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Coach has done an incredible job transforming their brand.  Not so long ago, they were known for their workmanship, quality, and all-American styling.  Then they tried going trendy, which (in my humble opinion,) was a mistake.  Case in point:  In college, I simply had to have one of those monogrammed logo “C” bags.  I saved up, forked over the $200 or so… and carried my bag with pride.  I had arrived.  A few years later, carrying that same logo bag would equal fashion failure.  Don’t get me wrong.  During Coach’s trendy period, the quality never failed – but they became overly recognizable and once the logo phase was over, it was over.

Fortunately, Coach is back.  Today, wearing Coach is classic, chic, elegant, and effortless.  (which in my opinion, is exactly what a brand should strive for.)  The logo pieces are still there, but the heart of their collection is made up of rich, sumptuous leathers and elegant hardware.  Add to that a killer ad campaign and a kick ass guest blogger program (Check out my girl Christine from Court & Hudson below and here…)   Once again, I’m loving the brand.

1.  Kristin large wristlet  2. Kristin wallet  3.  Kristin spectator crossbody bag  4.  Cayden boots  5.  Hoop earrings  6.  Kristin large flap satchel

It seems that I’m particularly drawn to their “Kristin” collection.  Love it.  Bravo, Coach.. bravo.

images from here, here, here, here, and here!

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