This Week’s Good Things, 6.15.20.

This Weeks Good Things 6.15.20

How was your weekend? Mine was overall, pretty nice. We had a family emergency with my parents’ dog. I almost wrote puppy but she’s five years old. Anyway, she had an intestinal blockage and needed last minute surgery which was really scary and we were all pretty upset! But she made it through and is on the mend now. I’m so thankful – my heart broke thinking of her being so scared and alone by herself in surgery. It’s going to be a long road ahead but she will be okay!

I made a real effort to not be on my phone too much this weekend and to just chill out a little bit. I needed to sit and read and be outside and just be still and step away from the computer/phone… really just Instagram. It gets to be a lot, sometimes, and I struggle with taking breaks. I read a lot. A lot a lot. I finished Patsy (a masterpiece, can’t recommend it enough), tore through On the Island in under 24 hours (not a masterpiece and not even very good but it was light and fun?), and started Nickel Boys (an important book – and it won the Pulitzer in 2020 so yeah, go read it!).

This Week’s Good Things 6.15.20

I took pleasure in the little things. I bought fresh flowers and I met my friend’s new puppy. And I had a visit from my niece (and my sister and brother-in-law and that was nice too but really, it’s all about Zoe!). I went to the market and bought bigger pots to transplant the rest of my tomato plants (this has been a slow process as I can only carry so many pots at a time) AND I bought some sunflower plants and some more lavender and a little cilantro plant.

The tomato plants are growing taller every day and they all have tiny little mini tomato buds starting to grow and that makes me so happy. I cannot wait to eat them in a month or two! If you had told me that this would be the summer I got really into gardening, I would definitely have laughed at you. But here we are and I have to say, I love it! Anyway, here’s this week’s list of good things… just some things I loved and think you will too.

This Weeks Good Things 6.15.20
iriteola art print

Dorcas Magbadelo // @dorcascreates

I can’t even remember what led me to Dorcas’ work (it was some sort of an Instagram rabbithole; we all know how that goes!) but all I know is when I found her page, I was very glad I did. I love her bright, graphic work and she has all sorts of amazing products from earrings to cute notecards and beyond! She sells her work on Society 6 AND Etsy. I personally love this notebook! See more at her website, right this way.

cookies from Joy the Baker

The Best Cookies I’ve Ever Made. Ever.

If you are a cookies & cream enthusiast (oreos are a favorite ingredient for me, especially in milkshakes!) then you are going to LOVE these cookies from Joy the Baker. Oh my god, they are insanely good… like unbelievably good!!!  What makes them so good? They have cream cheese in them… and most notably, crushed up OREOS. Beyond delicious. Cannot recommend them enough. I will say that I could not find milk powder so skipped that and was fine! Maybe just add a little extra cream cheese… that’s what I did. They take a little more work than your usual cookie but trust me… it’s worth it.

Beautiful pre-made cocktails!
straightaway cocktails

Beautiful pre-made cocktails!

This was another Claire and Erica find! (If you aren’t already subscribed to their amazing newsletter, what are you even doing!?) Straightaway Cocktails makes gorgeous pre-made cocktails that sound delicious and will also look absolutely fantastic on your bar cart. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet but am seriously considering the Negroni; the main reason being (besides sheer lazy) that I buy Campari, gin, and sweet vermouth ONLY for Negronis… I’ve said it before while quoting Anthony Bourdain but the Negroni (one of my all time fav cocktails) is a funny one as independently I don’t like any of the ingredients, but together they are magic.

This Weeks Good Things 6.15.20

The best sweatshirt

Becca ordered us these customizable tie-dye sweatshirts (you can have them say anything!) and I love mine so much. They do take a little while to come (ours took a few weeks!) but I love that they aren’t very expensive, and that we’re supporting a small business. They’re pretty true to size but I recommend going up a size or two (I got a large) for an oversized fit and a dropped shoulder.

