#Washablefashion, Part 2


Remember in December {here} when I told you how Tide Pods® and the CFDA had teamed up with Tracy Reese on a few washable looks that would walk the runway this year at fashion week?  Well, yesterday the looks were finally unveiled – and Tracy Reese debuted her first-ever completely washable looks as a part of the fall 2014 collection.  You may remember that the final looks for the show were actually decided via social media… Tide + Tracy had asked their fans to pin their favorite look, using #washablefashion.

The two looks walked the runway this season {above and below} and my mind was kind of blown… the pieces do NOT look like you could just throw them in the washer!  It’s fun to compare them to the original sketches that you guys voted on last time around.


Says Tracy of the collaboration… “It was so much fun having the Tide fans help me select the designs for this collection. It was exciting to see them come to life at Fashion Week,” said Tracy Reese. “I know that my customers are making an investment when they buy designer garments. Tide Pods® makes it easy for them to care for their clothing, without sacrificing the quality of the fabric. Having the right product on hand to care for your favorite designer pieces at home, like Tide Pods®, allows you to keep those pieces looking great for years to come.”

This Fall, you’ll be able to buy the Tide Pods®-inspired washable looks  along with the rest of the Tracy Reese collection at TR boutiques and at TracyReese.com.  Pretty cool!

Rosario Dawson and Tracy Reese for TIDE Pods

{Here’s a cute snap of Rosario Dawson at last night’s after party… she’s wearing the washable sweater!}

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  1. With the exception of silk and leather, I try to find fashionable pieces that don’t require costly maintenance.. love the development of these fashion+functionality pieces! Hope to see more! 🙂



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  2. That’s a great idea Tide and Fashion haha I really don’t like dry cleaning my clothes that I’ve already spent a fortune on.
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  3. fashionsbit:

    washable clothes would make our lives so much easier!
    instagram: @fashionsbit

    2.11.14 Reply