This Week’s Good Things, 8.10.20.

This Weeks Good Things 8.10.20
neighborhood cheer at a fav spot: OTB

This Week’s Good Things 8.10.20

How was your weekend? Mine was really nice – it actually felt (if you remove the masks, fear of getting too close to people, and overall pandemic anxiety!) like a regular old summer weekend. On Friday I went to Dumbo House for happy hour with Ashley and a few of our friends, on Saturday my sister came over with my niece and then I had dinner at Diner with Becca and my cousin Sarah, and on Sunday, I read and worked but took a break to meet up with Rayna in the park. A lot of (safe) socializing!

I’m reading Deadly Little ScandalsIt’s a fun YA thriller set in the South with debutantes. It’s the sequel to Little White Lies, which I loved (we actually did a podcast episode about it!) I have a “no sad books” rule for the month of August and am enjoying that so far.

This week will be relatively low-key. I have a couple different shoots for upcoming products, we’re of course recording the podcast (a funny “would you rather episode”), I’m recording a panel for The Everygirls Rise conference (I am one of the panelists on their professional development panel), and I’m having Becca and our Internet friend/obsession Dan over for patio drinks and snacks tomorrow. We are both huge fans of his page and recipes so this is v. exciting.

This Weeks Good Things 8.10.20

The Best Belt Bag

You’ve probably heard of Create & Cultivate and their conferences but did you know they also have a (really, really cute!) shop? They sell vegan leather bags in a gorgeous range of rainbow colors. From laptop sleeves to cute card cases to my personal favorite: ultra chic belt bags. I love them all, especially this pale pink belt bag!

This Weeks Good Things 8.10.20

Dan Pelosi // @grossypelosi

I found Dan’s instagram page because Becca mentioned him as one of her instagram obsessions on the podcast. He describes himself as a meatball making meatballs and he has quickly become one of my favorite food accounts to follow. His recipes always look amazing, he eats at places that are local (or local-ish to me; he’s based in Bed-Stuy), and he also has an amazing blog, too! If you are in the mood for approachable comfort food (aren’t we all, right now!?) he is going to be your guy. He seems like a sweet and funny person too – I’m very excited for our little friend date this week!

rope sandals

My new rope sandals

These sandals were on sale at Mango and though I’d never purchased shoes from Mango I could not resist. I love them so much and feel a little bit nautical, a little bit like a gladiator when I wear them. They run true to size, are very cute and comfortable. Highly recommend them!!!! (I paired them with this $27 Amazon dress and a hand painted wicker bag which was a gift from J. Mclaughlin.)

This Week's Good Things 8.10.20

Haus Apértifs

I love an apéritif and I love pretty branding and am super intrigued by Haus. Please note: I haven’t tried these but I’m really curious (I found them via Instagram a couple weeks ago) so if any of you have tried them please let me know. They make the apértifs locally on a farm in California, the packaging is a dream (v. bar cart friendly!), and the flavors sound incredible – think lemon lavender, ginger yuzu, and more! I will probably order a bottle or two this week but wanted to put this out to the community – if you’ve tried and love (or have flavor recs, pls let me us all know in the comments!).

Get Even on Netflix

Get Even on Netflix

I started watching this show on Netflix over the weekend (thanks to this article, which I also linked in my weekend reading list), and am only medium on it so far. Has anyone watched? Does it improve? It’s been described as a British Gossip Girl but with murder which sounded right up my alley but I’m having a hard time getting into it. On that note, would love your TV recs if you have them!!! I’ve also been watching Dr. Foster which is excellent!

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rope sandal photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. I’m glad you had a good weekend and things are getting back to normal (or well, the new normal)! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Jessica Camerata says 8.10.20

    Love the rope sandals from Mango. I’ve yet to get shoes from them, but these I’ve been eyeing! Their clothes are great!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  3. Brianna Rooney says 8.10.20

    My sister got me the Lo & Sons belt bag for my birthday (at the beginning of quarantine) and it’s been the best thing ever throughout quarantine. So much easier to use on walk s without having a cross body strap annoying you/ making you even hotter!

    I’ve had my eye on the Haus drinks since I get instagram ads ALL THE TIME so I will also be stalking the comments to see what people say!

    have a good week.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      It definitely helps for those walks!!!!

      And yes, it’s stalking me too! I just want like maybe one person to tell me they love it, and then I’ll pull the trigger.

    • Natasha S says 8.10.20

      Just bought the equilibrium soft gels (I’ve been sleeping so badly and had a zoom meeting earlier and looked at myself and realized I look so tired so I ordered it while still on the zoom)

      As for shows:
      – down to earth with zac efron (not a zac fan but this is actually really fun and you feel like you’re kinda traveling while we can’t)
      – for some reality tv: selling sunset, instant hotel, Indian matchmaker
      – some cute more YA show: love, victor and the babysitters club
      – good quality show: the great (hysterical), sex education (2 seasons) and normal people.
      – unexpectingly enjoying: Dave
      – misc: high fidelity

      • Natasha s says 8.10.20

        And umbrella company and killing eve. How could I forget!

