wants & wishes: 30th Birthday

It’s incredibly weird to think that I will be thirty years old this Tuesday.  In a lot of respects, I still feel like I’m twenty two!  Regardless, it’s coming.  I’m focusing on the positive – another year older, another year wiser, right?

Below are a few other wish list items (yes, that sequin skirt and those leopard flats – again!)  The ubiquitous Clarisonic, a lovely geode necklace, a sewing machine (have wanted one forever,) and of course – a little Chanel.  Hey, it’s a wish list for good reason.  But seriously… how amazing is the 2.55 in red?!  My favorite.
1.  Sapphire Blue Clarisonic  2.  J.Crew Sequin Skirt 3.  Geode Necklace  4.  Sephora Bronzer Brush  5.  Leopard Loafers  6.  Singer sewing machine 7.  Chanel Red 2.55

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