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I was so excited when Trunk Club approached me about a partnership. I had already read about them on my friend Liz’s blog here, and oddly a guy I went out with a few months ago had raved and raved about their services, to the point where I thought about just signing up all on my own.

I generally know what I like and what looks good on my body but at the same time I have been feeling as though I was in a bit of a style rut (this always happens to me toward the end of the summer). I wanted to add a few new basics to my closet that would a) feel fresh, b) were not dresses and could easily mix + match with things I already own, c) would be flattering on my body and d) were a little bit less feminine + girly than the pieces I usually choose for myself.

The process is so easy (geared to people who don’t have a lot of time but still want to look great) and to be totally honest, if I were not a blogger where it’s an actual part of my job to be on top of what is in all of the stores, all of the time, I would not shop anywhere else.

Trunk Club 2

After signing up online + filling out a style profile (I provided them with all of my sizes, favorite designers), I was paired up with Kelsey (below!) She was an absolute dream to work with and we have very similar style (I’m obsessed with the jumpsuit she’s wearing below – sadly, TC does not carry it though!). We chatted for about fifteen minutes on the phone, where I filled her in on what I was looking for, my personal style objectives, body hangups, and so on and so forth. She was so helpful and nice and it was really great to be able to talk to a real person.

After our call, a preview of my trunk arrived! I was able to pick and choose and veto certain things (for example, I said no to a pair of cropped flare jeans which just aren’t my style –  try as I might, I still don’t understand that trend!!!!)

Trunk Club 3

A week or so later, I ventured into the actual Trunk Club clubhouse in midtown for our styling session… and this is why I say that if I weren’t a blogger, I wouldn’t shop anywhere else. It was so nice. I had my own private little lounge (with all of Kelsey’s selections neatly hung up and ready to try on). She had pre-assembled some outfit ideas ahead of time, and offered me a cappuccino. (It was early in the day, but they also have a bar so you can have rosé or even champagne if you’d like… it would be so fun to go with a group of girlfriends!).

The space was brightly lit and quiet – a relaxing shopping experience, which I actually didn’t think was possible (I generally shop online which is annoying as I end up returning so much, but preferable to loud, crowded stores with pushy sales associates). We tried on a LOT. I immediately gravitated to (and put on) these Vince platform sneakers as they were so cute + comfortable.

Trunk Club 4

It was fun, because Kelsey pushed me out of my comfort zone a bit. While I had vetoed the cropped jeans, she did suggest a pair of cropped Theory trousers that I ended up really loving. I also tried on a really cool pair of Theory leather culottes. I liked those a lot but deciding against them as they were pretty expensive for such a trendy item.

Trunk Club 5

Trunk Club 6

Trunk Club 7

I loved this outfit… an IRO top, tucked into a Kate Spade skirt. Kelsey encouraged me to try tucking my more billowy tops into something high-waisted. I ended up buying the IRO top and deciding to look for a less expensive version of this skirt in denim or twill. I already have these exact Rag & Bone boots so we are good to go there!

Trunk Club 8

This Vince dress is a dream. It fit me perfectly, as if it were made for my body. I was tempted to buy it for fashion week but decided to hope and pray and cross my fingers that it goes on sale at some point.

Trunk Club 9

These were the cropped flare pants that I was telling you about. I initially was not so sure about them (high-waisted AND cropped? I was so out of my element), but I came around… especially after seeing your reactions on Snapchat – everybody loved them! I love how they pair with the cropped turtleneck in this outfit. I also tried them on with the IRO blouse above and loved how they looked with it.

I did not end up buying the pants initially but ended up calling Kelsey to order them… they were one of those pieces I had to let marinate a bit before committing to them.

Trunk Club 10

This sweater dress (from Vince) didn’t make the cut. I liked it, but didn’t love it.

All in all, this was a truly awesome way to shop. A few more things that you might want to know:

  • There is no fee to meet with a stylist or have a trunk sent your way. You are only charged for the clothing that you decide to keep.
  • You can work with TC two ways – either in person like I did (they currently have clubhouses in New York, Chicago, Dallas, LA, and Chicago.. Charleston is coming soon!) or virtually by signing up on their website and having a trunk sent to your home.
  • TC ships trunks all over the continental US. You have five days to try everything on, decide, and then return what you don’t love.
  • This is NOT a subscription service. You can order trunks as often (or as little) as you like.

I really just can’t say enough great things about the service. Kelsey was such a dream (you can reach out to her here to set up your own session) and this is the best way to shop for new Fall clothing and accessories.

Trunk Club 11

In Partnership with Trunk Club.

Photography by Lydia Hudgens.