      • grace at the stripe says 8.11.20

        Thanks so much for all the recs!!!!

  4. Rachel says 8.10.20

    I had never watched it before so I’m making me way through Suits (and it’s free on Peacock). Highly recommend!

  5. Emma says 8.10.20

    Haus is amazing! Like Aperol but better (less sugary and artificial tasting, and less alcoholic too). I love Citrus Flower for spring/summer, Bitter Clove for fall/winter. I’m excited for you to try!

  6. Ashley says 8.10.20

    Get Even was really good and Haus is delicious! I’m on my second bottle. Top it with some sparkling water and an orange slice and you’re good to go.

  7. Elizabeth says 8.10.20

    That looks like such a good show! I’ve added it to my list.
    Shows I’ve recently or am currently watching:
    •Younger (based on your rec…holy cow, it’s so good. I’m def # TeamCharles!)
    •The Sinner (stars Bill Pullman and produced by Jessica Biel, and she stars in the first season. Each season follows a different murder case that never turn out to be quite as they seem upon first glance).
    •The Alienist (kind of like Criminal Minds if it were to take place in the late 1800s New York)
    •Queer Eye is my go to happy show.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      thank you!!! I think maybe I’ll try the alienist as I’ve seen and loved the others!!!

  8. Ciara Murphy says 8.10.20

    Love these weekly updates! Can I ask if the Amazon dress is TTS?! It’s really cute!

    Thank you!

  9. Sara says 8.10.20

    Haus is amazing! I do their monthly bottle program – each one comes with cute drink recipes. I love the partnership they did to help restaurants, too. Also – make great gifts!!!

  10. Tracy says 8.10.20

    The Bold Type & West Wing on Hulu

    Madame Secretary on Netflix!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      LOVE The Bold Type – such a cute show! And West Wing is such a classic, that’s a great call.

  11. Margaret says 8.10.20

    I love the Haus drinks! I tried the Citrus Flower and Bitter Clove last year at an event, and I didn’t know they had released new flavors. Citrus Flower is delightful – super light and refreshing. Bitter Clove was also good, but it definitely is a stronger taste so some of my friends weren’t fans. I think everyone will like Citrus Flower though.

    In terms of TV, I did watch Get Even, and, while it was a bit cringy, I decided to finish it because the episodes are so short. The last few episodes are definitely better than the first ones. More interesting and dramatic with respect to pretty much all of the characters, and you finally find out how DGM originated. They also set up for another season, but the main mystery does get wrapped up. For other TV recs, I have rewatched Psych multiple times because I love a zany detective show. I also love a British period detective show, and Endeavour is so good! It’s on Prime, set mostly in the 60s and is a prequel to the show Inspector Morse, which I have not watched but have also heard is good.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      OK great to know on both counts!!! I am going to order the Citrus Flower.

      And thank you for the thoughts on Get Even. I will keep going!!!!

  12. Cy says 8.10.20

    Hi Grace, If you’ve never watched “The Fall” before, it’s amazing. I also loved the Fargo ( based on true crimes) series and Broadchurch ( I think the first season is the best). I also loved “ Happy valley” although its no longer on Netflix ( James Norton is so sexy, even though he is so evil here). I just finished Trevor Noah’s “ Born a Crime” on Audible. I don’t usually listen to audio books, I have a thing with voices. If they have a bad speaking voice, I can’t deal. Anyway, that was a fantastic experience. Thank you for suggesting it!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      Thank you for the recs and SO glad you loved the Born a Crime audiobook as much as I did. Also not an audio book person, but when it’s a memoir I absolutely love it.

  13. Theodora says 8.10.20

    I can’t remember if I’ve recommended I’m Sorry here before, but I am the ultimate stan for it. I think it’s so underrated! It’s about a TV writer in LA, and she (played by Andrea Savage), is sarcastic AF, and I think it’s so funny. It’s on Netflix.

    Old, but I semi-recently watched Royal Pains. It’s about a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, and the shenanigans he and his brother get into building their business. It’s fun to see what they get right and wrong about the Hamptons, as far as both locations and people.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      Thank you so much for the recs!!!! I used to love Royal Pains, it was so entertaining.

    • Sabrina says 8.11.20

      +1 to “I’m Sorry”

      I’m doing 1 episode a day of Dr Foster M-th…so tonight will be episode 5 and I am LOVING it!!!!

      Mrs. America is the other I was recently obsessed with

  14. Julie says 8.10.20

    I tried Haus at an event (pre-covid) and it is nice and drinkable! I think it would be a great order these days if you want something different! really liked the citrus flower, the clove was a bit strong for me, though you might like it if you like aperol spritz!

  15. Erin says 8.10.20

    Love, love, love Haus! I purchased from the restaurant collaboration (not sure if those are still available) and got the Haus x JuneBaby flavor. It was inspired by gin & juice and it was delicious! Perfect for summer. They are also stalking me with targeted ads and the new Peach and Passionfruit sounds amazing!

