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A week or so ago, my friend Sara wrote about a brand called Vrai & Oro and I flipped out a little bit; sending their site to everyone I knew. They are, in a sense, a little bit Everlane, a little bit BaubleBar… but for fine jewelry. Vrai & Oro means truth (in French) and Gold (in Spanish.) Like Everlane does for clothes, they sell simple, delicate every day pieces. But what is really interesting to me is that fine jewelry is often marked up 8-10x by the time it reaches the consumer. Like BaubleBar does for costume jewelry, they cut out the middleman to make fine jewelry more attainable. Beautiful, high quality pieces that you’ll want to wear every day and never take off… without the huge markups.

Take a look at the site. If you are anything like me, you will probably want one of everything. My personal favorites are these delicate bar earrings, the simple skinny gold stacking rings {available individually or as a set of three}, the diamond solitaire necklace, or this gorgeous diamond baguette ring.

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images c/o Vrai & Oro

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  1. Gracey Wallace says 5.27.14

    I love it! Sometimes simple jewelry can be upwards to $300 for just a simple ring! Thanks for introducing me to this website!

  2. I just came across their instagram yesterday, sounds like a wonderful company! I love the concept of Everlane and I am so excited to see a company is doing a similar thing for jewelry. I have been looking for a perfect pair of gold bar earrings and they have a pair that look just perfect! I am also eyeing the gold diamond studs for my wish-list!

  3. Saša Rakovec says 5.27.14

    What a beautiful delicate pieces!

  4. Annie Reeves says 5.27.14

    I am THRILLED over this new site. It’s so my style and nice to have that middleman cut out. Thank yaaa! xo

  5. drea says 5.27.14

    their pieces – and prices – are fantastic! thank you for sharing! xo

  6. Bee says 5.27.14

    Love the bar earrings Grace! I got my left ear pierced (helix) for my Mother’s Day gift!! I chose a beautiful gold hoop with a blue stone for my earring!! So inspired by your earring choices!!! Pinning these to my Jewelry Box for future purchases!!

  7. Missy On Madison says 5.27.14

    Those jewels are great! Love delicate jewelry like that 🙂

  8. fashionsbit says 5.28.14

    nice rings, love them!
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  9. Gaby says 5.28.14

    ohh checking this site asap!!! Love it all!

  10. Amazingly great find!

  11. These pieces are beautiful!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  12. fieldingreport says 5.30.14

    You always have such great finds Grace! I love these simple designs- more my style than costume jewelry. Definitely checking them out.