.  While mostly, her posts make me feel guilty about takeout habit, this week she did a DIY project.  It’s a colorblock tote bag, and kind of insane.   She’s giving one away, so be sure to enter her giveaway!
I loved vmac+cheese’s feature on jewelry designer Courtney Kaye.  You probably know by now that my dream is to someday have my own little line of handmade jewelry…  this profile was particularly inspiring to me!
Don’t you just love discovering great new blogs?  My google reader is full, so I’m hesitant to add new new ones, but I couldn’t resist A Fashion Girl and a Fireman.  Vanessa is gorgeous, has exquisite taste, and a penchant for vintage fleamarket finds.  Love.   (That’s her, pictured above!)
Did you see my DIY with The Glitter Guide?  I loved making this necklace.
And finally.  The Everygirl is here!  How amazing does the site look?  I’m obsessed.
Happy Weekend!

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