Video: UGG Art & Sole Campaign

As you know from my earlier post, I am honored to be partnering up with Ugg Australia to announce their Art & Sole Campaign.  (Jenni and Alicia are the other two bloggers involved… be sure to check out their posts, too!)  I first wrote about the campaign here, and you can enter up until December 26th.  I strongly encourage you all to enter… the prizes are incredible, and it benefits an amazing cause.

Pictured at bottom left is my design.  I wanted my boots to be as cozy as possible.  They are striped, of course… and if they were to go into production, I would ensure that the stripes were knit in an uber-soft angora wool blend.  I’d pair them with skinny denim and a an oversized sweater.

To help spread buzz about the campaign, we filmed the following video.  Have a look to see me designing my boot and talking about why I love this fantastic campaign!

P.S.  The leopard poncho I’m wearing in the video is from Shop Frankies.  The necklace was DIY’d… you may remember it from here.

Collage images from here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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