Wanted: The Teddy Coat

teddy coat 1

You guys.  I have been driving myself positively crazy trying to find a “Teddy Coat” for winter.  And I am at a point where I’m just mad… because I can’t find the one I want anywhere.

There is the gorgeous ACNE version (in the top + bottom photos) from last year.  And then there are this one and this one… both of which are stunning, but way out of my price range.  I ordered this loopy version from ASOS but need to send it back (the sleeves are just so boxy that I look like a linebacker.)  This Zara version is pretty great, except it isn’t the right color (I really want a camel/beige one.)  And this guy from TopShop is cute, but again – not the right color.  Am I out of my mind crazy to think I can find something like this for under $200/$300?

teddy coat 2 Street-Style-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013

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  1. haha just did a post on this coat last week, that I didnt quite understand it but am drawn to it! There is one at H&M for like nothing that I think has a great color!

    10.16.13 Reply
    • Isabelle R.:

      Could you maybe send the link to that coat from H&M? Can’t seem to find it…

      10.25.16 Reply
      • graceatwood:

        Hi Isabelle, I’m so sorry but this is a very, very old post – the coat is no longer available!

        10.25.16 Reply
  2. Anthropologie has a great one for a great price!


    10.16.13 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      YES! Love it.

      10.16.13 Reply
  3. These coats look so cuddly!

    Chelsea & The City

    10.16.13 Reply
  4. Yeah that anthro one looks like a good option! holy cow this coat looks super comfy – it seriously is like wearing a teddy bear.

    10.16.13 Reply
  5. Love it! Perfect for winter!

    10.16.13 Reply
  6. That looks SO cozy! I wish it would get cold enough for that in Charleston!
    xx Chloe

    10.16.13 Reply
  7. What a perfect cuddle coat. I would stay in that all day!
    Lauren M.

    10.16.13 Reply
  8. Avery:
    10.16.13 Reply
  9. Cy:

    Super easy pattern. You might be able to have one made up for you cheaper. Any friends that sew?

    10.16.13 Reply
  10. Those prices are outrageous. I think you could find a much cheaper, more reasonable version that isn’t at such a sinful price! I agree that maybe you could have one made. I like more fitted coats and jackets. Not many people could pull off this look. That Anthropologie one looks good. I have something similar to that one from Esprit from years ago.

    10.16.13 Reply
  11. tk:

    Grace! This one is more boxy like the Acne version, plus i am loving the black zips.


    10.17.13 Reply
  12. Bee:

    Love that Teddy coat!! Any Sherpa oversized wrap is scrumptious at this time of year! Can’t wait to see your Zara coat styled up!! PS – really like your new site design too

    10.17.13 Reply
  13. I`m obsessed by the one from Acne, but I just purchased this http://www.frontrowshop.com/product/faux-shearling-coat-in-longline-and-texture

    11.29.13 Reply
  14. I want it too! Please update if you find it

    10.22.17 Reply