Viva Las Vegas

As I write this, I’m in-flight – on my way to Las Vegas, where I will literally, have dinner, go to bed, give a presentation, and fly home.  It will be a long two days, but fun all the same.  I love flying even more now that there is Internet on longer flights. 

For whatever reason, when I think of Las Vegas, I obviously think of sparkle, but I especially think of sparkly cocktail rings.  I did not pack one in my suitcase (as this is a work trip, there won’t be time to sparkle… I’m planning on getting as much sleep as possible tonight before my big morning tomorrow!)

Below are nine favorites –  fabulously sparkly rings.

From top left:  Forever 21, Frangos, Forever 21, Kate Spade, Forever 21, Kate Spade, Grayce, DANNIJO, Frangos (click the collage above for dets on where to buy.)

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