No Side Effects. (Giveaway has Ended.)

warners no side effects bra 1

Today, we are actually going to talk about bras. Now that it’s officially sleeveless season, there’s yet another thing we have to worry about… sleevage. You know, that pesky underarm bulge that can pop up over your bra. Or we could just call it what it is… armpit fat. Oof. Maybe this is TMI, but for me, no matter how much I workout and how healthy I eat, I still have just a little bit of chub in that area… and it isn’t cute. I will just say that it makes me feel a little bit better, knowing that Jennifer Lawrence has the same problem.

Alas, Warner’s has a bra, aptly named “No Side Effects,” designed specifically to solve the issue… eliminating under arm bulge and creating a sleek look under sleeveless tops and dresses. It comes in several different styles (underwire, wire-free, and front-close) I was given the opportunity to test drive the underwire bra for myself and see if it lived up to the hype, and I have to say… it’s pretty genius. There is a little bit of extra fabric at the top of the bra + the panel along the side comes up slightly higher than it would on a traditional bra, so it leaves that area nice and smooth.

I’m wearing the bra in all of the photos, and you’ll see… no bulge! Better yet, five lucky readers will win this bra in their size – scroll to the bottom of the post to enter!

Outfit Details: Bon George Crop Top (c/o) // Warner’s No Side Effects Underwire Bra // Torn by Ronny Kobo Skirt (from last year, worn on the blog here) // Chanel Bag // J.Crew Buckled Mid-Heel Sandals

warners no side effects bra 2

Warners Bra1

This is the bra. I have it in the pale pink + black. I’m wearing the black one in the photos in this post, but I wanted to show you the pink as it’s easier to see the extra panel at the top and on the side. I like that while the bra serves a very utilitarian purpose, it’s still very pretty… with cutout details in the center, and a really soft fabric.

warners no side effects bra 3

warners no side effects bra 4

warners no side effects bra 5

warners no side effects bra 6

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Thank you to Warner’s for partnering on this post.

photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Teddi says 6.23.15

    Grace, you look stunning! Happy Summer!

    • graceatwood says 6.23.15

      you’re so sweet! Thanks!

  2. Cathleen says 6.23.15

    I think I’ve noticed this myself too but didn’t realize it was a thing hahaha. I don’t like feeling bulky. Strengthening the sides of the bra is great.
    Lovely outfit! I’m liking the black & white trend.

  3. Kiara King says 6.23.15

    What a beautiful location! It’s so green yet urban – love it. Adore the bracelets too!

  4. Jess Zimlich says 6.23.15

    I’m the same way! No matter how much I focus on that area during my workouts, it’s always going to be there. I tried to enter the giveaway, but I think it has a glitch!

    • graceatwood says 6.23.15

      hia lady! Sorry about that… it’s all fixed now! xx

  5. Caitlin says 6.23.15

    Such a genius idea! Armpit fat is the absolute worst… I definitely have to try out this bra now!
    xo, Caitlin

  6. Allie says 6.23.15

    Digging the classy cut-out of this dress! The giveaway seems to be closed…

    • graceatwood says 6.23.15

      Hi Allie! Really sorry about that! I’ve fixed the giveaway so it should be working now! xx

  7. Nikyta says 6.23.15

    Love the outfit! The cut outs are so subtly sexy and cute at the same time.

    Love the bras as well, the idea is so smart!

    Tried to enter the giveaway but looks like there is a glitch.

    • graceatwood says 6.23.15

      Hi Nikyta,
      I’m so sorry… the giveaway is now fixed! xx

  8. Liz says 6.23.15

    This sounds great, I know exactly what you mean with that bit of bulge, it can definitely ruin an outfit!

    xo, Liz

  9. Alyssa says 6.23.15

    What will they think of next? 🙂


  10. Rachel says 6.23.15

    What a great idea! And they still do look pretty 🙂

  11. Christina says 6.23.15

    I adore this outfit! You look gorgeous! No more side boob for me, thank you very much!

  12. Elanah says 6.23.15

    One of my fave outfits! HOT-TIE!

  13. Salley says 6.23.15

    Definitely hate the underarm bulge that never seems to disappear! I may have to give the bra a try. 🙂

  14. B Boebel says 6.23.15

    Seriously do love this skirt on you. You look so gorgeous in it!

  15. Hannah says 6.23.15

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    xx Hannah //

  16. Paulina says 6.23.15

    I am SO happy this bra exists.. I am a swimmer and a yogi but no matter how much I work my arms I always have something hanging out. YAY!

  17. Mara says 6.23.15

    I would love to get rid of that extra sleevage! lol!

  18. Rebecca says 6.23.15

    This outfit is super cute and even better when you know it’s coupled with a great bra! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  19. e says 6.23.15

    I have the same problem…but I never noticed it until this year! Perks of getting older?

  20. Shira says 6.23.15

    I hate the bulge too! Such a cool concept in the bra!

