Video: Beach Waves Hair Tutorial.

The thing I probably get asked for the most is a hair tutorial. I always feel guilty (and errr – high maintenance) because I love my weekly blowouts. If I am shooting for the blog I will try to get a blowout, but that does not always happen. And until I discovered The Beachwaver, I was totally hopeless at doing my own hair. Seriously, so bad at it. With curling wands, I always wind up with a burnt forehead or hand, and with traditional curling irons, I would wind up with the curls going in the wrong direction. What makes the Beachwaver so awesome is that it has “left” and “right” buttons, and twirls your hair for you so that the curls always go in the right direction. It’s brilliant!

Since discovering it a couple years ago, it’s changed my life in terms of hair styling. I don’t mean to gush/be completely effusive, but it’s the most amazing product. I’ve gotten my sister to use it (she uses it like I do in the tutorial, on her naturally curly hair to give it a bit more polish), as well as several girlfriends. You can use it to add polish to naturally curly/wavy hair (my usual go to as pictured above and also here, here, here, and here)… or use it on straight hair or day two or three of a blowout to add curls.

Anyway, this product has truly changed my life. Head over to Youtube to watch the tutorial… and I would LOVE for you to subscribe to my channel!

Products mentioned in video: Sarah Potempa Beachwaver // Shu Uemura Hair Spray // Alterna Heat Protecter

Photo by Carter Fish // Video by Bobby Hicks – This is not at all sponsored, I’m just utterly obsessed with the brand!!!


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  1. Oh man, I’d love to have weekly blowouts. So that’s the secret behind your perfect hair! Thank you for the tutorial. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.19.17 Reply
    • Well not every week! It’s probably about 50/50… using this curling iron on my natural waves, and getting blowouts if I am able to!

      9.19.17 Reply
  2. Malya:

    Looooove this dress – where is it from?

    9.19.17 Reply
  3. Natali:

    You’re looking stunning and your beach waves are just perfect!

    9.19.17 Reply