This Week’s Good Things, 4.19.21.

grace atwood | This Weeks Good Things 4.19.21
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This week’s list of good things is coming at you a day late as I had a sponsored post yesterday. How was your weekend?

Mine was a nice mix of productive and fun. So much unpacking. I”m more or less done with boxes, which is thrilling? Now begins getting organizing, and making the place look as pretty as I can while I wait for the rest of my furniture and rugs to be delivered. I forgot how much work it is getting settled into a new place, but it’s also been really fun figuring it out! My bar stools arrive tomorrow and I am way too excited about that. Yesterday I had a big shoot and I have another one on Friday but otherwise this week is pretty low key. Also, I think I may be out of my reading rut? Thank god. I have been reading Anne of Manhattan (out 6/1) which is a little cheesy but also very cute. Growing up, Anne of Green Gables (and Avonlea) was my sisters + my favorite show, so it’s fun to reimagine it for modern day where Avonlea is the Hamptons and Anne lives in the city. If you loved the show, I think you will really enjoy this.

This Week’s Good Things, 4.19.21

Younger is back!

Obviously, our first order of business is that Younger is back! I sprung for (jeez) yet another streaming service to watch it. I got rid of cable when I moved (I may have been the last person to have it!?)  so I feel a little bit less guilty but between Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime and now this, it adds up, Maybe it’s time to say goodbye to Hulu? Anyway I’m so happy that Younger is back. Even though my TV is not hung up yet (that happens today!), I watched the first four episodes on my laptop this weekend. Now I need MORE. I want to talk about this but I also don’t want to give away spoilers. As things stand, I am UPSET. Also: this is a fun list of the fifteen best episodes ever.

Sunglass Storage | This Weeks Good Things 4.19.21

Sunglass Storage!

First of all, I 100% stole this trick from my friend Allie (her whole storage hacks blog post is absolutely incredible, especially if you live in a small space!) but over the weekend I made a little way to store my sunglasses on the door of my coat closet. You just use these clear plastic racks (they’re actually nail polish racks), + some trusty ol’ heavy duty command strips. They come with screws but I opted for command strips as I didn’t want to damage my door or deal with drilling. I really love having my sunglasses in the same place as my jackets as they are usually the last two things I reach for.

Anthony Bourdain: World Travel | This Weeks Good Things 4.19.21

Anthony Bourdain: World Travel

Anthony Bourdain’s final book came out TODAY (I pre-ordered my copy and am excited for it to arrive). I have been seeing this book all over Instagram and am really looking forward to paging through it. It goes without saying that Anthony Bourdain saw more of the world than pretty much anyone and his curiosity led him to incredible, off the beaten path places. This book is a travel guide to his favorite places, with everything you need to know from what to eat, what to avoid, how to get there, and beyond.



My sister introduced me to this account on Instagram and it’s become one of my absolute favorite accounts. Beautiful (calming to look at graphics) with important (equally calming) messages. It’s a must-follow in my book!

This Weeks Good Things 4.19.21 | Curio Practice

Curio Practice

This is another instagram discovery! You know I love a good graphic print and these blankets are just beyond amazing. I really want one… maybe emerald, or, isn’t the orange one fun? They are Melbourne based and partner only with ethical factories and use consciously selected Australian Merino yarns. Remind me a lot of one of my other favorites… dusen dusen!


Photography by Anne Rhett.

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  1. Katherine:

    Cancel paramount plus! Younger is on Hulu! So happy it’s back!

    4.20.21 Reply
  2. Rebecca:

    Grace, you can watch the new season of Younger on Hulu! Four episodes dropped.

    4.20.21 Reply
    • Danielle:

      I was just going to say this! I’ve always watched Younger on Hulu. I need to catch up on the latest episodes — so excited.

      4.20.21 Reply
    • THANK YOU!!!

      4.20.21 Reply
  3. Jessica Camerata:

    Okay, that first pic of you might be my favorite ever! Also, how am I NOT into Younger?? It sounds right up my alley!

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

    4.20.21 Reply
  4. Sarah:

    Scrolled down to say this!! The new episodes are airing on Hulu!

    4.20.21 Reply
  5. Brianna Rooney:

    I just got the exact chairs in your top photo and a bistro table for our new patio – I’m so obsessed!

    I can’t wait to watch younger, I need to wait for them all to come out then get Paramount + to binge!

    4.20.21 Reply
  6. SJ:

    Younger is on Hulu!

    4.20.21 Reply
  7. I don’t think this is any kind of spoiler but I am HERE for the hot surfer dude. Maybe not that particular plotline, just looking at him.

    4.20.21 Reply
  8. B:

    Some of the unlimited phone packages depending on carrier cover Hulu and/or Disney plus, you may want to check yours!

    Also, don’t want to spoil Younger but the makeup department did Hilary Duff dirty. Why is she so orange??

    4.20.21 Reply