(unboring) Basics


Just popping in to share a few fun things I’m obsessing over at the moment… the sort of basic pieces you wear and love over and over again until you have to buy a new one (or four).  I recommend buying in bulk…

Striped Shirts (these are thick and soft… and long… I have the navy one and wear it constantly)

Perfect Totes (minimalist + chic… don’t you just want to pack a baguette + bottle of wine and pretend to be Parisian)?  You can customize the color combination too, which is pretty cool.

Heels that go with everything – jeans or dresses.  (If only I could decide which pair!)

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  1. Chelsea says 4.3.13

    A good striped t is such a good find, and long enough that it looks great with jeans or will stay tucked into a skirt! So glad for the suggestion. And I just love that mint tote. xo

  2. alyson says 4.3.13

    totally on par with each; entire wardrobes can consist of each color of this item plus amazing pants. Done!

  3. Alexa says 4.3.13

    Love the totes and speaking of baguettes…wish I was in Paris right now! 🙂

  4. Kristin says 4.3.13

    Those totes are so perfect! It’s picnic time!

  5. Nora says 4.3.13

    Love all of this! Those striped shirts are perfect and a great price!


  6. Bettina says 4.3.13

    I love the tibi heels! I’ve been wanting shoes like this but I’ve tried on the zara and steve madden versions and I could just tell my feet were going to hurt in like 5 min. Have you worn tibi shoes before? Are they comfortable?

  7. Laura Beck says 4.3.13

    Hugging you, today, Grace! On a rare rainy day in Austin, what a BRIGHT spot to see stripedshirt on your blog! THX for the shout out!

  8. Kristina says 4.3.13

    All of those heels, yes please!

    Kristina does the Internets

  9. lauren says 4.4.13

    striped tees are basically our uniform…. and i’ve been dying over those ankle straped pumps all season. just got black and white ones from zara and am obsessed