  21. Carly Taylor says 6.23.15

    looks great!

  22. Nicole Coppins says 6.23.15

    Such a cool concept! I have definitely started to notice this as I pull out some of my spaghetti strap dresses for summer. Also– LOVE your outfit!! I am a huge b&w girl but sometimes struggle to keep the color palette summer-y… you’re rocking it, Grace! XO, Nicole

  23. Danielle M says 6.23.15

    What an awesome idea for a bra!!

  24. jillian says 6.23.15

    sleeveage?! that’s genius. i hate that little bit of chicken fat.

  25. Sam says 6.23.15

    Such a genius idea! Love this outfit too!

  26. grace says 6.23.15

    i hate that bulge too! even though i feel like i am generally not fat I still have it. good thinking warner’s.

  27. Ashley says 6.23.15

    This is such a cool concept. Love your dress!

  28. Elizabeth Linfield says 6.23.15

    This is just the bra I’ve been looking for!

  29. Kim says 6.23.15

    I’ve been looking for a bra that helps cover up this problem. Thanks for sharing your find!

  30. Haley says 6.23.15

    Love this look and 100% agree about the under arm fat… no matter what I do it’s still there!!

    Would love to try out this bra.

  31. Natali says 6.23.15

    Wonderful monochromatic outfit! Looking very ladylike. 🙂

  32. Eudora says 6.23.15

    Love the outfit and the lack of side bulge! Genius!

  33. Delaney says 6.23.15

    What a cool little idea! Is there an underwire on the bras?
    Also, these past two outfits have been SO SO flattering on you!!
    Hope you’re enjoying summer 🙂

  34. Becca says 6.23.15

    I want this!

  35. Courtney says 6.23.15

    this couldn’t have come at a funnier time, I was JUST saying that I need new bras. Thank you for the info!

  36. Franziska says 6.23.15

    fingers crossed – I’m always looking for a better fitting bra 🙂

  37. Elisabeth says 6.23.15

    this sounds awesome, I hate arm chub! You look great in that outfit. Thanks for featuring this giveaway!

  38. elizabeth ashley says 6.23.15

    I like the front cut-outs too! Always on the lookout for pretty t-shirt bras that aren’t boring.

  39. Kim Pincombe Cole says 6.23.15

    While out bra shopping just last week, I finally broke down & got ‘bra fitted’. I swear it was life changing! Found out that I’ve been wearing 1 size too big in band size & 2 sizes too small in cup size. Oops!!

  40. mallory says 6.23.15

    finally!! thanks for sharing- can’t wait to try!

  41. Mona says 6.23.15

    I think I looked at this exact bra before, but they were out of my size.

  42. lindsay says 6.23.15

    what a great product!

  43. felicia sullivan says 6.23.15

    Ok. I’m feeling this.

  44. Erin says 6.23.15

    Finally, something to help with the armpit bulge 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. LeighAnne says 6.23.15

    I can’t wait to try this bra…it’s nice to see companies realize it’s a universal problem!

  46. Colleen Boudreau says 6.23.15

    Thank you! 🙂

  47. Dara says 6.23.15

    Great idea!!!

  48. Sara says 6.23.15

    Looks great!

  49. Lauren says 6.23.15

    This is a great idea! I will definitely be trying one.

  50. Jordan :) says 6.24.15

    genius bra. genius. ps. i love your skirt!

  51. Maureen McCroskey says 6.24.15

    The fit is perfect on the top. Perfect undergarments can make all the difference apparently!

  52. Julie says 6.24.15

    Your outfit is so on point! I’ve also really been into the skirt + crop top combo this season.

  53. Christina says 6.24.15

    I need this! The bulge drives me crazy!!

  54. Emma says 6.24.15

    great idea!

  55. Kelly says 6.25.15

    Finally!! And what a simple fix.

  56. Sarah says 6.25.15

    Such a genius idea, and such a great outfit! I’ll definitely be looking for this bra… I have too many sleeveless dresses not to!

    Xx Sarah

  57. amazing concept — I want to try this!

  58. Courtney says 6.25.15

    This bra sounds awesome & I’d love to own one!

  59. Hope says 6.25.15

    I’m going to check this out! Thank you for sharing.

  60. Lauren says 6.25.15

    I have a spanx bra that is similar but I love this price point!

  61. Holly says 6.26.15

    What a great idea!

  62. jenn says 6.26.15

    This is always my problem, too! good to know companies are aware and trying to help a girl out

  63. The struggle is real! No matter how many pushups, arm dips, side bends etc, it’s still a little too flabby there for my liking.

  64. Anna Pry says 6.27.15

    a good bra is always a tough find

  65. Nichole says 6.28.15

    Wow – it’s really that simple? Love it!

  66. Jordan Troublefield says 6.28.15

    Love this look! Great bras-Beat the bulge 😉