Three Days in San Francisco!

Three Days in San Francisco

Our trip to San Francisco was so much fun,  really productive (and way too short!!!). I will be really honest; this trip was pretty much all work and less play. We had our live show at Cobb’s Comedy Club; but I also set up brand meetings with three of my favorites brands. So it was definitely time very well spent. I felt so guilty because on our last night (the night after our show and a full day of meetings), I was too tired to do anything – I opted to hibernate in my hotel room!

So yes – this was a true work trip, but we still did some fun things that were worthy of the blog. I am sharing everything we did (and what we ate) but I definitely wish it was a longer list. I’ve been to San Francisco quite a bit and always have the best time… there are so many fun neighborhoods (they are all so unique!) to explore and cool things to do. We didn’t really leave the Union Square area. That’s not because I didn’t want to but because we were working! I am saying this all as a caveat: I don’t want you to read the post and think “Wow she’s so boring, she definitely didn’t do Francisco right!!!”

Three Days in San Francisco - outfit

Outfit Details: gifted MM LaFleur Trench // Madewell Sweater // J.Crew Leopard Pants // Sarah Flint Heels (take $50 off your first pair with code GRACE50) // Chanel Purse // Amazon Sunglasses

We stayed at the Parc 55 Hotel for three nights, which was the perfect little home away from home.

Parc 55 generously gifted us a two night stay and then we each paid for a third night on our own. The hotel was in the perfect location – right in Union Square (across from the Nordstrom). I loved how easy it was to get around… the day after our show, I was able to walk to all of my meetings! The hotel also had a fantastic breakfast buffet in the morning and I loved the fitness center (for the first time in live show history, I worked out every day!)

Three Days in San Francisco unpack to feel at home

I always unpack. Always!!! It makes the room feel like home.

(Also – because I know you guys well! The gold star sandals are old Valentino Red; bought on the Outnet a few years ago I did a deep dive for you guys and did find them in a size 7 here on Poshmark! The leather bag is AWAY. It is the best carry-on ever!)

makeup books

I packed three books and did absolutely no reading while we were there, except a little bit on the plane. (Fashion Climbing is so good!!!) I also packed my Equilibria CBD. More on that here, in this post!

wine in bed

I loved the big comfy bed and the Parc 55 was so generous and sent up a bottle of wine and a fruit bowl! (My pajamas are J.Crew)

live show at cobb's

Our live show at Cobb’s Comedy Club went really, really well. We had a blast and this was our biggest meet & greet yet! I was totally fried by the end of the night but it was amazing. We had so much fun! I will also add that this was our 7th live show and seeing your name on a sign/promo material/anything NEVER gets old. I geeked out SO majorly when I saw our name up at Cobb’s!

Three Days in San Francisco - toast

The next day I was up and at them for meetings. I had Philz! It was delicious! But a real highlight for me was coffee + snacks at Mazarine. The toasts were delicious!

One of my favorite meals from the whole trip was tapas at Bellota. We went on our first night and it was absolutely delicious. A few highlights: they have this little cart with cheese and olives and meats that they roll around and you can order from (SO GOOD); the patatas bravas (always a fav anyway) ANIMAL style with prosciutto and pimento aioli (heaven), and of course the paella which I barely had room for. So, so insanely good. The space is beautiful, too!

My favorite drinks from the trip were at Cityscape! Cityscape is on top of the Hilton (across from the Parc55) and the views of the city are INSANE. I had a very delicious dirty martini here (and not pictured) we shared a fantastic cheese board!

fruits and wine Three Days in San Francisco trench coat live show outfit - Three Days in San Francisco

My dress for the live show is from Parker! (It’s currently on sale!) I also wore this to my birthday dinner last week – it’s a great dress. It’s also available here, here, here, here, here, and here!

Three Days in San Francisco

photography by Tory Putnam!

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  1. I am so jealous of all the travelling you’ve been doing! Every place you go to, I want to visit too, haha! Hope you enjoyed your time! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    10.10.19 Reply
  2. Dana Mannarino:

    These photos are SO great, they made me so happy haha! I’ve never been to San Francisco but I’m DYING to go! PS: Those leopard pants are FAB on you!!!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

    10.10.19 Reply
  3. I’ve never been to San Francisco but am dying to go! Also, loove all these outfits! That black dress is too gorgeous!

    10.10.19 Reply
  4. Cy:

    Well Grace, you hit some really good places.Love Mazarine. I can’t believe you were right next door and I didn’t know it! Just between you and me, they say our rooms are nicer 🙂 Cityscape is the best! I love telling people we have the best view in San Francisco. We definitely have some other fun ones, but ours is the tallest. I’m so glad you enjoyed Bellota. Last time I was there I had a bone marrow paella( not traditional) that was amazing! I think sometimes Spanish food can get a little same, same.I like how creative the chef is. It was so nice meeting you and Becca. I just finished “The idea of you” and really enjoyed it. I was really hoping for a surprise ending like flash forward 15 years and they are happily married with another kid, maybe? The ending was expected. I’m glad you enjoyed your little gift. The matches aren’t great, but the covers are like little pieces of art. So many other great places in Union Square, so if you need recs in the future, you know who to ask. I just received my Equilibrium order and I love it so far ( 3 days in )so thank you for that.

    10.10.19 Reply
  5. Stephanie:

    It looks like you had fun in SF! Where is Becca’s dress from? It’s so cute! Thanks.

    10.10.19 Reply
  6. Sharon:

    As a fellow introvert, I give you three gold stars! Nice work sticking to your personal commitments and enjoying the things that were important to you! Beautiful recap and loved seeing it on IG stories while it was happening. LOVE the gold shoes.

    10.11.19 Reply
  7. It looks like you guys had a blast on your SF trip! 😀 Question; do you know if Away ships to Europe (Scandinavia)?

    10.11.19 Reply
    • Thanks! I have no idea! I am sure their shipping policies are available on their website!

      10.11.19 Reply
  8. CD:

    Hi Grace! Your makeup looks FABULOUS. Devotee of your skincare recs and wondering if you would you mind sharing what products you are using/wearing in these photos? Thank you!

    10.13.19 Reply
    • I am sorry – got my makeup professionally done by Glamsquad! Did not do it myself and didn’t take notes on the products! (But thank you for the compliment!!)

      10.13.19 Reply