Under $100 Christmas Day Style!


Today I thought it would be fun to share some fun, festive pieces you can wear on Christmas Day or over the holidays that won’t break the bank.  These pieces range from cozy to more elegant (hello jacquard trousers!)  Try layering them together, pairing elegant with casual, and don’t forget a pair of cozy slippers.  Old Navy is having a pretty epic sweater sale – be sure to check it out!

From Top Left:  Plaid Ballet Flats (only $19) // Red Dress // Cable Knit Sweater (only $19) // Gold Trousers // Cat Slippers // Stud Earrings // Plaid Skirt // Hair Bow // Tan Trousers // Plaid Boyfriend Shirt // Beanie // Bow Belt // Socks // Sheep Sweater // Boots (only $20!) // Geek Sweatshirt

This post is brought to you by Old Navy. Find your sweaters for the Holidays at Old Navy!

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  1. Alyssa says 12.20.12

    Love those gold pants! For whatever reason, I’ve started a tradition of wearing something I got as a gift on Christmas Day…I think it’s just because I’m so excited that I have to wear it immediately!

  2. Way to go Old Navy! I usually don’t shop there but lately I have been seeing some SUPER cute stuff!!!

  3. Emily says 12.20.12

    Ha! That “Geek” sweater — too cute!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  4. alyson says 12.20.12

    Those jacquard pants? Obsessed. Need in my life. And, I think you might be making me a cat fan. I’m kind of in shock but in love with those little slippers!

  5. christin says 12.20.12

    like i dont need that sweater but i want it.

  6. Berty Morales says 12.20.12

    Thanks for sharing these amazing selections. I think Santa needs to bring me those Gold Trousers 😉 xoxoxo

  7. viv says 12.20.12

    Awesome pants!

  8. Julie & Lauren says 12.20.12

    Those slippers are the perfect stocking stuffer! XO

  9. Crystalin says 12.20.12

    I love that Geek sweatshirt too, so cute!

  10. Julie Leah says 12.20.12

    I never knew I needed a sweatshirt that says “GEEK” until just now!!

  11. Hannah says 12.20.12

    Thanks for sharing those gorgeous selections – those gold pants need to get. in. my. closet. stat. like, STAT!

  12. Mandy DeTurk says 12.20.12

    Old Navy has really been stepping it up lately.

  13. M. (Faded M Style) says 12.20.12

    I love these picks! Old Navy has been so on point lately! I find I am constantly checking their website’s what’s new section! xo
    Best, M.

  14. Alison says 12.21.12

    Those boots are fabulous!

  15. Giovanna says 12.21.12

    Super cute picks! Loving the dress and the gold trousers!