Want to Smell Delicious? Try Mor Perfume Oil.

Oh, the CEW Product Demonstration… it’s every girl’s dream – and the night that every beauty industry girl looks forward to.  In short, pretty much every new product from the prior year sets up shop with a booth, and you can walk around, drink some wine, and test out all the latest and greatest new products from the beauty biz.  We won’t even talk about the gift bag – this year’s bag weighed in at 40 lbs and was amazing (yes, a friend of mine actually weighed it!)

When I spied a roller ball of MOR’s Lychee Flower Perfume Oil, I immediately applied it, and immediately fell in love.  I smelled absolutely delicious!  I admit, I have a lychee addiction – any time a lycheee martini is on the menu, I order one (or five..). and now I just love smelling like one!

Working in the perfume biz, I don’t get excited about perfume all too often.  (I wear Balenciaga, Hanae Mori and Marc Jacobs Daisy, if you were curious.)  This smells amaze.  And it’s just $20 for the prettiest rollerball you’ll ever find.  Get one here, and smell delicious!

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  1. Melissa Rosen:

    Which Balenciaga do u wear???

    12.11.18 Reply