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  1. Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says 8.29.16

    Josh has been using Trunk Club for years and loves it! I’m scared to try out the women’s version because of how much I’ll buy! haha

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      That fear is very real. I bought so much! But all stuff I really love and know I’ll wear a ton. It’s such an amazing service, I’m so happy they rolled it out for women!

  2. Amy @ Girl for Granted says 8.29.16

    Hey Grace, do you have any details on those grey boots? x

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Hi Amy! Yes! They are the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots. It’s funny, we didn’t end up shooting them because Kelsey pulled them for me but I already own them. They are amazing, for the record!!!

  3. Liz Adams says 8.29.16

    Ok I hope you went home with everything because YOU LOOK AMAZING in all of these outfits!! The cropped pants are so so good on you!! xoxo

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Thanks friend! I did!!! I am obsessed with everything Kelsey picked out – so helpful!!!

  4. Tamara Kennedy says 8.29.16

    That top! How did I miss it? Where can I find it? You look amazing!

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Hi Tamara,
      Thank you so much. Are you referring to the white + silver top? Which one? If so, it is by IRO, and the style name is called Naomie. I bought it at Trunk Club!

  5. Amy says 8.29.16

    Grace, what is that white shirt you are wearing with the distressed jeans? It’s gorgeous! Thanks!

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Hi Amy! Thank you so much – it’s a Vince sleeveless funnel neck sweater! So comfy + cozy.

  6. Becca says 8.29.16

    Hey Grace, all these outfits look so cute on you and seems like a great concept. I think it’s great to meet with a stylist because they do push you out of your comfort zone and I love ending up with things I would have never thought of before. My initial reaction when seeing this post was that TC probably isn’t for me personally because it seems like they carry pretty expensive and high-end items (which is great – for some people). Yet even in your own post you basically describe how you liked all the things you tried but didn’t buy most of them because they were too pricey and/or overpriced for what they were. Your honesty is refreshing and appreciated – because you could have just written that you bought everything and we never would have know – but I also found it slightly strange that you’re ravig about and recommending the service here when you seem to have had to leave most of the pieces you tried behind. Did you actually enjoy the experience then and think it was for you, and that’s why you posted about it? (Also struck me because it seems if you we’re partnering with them then you must have gotten some discount or gotten some things for free, but I guess there was a cap to that – though again refreshing that you were up front about it). I like all your posts but just found this one a little strange, that you were promoting a company that didn’t really actually seem to work for you. If you were just saying it works for other people, then i don’t get why you would have posted as a blogger.

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Hi Becca, I’m sorry if the post came off as confusing at all. I actually ended up buying quite a bit, which I thought came across in the post. (I mentioned buying the IRO Top, Vince sneakers, and Theory pants all within the post). I walked out with the Vince sneakers, the two sweaters, the Iro top, and the Rag & Bone jeans. :-X. And then I reached back out to Kelsey and ordered the Theory pants as I struggled at the store whether I really needed them and would wear them… but needed more time to think. I mentioned that within the post… but maybe the items I didn’t buy stood out more to you?

      All the items I got were great basics… it was the trendier, more expensive items that I chose to leave behind/pray they go on sale. Kelsey encouraged me to try things I wouldn’t usually do… like the suede dress which was amazing, same with the leather culottes – but both just seemed too expensive for me. I wanted to be honest, and to share both the things that worked for me and the things that didn’t (and the items that I was looking for a less expensive version of – like the suede skirt) because that’s how shopping is for everyone… you buy the stuff you truly love, you wait on the stuff you aren’t so sure about, and you seek out less expensive options for the trendier stuff.

      I hope that makes sense! And also! Even if you have a smaller budget I think TC could still work for you. As the stylist is a real person, you can tell them that and they will work with you on a budget, AND it is great just in terms of learning what works for your body. For me, for example, I learned that I actually can pull off cropped trousers… and I learned how flattering high-waisted items can actually be.

      Anyway, thank you so much for commenting, I hope this clears things up. I am completely obsessed with the service.

      • Becca says 8.29.16

        Hi Grace, got it. Yes I believe you only mentioned above that you bought the IRO shirt, and did not clarify whether you bought the Vince sneakers, nor did you mention that you actually purchased some of those other items. It’s cool, I was just confused because your post clearly specifies one item you bought and then mentions not buying five others, it was kind of misleading. Don’t mean to get all technical but now I know because of this comment that actually you did walk away with more. So glad to hear the clarification that it was worth it for you in the end, in fact, and thank you for pointing out the budget aspect as well. Maybe I will look into it! Glad you enjoyed x

        • graceatwood says 8.29.16

          Thanks for commenting back. I’m so sorry that you found it to be misleading or confusing. Good thing for the comments section!!! 🙂

  7. Jess Zimlich says 8.29.16

    I’ve been toying with the idea of making an appointment here in Chicago. I tried TC out back in Kansas City, but didn’t have as much luck and feel like I would enjoy trying everything on with good lighting, mirrors, etc. Oh, and a glass of champagne wouldn’t hurt either 😉

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Hi Jess! Oh my gosh you really should. I had such a good experience. It could be fun to go with a friend or two (they offer that) and have a little shopping happy hour of sorts!!!

