This Week’s Good Things, 7.20.20.

This Week's Good Things 7.20.20
Target Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt

Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. I had a few safe activities with friends, I read a LOT, I deep cleaned my floors (still LOVING my steam mop!), I did crafts with a girlfriend (we made these rainbow necklaces), and I worked on a bunch of life admin stuff. Oh and I went to my cousin’s wedding. Via Zoom. What a world… 😉

Today I wanted to talk a little about the notion of micro-highs. Right now, I’m antsy and a little sad, and the thing that is getting me through is having little things to look forward to. Buying fresh flowers every Friday. Making the air fryer bagel balls on the weekend. Family FaceTime. Gardening. A good book (this was amazing!). A frivolous Target find. A cold glass of “spa water.” (Spa water is just water with fruits or herbs added – I make a big jar and keep it in the fridge!). A nice long bath to wind down the day. Also, knowing that things will get better.

One thing that has definitely come with age is knowing that when things are bad, they eventually get better. It always does. Hope can be a really powerful thing. What are your micro-joys? I could use some inspiration if you feel like sharing!

This Week’s Good Things 7.20.20

This Weeks Good Things 7.20.20

Palm Springs on Hulu

OK so everyone in my social circle has been talking about Palm Springs (and besides – I have a massive crush on Andy Sandberg – I think he is SO cute and funny), which meant I had to watch it too! It’s good. I wouldn’t say that it’s GREAT, but it is entertaining. Nyles and Sarah have an encounter at a wedding and find themselves stuck in a time loop. Every day, they wake up and it’s the same day (the wedding) over and over again. Of course, this makes them go a little bit crazy. I enjoyed it but I also related to it. The time loop felt like a metaphor for how our lives can feel right now. Sometimes I feel like quarantine has us all on our own little respective time loops. Every day can feel like the same exact thing.

This Weeks Good Things 7.20.20


I am really excited about this one – I signed up for Ellevest last week. Ever since we had Sallie Krawcheck on our podcast to talk about investing and the gender wealth gap, I had been wanting to sign up. I finished the last of my taxes last week and put what was left over into an investment account. And I really believe in and trust Sallie; I love that they are female founded + dedicated to helping women be smarter with their money and that is definitely a big goal of mine for 2020.

I want to add that I am not a financial expert by any means and it makes me really uncomfortable when I’m asked for financial advice or to share more than I want to share. Everyone’s financial situation is really different and I do not feel qualified giving advice or being a resource in that department.

All of that being said, I wanted to include Ellevest here as I think they are an amazing company and would highly recommend them as a resource (I’ve signed up for a 1:1 coaching session to help me make smarter decisions.) We sometimes talk about money on the podcast – DEF listen to the ep with Sallie or our Always Ask For More Money episode – and if you are looking for financial resources, check out The Financial Diet – I read weekly and am an occasional podcast listener and have learned a lot.)

This Weeks Good Things 7.20.20

Brightland Olive Oil’s New Vinegars

You know by now how much I love Brightland Olive Oil (just in case you’re new here, you can read my review of Brightland!) Last week, they launched vinegars. I don’t remember the last time I was this excited about vinegar. Or actually, let’s be really honest: I don’t know if I’ve ever been excited about vinegar, period? They gifted me a bottle of each varietal and let me tell you… they are DIVINE. Besides looking pretty on your counter they are delicious, double-fermented, California made family farm to table. Love. I am partial to the champagne vinegar (so nice in salad dressings) but also love the balsamic.

Use code GRACEA for free shipping on anything at Brightland – ends 7/21 at 11:30pm PST.

Inné Studios Rattan Tote
Inné Studios Rattan Tote

Pretty Rattan Things…

I will preface this by saying that I like my Palmgrens bag better and think that at least from the photos of everything I’m sharing here, it’s better quality. If you can afford it, I would take the plunge. I bought mine 3 or 4 years now and truly can’t recommend it enough. I like it more than most of my designer bags and it gets better with age, it’s a classic, I’m always carrying it. That being said, with the exchange rate it’s about $370 and I know that’s expensive. Recently a reader messaged me about this shop. They have a similar version (above!) for just over $200, this black clutch, and a slew of other pretty things… even slides!

