Victoria’s Secret has Great Clothes (I Swear.)

Let me begin this post by saying that I like to shop, and I don’t discriminate.  I like mixing “high and low” and count Old Navy, Target, and Forever 21 amongst my favorite places to shop.  But I can, admittedly, be a bit of a snob.  For example, up until recently, I would never have bought clothes at Victoria’s Secret.  Too trashy, I rationalized.  Good for bathing suits, but that’s about it.

But then, the boyfriend took it upon himself to do a little bit of shopping.  He picked out a few things for me (the rope halter dress pictured below, as well as the pointelle trim cardigan – but in different colors than I pictured…) and I kid you not, I love them.  The pointelle cardigan (in gray) is probably my favorite sweater right now.

  1. Stretch Zip Hoodie
  2. Plunge Cover-up Tunic
  3. Rope Halter Dress (in Navy)
  4. Cotton & Cashmere Pointelle Trim Sweater (in Gray)
  5. Short Sleeved Scoop Neck T

And so, I admit (to my victorious and slightly smug boyfriend) Victoria’s Secret has (some) great clothes.  Who would have thought?

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