      • Jess Zimlich says 8.29.16

        Yes, I just read my comment again and it sounded like it was a terrible experience for me the first time around…which it most definitely was not! I only got to try out one box before we moved and felt like I shouldn’t be bringing along more things so I sent it back. I need new jeans! I just sent them an email to set up an appointment at the Clubhouse here 🙂

        • graceatwood says 8.29.16

          Yay!! I hope you have as good of an experience as I did. I’ve heard the Chicago one is really nice. I would imagine that having a trunk sent is really nice, but going to the Clubhouse is probably a better experience. I loved the good lighting + also having someone there with me to help mix + match + spur outfit ideas!!! And champagne too of course 😉

  8. Emily says 8.29.16

    I actually love the Vince sweater and torn jeans look! Are the jeans from Nordstrom? I’m with you on avoiding the cropped flares.

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Me too! I ended up keeping both pieces. The jeans are Rag & Bone and I bought the at Trunk Club, but TC has a partnership with Nordstrom so I bet they would be available there as well, too! xx

  9. Becca says 8.29.16

    OH MAN! Everything looks so good! I can’t wait to try this out.

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Sister! Can’t wait to see what you get!!

  10. Thuy says 8.29.16

    I LOVE the featured image of you 🙂 You look stunning. I like that TC is not a subscription service because I feel like subscription clothing services pressure me into feeling like I have to buy something every month. Plus, I feel bad when I reject things my stylist puts together because it seems like I’m saying, “You did a shit job,” when really it could have been financial reasons or whatever!

    My favourite outfit from your TC session was the IRO top tucked into the skirt. I think you look INCREDIBLE and I would be happy seeing you in similar ensembles in the future. Well, if you like it of course!

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Haha, thank you. I like it a lot too. I ended up buying that IRO top and then buying a similar button front denim skirt from Nordstrom to pair it with. I looove the suede one but thought I would wear a denim one more!!

  11. Breanna Marie says 8.29.16

    I love that flared Theory crop pant! I can’t wait to see how you wear it on the blog!

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Thank you! I am so obsessed with them. 🙂 Def a departure from my usual style, but they ended up being so cute!

  12. Sarah says 8.29.16

    I tried Trunk Club last year (for both myself and for Carter) and I really did love the pieces they pulled for me – my issue was that everything was full price and I’m such a bargain shopper! Pieces I had a strong feeling would go on sale in a month or two were in my trunk and so I had a hard time justifying purchasing. But overall I do think the stylists do an awesome job – it’s leaps and bounds better than the other styling services I’ve dabbled with.

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      That definitely makes sense. I think for me, the best part was having someone there to help me try trends I wouldn’t usually go for (high-waisted skirt + pants, leather culottes, etc).

      From there, I just made a decision what was worth it and what wasn’t (cashmere sweaters, Rag & Bone jeans – YES!!! Suede dress – wait for it to go on sale… leather culottes: look for a less expensive (maybe vegan) option). Such a fun experience!

  13. Jackie (York Avenue) says 8.29.16

    Agree with a commenter above – love that it’s not a subscription service, but more like a personal shopper. Sounds like a really good idea for anyone who is in a style rut. I could definitely see trying this out just to get someone else’s help and to try out some great investment pieces.

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      Yes, exactly – that’s how I see it! The pieces I got were splurges, but now I feel like I have my core essentials for Fall and can round them out with things I already have… and less expensive items that will easily mix + match! I think you should try it, especially as you are based here in New York! (If you do, you have to work with Kelsey – she is awesome!!!)

  14. Ali says 8.29.16

    Hey Grace! You look GORG in these photos! Can you tell me the name of the Theory pants and the turtleneck? I have a trunk coming soon and I want to tell my stylist to add those in!


  15. Victoria McGinley says 8.29.16

    Ok, I can’t wait to try this! Did they give you any info on when the SF Clubhouse is opening?!

    • graceatwood says 8.29.16

      They didn’t!! I know Charleston is next on the list… but SF is coming soon-ish I think! You will love this, it’s such a great service. x

  16. Kimberlee Poosikian says 8.31.16

    Hi Grace, Love the cropped pants on you! Super look for Fall…

    • graceatwood says 8.31.16

      Aw, thanks Kim!! So nice to hear from you – hope you are doing well.