But My Whole Life Is In There!

why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe
dress // heels // bag // hat

Do you ever think about how much you rely upon your phone? It’s a little bit scary. I’m always on it for work… besides email + phone calls I’m checking and updating social media, moving things around in Dropbox and WordPress, even editing my photos. And in my everyday life, I use it just as much – maps when I’m traveling (or let’s be honest, just getting around the city), music when I’m running, apps to book movie tickets or car services, order meals… I even have an app to ship packages out for me when I’m too busy to get to the UPS store. I like to think that I’m not necessarily addicted to my phone, but I definitely rely upon it. My whole life is basically inside my phone, and without it I can’t do my job.

I’ve cracked my screen too many times to count. The worst was when I cracked it so badly last year that the front facing camera broke too. I’ve cracked it while running, I’ve cracked it craning to get the perfect Instagram, I’ve even cracked it just knocking my phone off of my desk at work (that was during a reallly bad week, which is another story for another day!!!) Fortunately I have not damaged my phone since upgrading to the 7+ in December. A good case really helps. But for those of us who are klutzy… I mean adventurous enough to need a little something else, there is Total Mobile Protection from Verizon. Open enrollment is going on now (through July 14th). The plan provides phone (and tablet!) insurance, cracked screen repairs as soon as that same day at a new lower deductible cost, and next day replacement if your phone is ever lost, stolen, or damaged. Peace of mind, all summer long.

Outfit Details: Stevie May Dress (last seen in this post, also available here too) // Cuyana Summer Hat // Loeffler Randall Heels // Julie Vos Cuff // Celine Sunglasses // Woven Palm Leaf Bag (bought years ago at the Coqui Coqui in Tulum but this is a similar option)

why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe

So this is not an excuse to take your phone into the pool (or bathtub) with you (though I’m sadly guilty of both)… or recklessly roam the city streets with no phone case… but it’s just a nice little extra assurance that if something is to happen to your phone during all of your (hopefully epic) summer adventures, you (and your phone) will be just fine and life can go on more or less uninterrupted.

Here are a few of the plan benefits:

  • If you lose or break your phone, or if your phone is stolen, Verizon will ship you a new (or certified like new) replacement phone as soon as the next day.
  • You’ll have access to same-day cracked screen repairs at a lower deductible cost ($49 vs. the old cost of $79).
  • Repairs as soon as that same day are available at nationwide carry-in locations, but in 115 markets across the country, the technician can come right to your location.
  • You’ll have access to a tech coach, who can handle virtually any question, including transferring content, explaining error messages, and connecting your device to other wireless devices. (Perfect for someone like me who still can’t figure out Air Drop…)

why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe

So go on… stop traffic by taking a photo of your pretty new shoes in the street! (Just kidding no one was around as we took these.)

why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe why I rely upon my phone // verizon total mobile protection | the stripe

Created in partnership with Verizon.

photography by Trent Bailey.


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  1. Dang, don’t think this is available where I live – because I’m the same as you, always dropping or breaking my phone and cracking the screen!

    Lovely photos, anyway! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    7.10.17 Reply
  2. I understand the struggle with breaking your phone… I used to swear by a Lifeproof case and need to get one for my new phone!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    7.10.17 Reply
  3. Sara:

    Ugh, these pictures make me miss NY so much. I only lived there for about 5 months, but it changed my life. Every summer I think about how nice it would be to stroll around my old Queens neighborhood and buy myself a Mister Softee. Beautiful outfit, btw!

    7.10.17 Reply
  4. Cy:

    Grace, I was just thinking how fresh and pretty you look. New York in the summer ( Sara do you really miss that humidity? Ugh!) it’s too much for me, that’s why I live in California. I wore my hair up all the time when I was in NY last month. ( So nice to see yours up Grace! So pretty! )My sister says the weather has been really nice with hardly any humidity, but it won’t last. 🙂 Grace have you researched any lower priced slides? Yours are gorgeous, but I bit more that I’m willing to pay. I have this protection plan and it’s great. I do think it helps to have a strong case and I’m not as reliant on my phone as some. Thanks!

    7.10.17 Reply
    • Sara:

      Girl, I live in Chicago now and the humidity in NY is nothing compared to this midwest nonsense! 😉

      7.10.17 Reply
      • Cy:

        Sara, you made me laugh! I’m such a wuss! I just melt in that kind of weather. Wimpy Cali girl here. Love NY, Chicago and D.C., but try to travel there off season I did notice it makes my skin look good, but trying pull off a breezy summer look like Grace does here, I just can’t. Thanks for the shoe love Grace.

        7.11.17 Reply
    • Aw, thank you so much Cy!!! Yeah, the humidity can be a lot but it’s not that bad. When it’s really terrible I’ll just airdry my hair or put it up!

      I will look into lower priced slides for you. I know Everlane has some pretty flat ones, and I saw some fun pink heels on ASOS.

      I’m glad you have this plan – so necessary! xx

      7.10.17 Reply
  5. Natali:

    Oh, I can totally relate, my whole life is in/ on my phone and I would be completely lost without it at hand at all times.
    I also always use maps, esp. when travelling… Google maps are my saviour!
    I love your summery outfit, that dress suits you perfectly.


    7.10.17 Reply