Two NYC Beauty Faves…

Paintbox Nails NYC

I don’t feature very many salons or things over here {though you can always check out my city guide} because I know you don’t all live in New York. But I am making an exception today because I had two new obsessions that I had to share with you!

The first is JJ Eyelashes. I love getting eyelash extensions for summer because if I have a tan I can more or less go without makeup if I have my lashes done. But I stopped going – my old favorite was too expensive and took way too long, and then I went to a few places I was not crazy about. I hadn’t thought about going back until I saw my friend Maren for dinner a couple weekends ago. Her lashes looked amazing… long, thick, and dark… like they could be extensions but I wasn’t quite sure. And sure enough… they were extensions. So I booked an appointment at JJ. They aesthetician did an amazing job {in just over an hour} and I walked out with perfect lashes. See evidence here. It’s pretty reasonably priced and they usually have coupons going on {I got mine for 25% off.} ALSO… they massage your feet + legs while your lashes are being applied. Awesome.

The second is Paintbox Nails. So… I wasn’t into nail art, but now maybe I am? They make it so simple – and most importantly, NOT TACKY. The Soho studio is immaculate – brightly lit with thoughtful details {modern touches, mirrored glass, charging stations at every counter} and I was offered my choice of beverage: white wine, prosecco, or Grady’s Cold Brew {my fav – remember this?} They have a book full of elegant, on-trend designs to choose from {think pale pink with rose gold tips, or a simple gold stud… things you’d actually be okay with having on your nails for 3-4 weeks} and the entire staff is not only incredibly nice, but also very knowledgable. It’s the brainchild of Eleanor Langston {former beauty editor for Cosmopolitan, Self, and Fitness magazines} To top it all off at the end, there is a photo booth where you can easily snap a beautiful shot of your new manicure. Of course, the social media addict in me just adores that. Full disclosure – I was invited in for a complimentary manicure, but I’m already plotting a trip back with my girlfriends next month – and my next manicure {rose gold half moons.}

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  1. Jessica Rose says 6.2.14

    I love the nails in the first pic…shame I don’t live in NYC!

  2. Saša Rakovec says 6.2.14

    Great nails!

  3. Lust Covet Desire says 6.2.14

    Your nails match your sliders, love that!

  4. Bee says 6.2.14

    I have been stalking those gold Birks @ Nordies forever and now they are gone here in MN!! 🙁 Have you seen the Steve Madden black suede ones too?? Can’t decide between the two!!! Love the nails!! Going to try the colors without the beautiful gems at my next apt!! You are blessed to be surrounded by such great talent!!