I also came across this Etsy shop which looks pretty promising? This bag looks a LOT like mine, for under $100. I love the white one too, and this little $45 crossbody is v v cute!

Last but not least, there’s also this version. Honestly it looks a little bit questionable but it is real leather, so the photo could just be bad. I do like the longer strap. Again I can’t speak to the quality of any of these (if you can, please tell me!), but I get asked for less expensive rattan bag options a lot!

Coconut Milk Bath

Coconut Milk Bath

I could maybe write an entire blog post about this bath soak (who knows, maybe I will!) but it is absolute heaven – perfect if you have dry skin like I do! I love it so much. It may be my current number one. It leaves skin so silky and hydrated. The jar goes surprisingly far. I bought mine a while ago and have had at least 6 baths with it and there’s still a lot left.



I finally signed up for Masterclass and am SO excited! This may be my number one micro-joy, actually. I have been weirdly debating this for so long (it’s not expensive – only $15/month but I wasn’t sure I would use it). I just took the plunge last week and love it so far. I’ve talked about this before but I’ve been trying to “use quarantine to get smarter” or at least work on myself a bit/learn a few new skills, and this is perfect for that.

I am currently taking an interior design class with Kelly Wearstler (fancy I know). Becca signed up as well and she is taking a TV writing class. I love the format. Each of the classes are not very long so you could very easily have your coffee or eat lunch and watch one or two segments. The KW class is 2 hours and 13 minutes long in total but it’s broken into 17 videos – each between 4 and 15 minutes long. Really manageable. I’m definitely going to take Anna Wintour’s class and some cooking and photography classes and of course Diane Von Furstenberg teaching fashion.

There are so many great classes available – it’s a great way to invest in yourself especially if you have more free time than usual right now. (I say if as I know not everyone is a single person, stuck at home!!!!) I’ll keep you posted as I take more classes.

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  1. Lisa Autumn says 7.20.20

    YAY happy new week x

    Lisa |

  2. I love the idea of micro joys! Does watching Netflix count? Or TikTok? Haha! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Keira says 7.20.20

    Hang in there, Grace! I notice that counting the small things and savoring daily little luxuries really helps me keep perspective, too; ‘micro-highs’ is the perfect description. Spending time with you and Becca and BOP on Wednesdays is one of mine!

    Also: putting those bagel balls on my to-do list for next weekend.

  4. Jessica Camerata says 7.20.20

    I’ve heard great things about Masterclass, personally wanted to sign up for it to take the Bobbi Brown course! Also, need to watch that Palm Springs show!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  5. Cassidi says 7.20.20

    Love the Masterclass idea! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  6. Mackenzie says 7.20.20

    Hi Grace! I hope you have a great week. I have felt down the past week. I am typically a pretty positive person, but have just felt down the past week. My mom lives in Florida and wonder when I am ever going to be able to see her!
    So many great links this week. I am listening to your podcast episode with Sallie right now and just followed the financial diet. I find finances so interesting and feel like you can never have too much knowledge in this area!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.20.20

      Hi Mackenzie! UGH I am sorry you’ve been feeling down. I’ve been the same way (usually positive but struggling a lot more lately.) My parents are in SC and I feel the same!

      And couldn’t agree re: learning about finances. I think you’ll really enjoy The Financial Diet! Hope this week gets a little better. xx

  7. Kath says 7.20.20

    Funny that you posted all those rattan bags. I actually ordered the one from the Etsy shop a few weeks ago and just received it. Quality-wise it seems sturdy, has a magnetic closure, and is unlined, which is what I was looking for. I found other versions that had some sort of clear plastic lining—def did not want that. I’m pretty happy with it as it was affordable. The shipment was hard to track online since the bag is coming from Indonesia but arrived relatively quickly. I think it’s a great affordable option. Have a great day!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.20.20

      Oh gosh the clear plastic lining would be a hard no for me!!!!!! Good to know, thank you so much for sharing, I knew someone would have a testimonial to share! xo

  8. Maureen says 7.20.20

    Micro-joys! I love this term. I have to say this blog, your Instagram, and BOP are definitely some of mine 🙂

  9. Maria Munoz says 7.20.20

    I’ve been looking into Masterclass. Seems like it’s worth the monthly fee to learn from industry experts. Thanks for the post.

