This Week’s Good Things, 6.22.20

This Week's Good Things 6.22.20

How was your weekend? Honestly, I had the best weekend. It was so uneventful so it feels weird saying that, but it was just so so nice. I mostly just read… a lot. I started and finished The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett, which I cannot recommend enough. It’s looking like it may be our July book club pick but we’ll announce that on Weds. I will share more in July’s reading list but for now just know that this is an A+++ book! And then, for something lighter, I started One To Watch but couldn’t put that down either. It’s light but also just so thoughtful and smart. On the TV front,I sunk my teeth into the new season of The Politician which I just love. It’s one of my favorite TV shows! I have two episodes left and am savoring them!

This Week’s Good Things 6.22.20

It was important to me to have a chill, calm, introverty weekend. I mostly just didn’t budge from the little couch on my patio. I read, I ate, I read some more, I napped in the sunshine… just perfect. This is how I recharge, and I feel like I’m starting the week on a really good foot having had that time to myself to be still and alone. Less perfect was bringing Tyrion outside. He’s just not into the outdoors. (Are any cats? Besides this one?) But I guess it’s good, I don’t have to worry about him trying to get out and running away! Anyway, here are this week’s good things. It’s a great list, if I do say so myself.

This Week's Good Things 6.22.20

Amazon’s Big Style Sale

This BIG sale kicked off today! Tomorrow I’ll have a big post with my picks (and a try-on in Instagram stories) but two pieces I wanted to flag before they sell out are this button down shirt and these denim shorts. (Wearing both in the photo above, apologies for the wrinkles.) I’m living in both! Oh and this little dress is pretty great, too! So many good summer basics.

Also the mask above is from Hunt Slonem, and if you use code GRACEHOP they’ll give you 10% off! The shop has so many fun little things.

This Weeks Good Things 6.22.20
photo via the LA Times

Tabitha Brown

It’s really unclear how I wasn’t following Tabitha before a couple weeks ago but now that I’ve found her, I just love her. I was having a bad day and a friend  sent me this video of hers and I just… can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched it now. If you’re having a bad day, go watch it. Or just put it in your back pocket for your next bad day. Also check out this interview with her here and of course this LA Times feature here!

This Weeks Good Things 6.22.20

New Earrings from Nicola Bathie

Nicola Bathie is one of my most favorite jewelry designers. I like that her designs are gorgeous and interesting (and great quality) but not all over the place just yet, especially in New York where everyone seems to have the latest thing.I’ve talked about her a lot here, and the emerald green pair that I wore all winter is gone now. I was shocked and delighted when two new pairs of earrings arrived in the mail. Absolutely beautiful. These pearl hoops are STUNNING, as are these pearl drops.

Sun Tea

I guess I thought everyone grew up with moms making sun tea… til I put it on Instagram and got a million questions! Growing up, my mom always had a big jar of tea sitting out in the sun on the patio. This is something she still does, and something I love when I go home so I decided to make my own.

It’s so easy. All you do is take a gallon sized jar, fill it with water and tea bags (I use 8-12 but google always says something different). In the morning, stick the jar out in the sun, then bring it in at night, take the tea bags out, and store it in the fridge! I like to put mine in this drink dispenser thingy (pictured above) that I got on Amazon. Boom, iced tea all week long! My favorite iced tea to make is this hibiscus tea!

This Weeks Good Things 6.22.20

The Politician!

I am so happy that The Politician is back on TV! It’s one of my most favorite shows and I definitely didn’t expect it to be back so soon. Season 2 is pretty quick, but worth watching. There are only 7 episodes and I’m on episode 5. Ryan Murphy’s shows are always so wonderfully done and this is no exception. It’s bright and colorful, the fashion is amazing, the cast is amazing, basically… everything is amazing. Go watch it if you haven’t already!

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  1. Tierney says 6.22.20

    This is a great list! Also, Mr. Michelle’s “Prevail” print is now up for sale, along with a few others!

  2. Amber says 6.22.20

    My cat is one of the strange ones that LOVES being outside. He darts out every time I open the back door and just lays in the sun. Although the downside to his love of nature is the infestation of fleas we just had to get exterminated. I don’t think we can keep letting him go outside because of all the stray cats the the fleas that are around as a result.

    • grace at the stripe says 6.22.20

      Hahahaha, I don’t know if I am jealous, or glad T hates the outdoors. He’s such a scaredy! My sister has two cats and a small backyard that’s sealed off so it’s safe, and her cats love going outside and lounging in the sun. But fleas are the worst – our cats growing up would get them and it was the worst!

  3. Nicole says 6.22.20

    Also grew up with a mom making sun tea every day during the summer. It reminded me how much I enjoyed it when I saw your pic on instagram.

    • grace at the stripe says 6.22.20

      It’s such a fun little summer ritual… and it’s REALLY nice having iced tea to drink all week long!

  4. Maire says 6.22.20

    It made me smile to see your sun tea jar! My mom is also a sun tea aficionado. I am too lazy, so I just fill up my tumbler with cold water, drop in a tea bag and let it steep. Insta(ish) iced tea 😀

    • grace at the stripe says 6.22.20

      Haha, that works too!!!!

    • Maggie says 6.22.20

      I do something along these lines also, that way I get to have a different flavor of tea every day!

  5. Great list! It sounds like you had a great weekend! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  6. Also shocked no one had heard of sun tea! It’s the only way my mom would make ice tea in the summertime. She even had a huge glass jar that said “Sun Tea” on it!!

    Now I think I need to go start a batch for myself!

    Xoxo Logan

    • grace at the stripe says 6.22.20

      Yes same! It’s funny how we all grew up with different traditions, so many people asked me what it was! Happy to spread the word as it is one of my favorite summer treats!

  7. Tracey says 6.22.20

    I need to make some if that sun tea!! I can remember my grandmother doing that growing up !!

  8. Dana says 6.22.20

    I really had NO idea what sun tea was but it sounds DELISH!!! Also just picked up The Vanishing Half – excited to read that!

  9. Megan says 7.6.20

    Those pearl hoops are stunning. I’m wondering how heavy they are?

    • Not heavy but not light? I have tiny earlobes so can’t go too heavy and find them manageaable!