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  • Nothing makes me happier than a spontaneous weekend in Charleston. ❤️
  • I’m throwing a big party for my friends and family to celebrate 10 years of blogging next week and on my friend @ilysiadesign’s rec, hired @alexebenmeyer to make an illustration of me for my invitation. Nearly passed out when I got it back. It’s the most “me” thing I’ve ever seen so I HAD to share it here. ❤️ if you’re in need of something like this (or have a graphic design project) I can’t recommend Ilysia or Alex enough. Fast, creative as hell, nice to work with, and reasonably priced! ⚡️⚡️
  • Layering always sounds good in theory but it never goes quiiiite  the way I planned 🙈 (I'm especially into the hoodie under a blazer combo - but it always looks so bulky and awkward on me!) @VeronicaBeard's dickey jacket system is a dream - you just zip this clever little dickey into the jacket for the layered look with ZERO BULK. I am obsessed (I have a cashmere hoodie too!).
We were so extremely thrilled to have the Veronicas join us on the podcast today. We talked about how they built their business, their best-selling jackets, extending their size range, favorite beauty products, and the importance of family. It's one of my favorite interviews to date! Give it a listen in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts... it’s a really good one. ❤️
photo by @carterfish
  • My face when I realize it’s only Tuesday after telling someone it’s been a “really long week.” 😆🤦🏼‍♀️
pic by @carterfish, tap for outfit details!
  • When i think of three adjectives to describe 2020, I want them to be: CALM, COZY... and LESS SELF ABSORBED. We talked about that a bit in the podcast last week (our New Year's ep!) but I am curious... what are your 2020 adjectives? Tell me in the comments if you’re feeling brave. ❤️(📸: @carterfish)
  • Last night toasting @bethereinfive after her first (and sold out!) NYC live show! It’s everything to have a group of women to support and lift each other up and learn from and sometimes vent to and I’m so grateful for our little podsquad. ❤️
  • So excited to share that ONE OF US IS NEXT by @writerkmc is finally on shelves today! This is the sequel to ONE OF US IS LYING (a previous @badonpaperpodcast book club pick which is still on the NYT bestseller list almost two years later). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I called the original a murdery Breakfast Club. The new one picks up two years later. The "Bayview four" have all graduated and moved on (but remain peripheral characters) and now their younger siblings are facing a mystery of their own! I tore through this in a night and loved it just as much as the original! @getunderlined #getunderlinedpartner #oneofusislying #ad (📸: @carterfish)
  • Really happy to be home. The cozy factor has been majorly amped up in these parts. Lots of cooking, reading, and harassing the cat. He’s so happy. 😣 Oh and finally watching The Morning Show! It’s so good. My three recent fav shows are that, Succession, and of course season two of You! Tell me what you are watching! (Pajamas are old Chelsea28 at @nordstrom; 📸 by @carterfish)