Wanted: The Teddy Coat

teddy coat 1

You guys.  I have been driving myself positively crazy trying to find a “Teddy Coat” for winter.  And I am at a point where I’m just mad… because I can’t find the one I want anywhere.

There is the gorgeous ACNE version (in the top + bottom photos) from last year.  And then there are this one and this one… both of which are stunning, but way out of my price range.  I ordered this loopy version from ASOS but need to send it back (the sleeves are just so boxy that I look like a linebacker.)  This Zara version is pretty great, except it isn’t the right color (I really want a camel/beige one.)  And this guy from TopShop is cute, but again – not the right color.  Am I out of my mind crazy to think I can find something like this for under $200/$300?

teddy coat 2 Street-Style-Paris-Fashion-Week-Fall-2013

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  1. Emily Lunstroth says 10.16.13

    haha just did a post on this coat last week, that I didnt quite understand it but am drawn to it! There is one at H&M for like nothing that I think has a great color!

    • Isabelle R. says 10.25.16

      Could you maybe send the link to that coat from H&M? Can’t seem to find it…

      • graceatwood says 10.25.16

        Hi Isabelle, I’m so sorry but this is a very, very old post – the coat is no longer available!

  2. cheapchictraveler says 10.16.13

    Anthropologie has a great one for a great price!


    • Grace Atwood says 10.16.13

      YES! Love it.

  3. Chelsea says 10.16.13

    These coats look so cuddly!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. Alecia says 10.16.13

    Yeah that anthro one looks like a good option! holy cow this coat looks super comfy – it seriously is like wearing a teddy bear.

  5. Isabel Geraldes says 10.16.13

    Love it! Perfect for winter!

  6. topknotsandpolkadots says 10.16.13

    That looks SO cozy! I wish it would get cold enough for that in Charleston!
    xx Chloe

  7. Lauren M says 10.16.13

    What a perfect cuddle coat. I would stay in that all day!
    Lauren M.

  8. Avery says 10.16.13
  9. Cy says 10.16.13

    Super easy pattern. You might be able to have one made up for you cheaper. Any friends that sew?

  10. Cathleen says 10.16.13

    Those prices are outrageous. I think you could find a much cheaper, more reasonable version that isn’t at such a sinful price! I agree that maybe you could have one made. I like more fitted coats and jackets. Not many people could pull off this look. That Anthropologie one looks good. I have something similar to that one from Esprit from years ago.

  11. tk says 10.17.13

    Grace! This one is more boxy like the Acne version, plus i am loving the black zips.


  12. Bee says 10.17.13

    Love that Teddy coat!! Any Sherpa oversized wrap is scrumptious at this time of year! Can’t wait to see your Zara coat styled up!! PS – really like your new site design too

  13. Jak says 11.29.13

    I`m obsessed by the one from Acne, but I just purchased this http://www.frontrowshop.com/product/faux-shearling-coat-in-longline-and-texture

  14. Dena says 10.22.17

    I want it too! Please update if you find it