Updated Fall Makeup Routine.

Grace Atwood Updated Fall Makeup Routine

It has been a little while since I’ve shared an updated makeup routine so today I thought I would share one. You can see it live in this reel on Instagram. I like my makeup to be no fuss (no contouring, no fancy eye makeup) and natural. I bow down to those who can do a more dramatic “look” but that is just not me… And I want things simple, easy, and hard to mess up!

fall makeup routine

When I filmed the reel, it took me seven minutes. Simple and FAST. Again, I don’t like a lot of fuss!

I start with Augustinus Bader x Victoria Beckham’s primer.

I feel bougie with this choice (especially because I use The Rich Cream as well and there are a lot of other great primers like the RMS one) but this is my absolute favorite. It has just a little bit of light reflecting pigment in it, which blends away imperfections and gives you a little glow.

After that, a little bit of concealer.

I have been really into the new Charlotte Tilbury concealer. I find it’s great on dry skin and doesn’t settle into fine lines. My shade is medium. I use the Artis oval brush to blend it in. Best concealer blush.

Then, it’s the Jones Road “What the Foundation.”

My shade right now is medium but I use beige when I am less tan. I apply this with the Rose Inc. foundation brush. I wrote more about this foundation in my big Jones Road review but I absolutely love this foundation. It is so creamy but not heavy; feels amazing on the skin!

Then, it’s the Saie bronzer in “light bronze” (I use their brush too!)

I apply bronzer all over my face for a sun kissed glow. I have a longer review of this bronzer but it’s been my favorite bronzer for a long time now. Really natural and pretty.

Then, a little bit of cream blush, high on the cheeks.

Westman Atelier blushes are my favorite. I go between Petal and Minette. And I used Minette for this look. I also use the Rose Inc. brush for this!

I fill in my brows with the Jones Road brow pencil in Ash.

Then, brush in a bit of Rose Inc’s brow gel. I use the tinted one in shade 2, warm blonde.

On my eyes I use three products.

First, the Ilia gel liner in Dusk, a pretty dark brown. Then, Bobbi Brown’s shadow stick in shell. This is a nice base that cancels out any discoloration on the eyelid. Then, Chantecaille eye shadow in Lion, shimmery bronze.

For mascara, right now I am testing the new Vapour mascara.

It’s decent. Not the best mascara I’ve tried but gives great length and volume.

On my lips, I do Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk.

Always a favorite – it’s universally flattering – I like that it is a lot like my own natural lip color but just a bit better.

PS – My robe is from Kassatex! Love their monograms. I wear the S/M.

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  1. Mary:

    Can the Bobbi Brown shadow stick set on its own, or does it need a powder on top? I don’t want anything too greasy, but I love the shimmer. Thanks!

    9.13.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Hi Mary,
      Great question! You can definitely use the shadow sticks alone! This reel has my favorite way to do that!!! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWwSRi1AG-p/

      They are amazing. I chose a powder in this case because of the color, not for any setting benefits.

      9.13.22 Reply
  2. Vivian:

    I really enjoyed the reel along with the blog post. Hooray for no contouring!

    9.13.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Thank you for telling me! And yes, hooray! haha

      9.13.22 Reply
  3. Sandra:

    Why put concealor on first? I am a makeup artist of 25 years and I do not understand why people do this? Foundation is exactly that, the starting layer before everything else goes on. It also starts to conceal the imperfections, so that you don’t need to apply as much concealor to cover flaws. As well when you are applying foundation over top concealor, you are swiping/blending away the concealor that was applied prior to the foundation, and needs to be reapplied. You’ll save time, product and have a more natural finish when done this way.

    9.13.22 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      For me, I find that my concealer stays on longer when I apply it first. I don’t really buy into the idea that there is a right or a wrong, it’s about trial and error and figuring out what works best for your own skin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

      9.14.22 Reply
      • Jamie:

        Hi Grace! Long time reader, first time commenter (or Questioner). I was wondering the same thing about concealer and foundation. Not a makeup artist here and I wear minimal makeup every day, but as I get into my mid 40s I sometimes want to feel a little more “put-together” so I appreciated this post and reel. What is the difference between concealer and foundation? I thought concealer was for particular areas of concern, not whole face. Then I watched your reel (very helpful!) and I watched how to apply on Sephora’s page… still a little confused if concealer goes on the whole face or just “problem” areas. Thanks!

        9.20.22 Reply
        • grace at the stripe:

          I just use concealer on “problem spots!” under my eyes, any blemishes, around my nose + chin where it gets red!

          9.20.22 Reply