Nut Pods

Nut Pods

This is such a random one but my friend Alex gave me the French Vanilla nutpods and it is so good! I generally try not to eat too much dairy (not allergic or anything I just feel better when I skip it but have a MAJOR cheese weakness!!!!) so drink my coffee black. And most creamers are sweet which I hate. These are divine! They make your coffee taste so rich and decadent with a little flavor but no sweetness. I love them and am excited to try a few other flavors… going to order the variety pack!

magnetic shelf

A space-saving shelf!

This magnetic shelf is SUCH a game changer for my kitchen space. Besides being stylish and minimalist, it sticks to the fridge to hold all your kitchen essentials… freeing up so much counter space while keeping the things you need close by. It was definitely the best thing I’ve bought on Amazon in a while. Cannot recommend it enough.

How are you doing? Tell me what you loved this week!

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  1. Oh no! I hope the poor doggie’s doing all right! Those cookies look really good too! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    6.15.20 Reply
  2. Maggie:

    I had some friends over for a backyard craft session on Saturday. It was probably the longest period of time that I’ve worn a mask, since I pretty much only go out to run errands & I’ll take the mask off when I’m in the car driving to the next store, but I survived and we had a great time. I finished two books this weekend, The Vanishing Half (GREAT, duh) and Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan (for my book club). And I ordered both of Elizabeth Acevedo’s books from your page to support black authors.

    I’m so glad to hear that Muddy is on the mend!

    6.15.20 Reply
    • That sounds so so nice!!!! Glad you got to have some friend time.

      I cannot wait for The Vanishing Half – it sounds AMAZING.

      6.15.20 Reply
  3. Shana:

    Love nut pods! and that coffee mug in the ad, needing that one because I don’t have my “sip” together 🙂 Also that magnetic shelf – yes, immediately went into the amazon cart!

    6.15.20 Reply
    • You will not regret it. I’m just so happy to have some of my stuff off the counter!!! Xo

      6.15.20 Reply
  4. Sabrina:

    I JUST looked at that cookie recipe on Friday and was like…hmmmm I don’t have powdered milk and I’m not really wanting to buy any.
    So glad that yours turned out just fine without it!!!

    I made these a few weeks back and DROOL (also love the idea of using bacon fat in place of butter)

    6.15.20 Reply
    • Oh wow yum those sound great!!!!!

      Yes you def don’t need the powdered milk! They are beyond, can’t recommend them enough!

      6.15.20 Reply
  5. Emily:

    Hi! If you’re looking for an AMAZING black women owned fashioned brand, check out Fe Noel. They’re in Brooklyn and their clothes are so dreamy and gorgeous! We even have one of their dresses in the museum where I work.

    6.15.20 Reply
  6. Jessica Camerata:

    Huge nut pod fan over here, they’re SO good. Personally love the french vanilla and pumpkin spice ones they come out with around the holidays. I always stock up bc they last forever in the pantry. Also, need to make those cookies. You had me at crushed up oreo!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

    6.15.20 Reply
  7. Raquel Fancher:

    Why do they have to put gellan gum in their nut milk.

    6.15.20 Reply
  8. Ashlee:

    Totally saved the cookie recipe to make this weekend! They look phenomenal!


    6.15.20 Reply
  9. Mackenzie:

    Hi Grace! I hope you have a great week. My weekend was pretty good! I read The Lies That Bind by Emily a Giffin based on your recommendation. I loved it!! I also made Skinny Taste’s taco soup, it was absolutely delicious. It was like a summery chili! I told my husband about those Oreo cookies you made.. we decided we are going to make them for our anniversary next week! Restaurants are open here but we still don’t feel comfortable going so we are planning an elaborate meal at home and think those cookies will be sooo good!

    6.15.20 Reply
  10. Wendy:

    Huge nutpods fan, I began using after my first whole 30 two years ago. Califa Farms better in the small carton is also great option.

    6.16.20 Reply
  11. Alexandra:

    Ha! Love that you finally got on the Nut Pods train. Since Becca was allergic I was hoping she’d share after I gave her the Caramel flavor at your Boston live show last year 😉


    6.16.20 Reply
    • Hahaha, she didn’t share! Rude! Prob because I always made a point of saying I drink mine black!

      6.16.20 Reply