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      YES that one really got me! I’m going to order a few flavors tonight, thank you!

  16. Lauren Mettler says 8.10.20

    Love, love, love Haus! We prefer Bitter Clove with soda water and a slice of orange while we’re making dinner. Citrus Flower is another Summer favorite. The Haus starter kit is a great way to taste both and then decide a favorite. We’re monthly subscribers, converted all our friends, and love to gift it!

    One tip: while it’s gorgeous on the bar cart, if you won’t be using it within a few weeks of opening, it’s best kept in the refrigerator to avoid it turning.

  17. Erin G says 8.10.20

    I love Haus! I’ve tried all their regular flavors except lemon lavender, and also have a lot of their restaurant project ones too. I drink it mostly on the rocks, or occasionally with sparkling water or in a spritz. For summer the rose rose or citrus flower flavors are the best. Enjoy!

  18. Cassidi says 8.10.20

    Love those rope sandals! I’m having a tough time buying shoes, because I think- where I am I going other a brisk morning walk and the grocery store! Ha!
    I started a book today that was sad only a few pages in and I’m following your no sad books rule for August! Things are already tough.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      Hahaha I know, that is true. I have been doing some outdoor dinners and get dressed to the nines – it gets me through!!!!
      NO SAD BOOKS! xo

  19. Tierney says 8.10.20

    Haus is a delight! While I don’t think drinking for a cause is necessarily that much better than slacktivism, they had a collection this Spring that was/is a fun way to support restaurants! I bought a few bottles earlier this Spring and currently drinking the Rich Table collab. It’s actually better diluted on the rocks rather than drinking chilled by itself, even though with its lower alcohol content than most spirits, you could almost pour it like wine.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.10.20

      Laughing at slacktivism (hadn’t heard that word yet) but really excited to try this.

  20. Carly Rodarte says 8.10.20

    I have ordered the Restaurant project releases as well as their summer rose one. All of them are super delicious, and the founder Helena is super cool.

  21. Stephanie says 8.10.20

    2 TV recommendations:

    1. Sex Education (Netflix) – also British teens, but add Gillian Anderson. It’s sweet and funny and moving and charming. It got me through the beginning of lockdown.

    2. Old seasons of Survivor (non-fancy Hulu) – I was never really into it in real time but my bf and I have been working through old seasons slowly throughout lockdown. An episode after dinner many weekday nights. It’s oddly comforting and it gives us people to talk about throughout the day since we don’t have as many coworker and social interactions.

  22. Mackenzie says 8.10.20

    Hi Grace! Glad you had a good weekend. I don’t have any TV recs as I’m watching Gilmore Girls for the 9 millionth time. But! I do have a movie recommendation. I just saw Jojo Rabbit this weekend and it is such a cute movie. It’s about a little boy who grows up in Natzi Germany during WW2. He grows up hating Jews and his imaginary best friend is Hitler. He then discovers there is a Jew living in his house. I’m not giving anything away, that is all in the movie trailer! It’s such a cute movie though. It was such a dark time, but the movie makes light and shows friendship, love, and humor can prevail in even such a terrible time.

  23. naomi says 8.10.20

    Mango’s shoes are the best! I have several pairs, they’re so chic. I was eyeing that rope pair! They look v cute on you 😉

    I’m so intrigued by Haus! Reading through the comments seems to best witness its worth the purchase. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Dana Mannarino says 8.10.20

    Ooooh I’m really loving those rope sandals.
    Also, had a great Saturday but the rest of the weekend was a little rough. So I’ll be counting down the days till I get a re-do 😉

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

  25. Sara says 8.11.20

    Three shows to recommend: Derry Girls on Netflix is hysterical. Very highly recommend. And, we just started The Newsroom, which is old, I know, but it’s also SO good! Oh, and on a totally different note, Nadia’s Kitchen (or something like that) on Netflix is so sweet. She won British Bake Off and her show is a cool take on a cooking show.

    • grace at the stripe says 8.11.20

      Thank you so much for the recs! I used to LOVE The Newsroom!

    • Cy says 8.11.20

      I also loved Nadya’s Time to Eat” on Netflix. The Newsroom is everything! I was listening to “Armchair Expert” Dax Sheppard’s podcast with Emily Mortimer as his guest. She said it was a dream show and the cast wanted to do more seasons , but Sorkin was not interested. That show would be perfect in our current Political climate. Right now Randy Rainbow is filling that void( although totally different)

  26. Gayle says 8.13.20

    Loving two Australian shows on Netflix: Spirited and Offspring

  27. Priti S says 8.15.20

    You have a great eye for colour. How is the support on those sandals like? Do they come loose easily?

    • grace at the stripe says 8.16.20

      They have a low heel which is what I like best for arch support. But they’re just like a regular heel? The rope doesn’t come loose!