  10. Ever since you shared about those bagels, I’ve been wanting to try them. Just waiting on finalizing our move – yes, we’re moving during these times – and adding that air fryer to the list. Thanks for the ideas.

    Em |

  11. Becca says 7.20.20

    Grace, I ran across this book and thought of you have you read it? It’s a thriller about an “influencer” though it might hit to close to home : )

  12. Melanie says 7.20.20

    I am really struggling with micro-highs… I definitely just feel like I’m living the same day over again with nothing to look forward to! I’m practicing gratitude and trying to be thankful for what I do have and the little things, but it’s so hard sometimes. I like what you said about that with age comes the ability to see that things will always get better. Something hopeful to keep in mind. Also I love that bath soak from Herbivore! It was a gift I got for my quarantine birthday and it’s been so indulgent.

    • grace at the stripe says 7.20.20

      I HEAR YOU. And watching Palm Springs and seeing them in that time loop definitely exacerbated it for me. Hang in there – it sounds like you are doing all the right things!!!

  13. Caroline says 7.20.20

    Thanks for good and entertaining content as always. I definitely enjoy the inspiration a little extra in Covid times.

    I’ve been doing MasterClass for a few months. My favorite so far is Neil deGrasse Tyson – check it out 🙂

  14. Hena Tayeb says 7.20.20

    I too love Andy Samberg.. and Jimmy Fallon. Got a sweet spot for those funny guys.
    A good book, my boys getting along, the smell of things baking in the oven, a new recipe that turn out perfectly.. small pleasures.

  15. Ellen says 7.20.20

    Yess, balsamic vinegar is where it’s at! Once the world opens again, you might want to try an olive oil and vinegar “tasting”–I remember being so impressed by the variety and depth of flavors.

  16. Displaced New Yawka says 7.21.20

    So many little joys! My afternoon coffee, when the world is still asleep. Realizing how little I can live with…moved from BK back home for the time being, and it’s amazing to me how few things I need during this new reality. Grateful for the ability to let go of excess clothes/makeup/skincare/etc. to make space for the things that truly matter! In the words of Cuyana….fewer, better things 😉 Also the ability to learn not to judge myself…for not reading (because as much as I love books, I haven’t been in the mood to read for months), for not working out as much as I used to (love Obe, but my goodness, the motivation just isn’t there and I’m ok with it), for getting on a plane during a pandemic to see my boyfriend who lives in what is now a COVID hot zone (face mask, face shield, Chlorox wipes and Purell in tow…) because it’s been months and I couldn’t wait any longer.

    • Displaced New Yawka says 7.21.20

      And when I wrote ‘afternoon coffee, when the world is still asleep’ clearly I needed some more coffee, haha!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.21.20

      I love this list! Thanks for sharing it.

  17. I just ordered the Brightland artist capsule and TOTALLY missed that they launched vinegars but those just might have to be my next purchase! Cannot wait to try the olive oils, but I’m worried I’ll fall in love with the limited edition flavors and never be able to get them again, haha!

    • grace at the stripe says 7.23.20

      Oh my gosh I know I feel the same way about the limited edition flavors! The lemon one is delicious and I will be devastated if they discontinue it! (I thought about stocking up but that’s such a platform of Brightland’s: Olive Oil goes bad so we can’t.) But laughing, because it’s something I worry about too!

  18. Rachel Bartlemay says 8.10.20

    You’ve inspired me to buy the coconut milk soak. How much do you typically put in a bath?