Tory, Tory, Tory!

I love going to fun stuff in the city but lately it has felt like I’m in a bit of a rut.  Part of my “makeover” described earlier today involves getting out more, and amping up my intake of culture.  So, when a good friend told me about the FIAF’s Fashion Talks series, I jumped at the chance.

Tonight was the first talk, and Tory Burch did not disappoint.  I’ve kinda got a bit of a girl crush.

She was eloquent, articulate, and all out inspiring.  She talked a great deal about the importance of family and giving back.  A few nuggets / key takeaways from the evening…

On her #1 fashion necessity?  A great trench – so that you can cover everything up.  (Sigh… what does she have to cover up!?)

On business?  It’s not all red carpet…  it’s about commerce. 

On social media… at first they did it all wrong – they were too promotional.  Now they keep things interesting (Tory does their tweeting,) and they’ve been able to build a following and interact with the twitter community.

I also found it incredible to learn that their design team is only 15 people, that Tory had no formal fashion training or education, and that she did very little research when she started her own business.  She admitted that they made a lot of mistakes, but learned from it as they went.

All in all, it was an inspiring evening.  Of course I totally want to go and buy this now, to support her and all, but I’m being good.

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