This Week’s Good Things, 3.8.21.

This Weeks Good Things 3.8.21

This weekend was a very cozy, indoorsy one… it was really cold out!!!! I had a fun brunch with my cousin and her boyfriend and there was quite a bit of media consumption – on Friday night my friend and I watched Made You Look (a really interesting Netflix documentary about the largest art fraud in American history) and I finished watching Tell Me Your Secrets on Amazon Prime (I talked about this a little bit last week – it’s insaaaaaaane and off the rails and just so good… akin to Sharp Objects). The TWISTS! It’s crazy and dark and quite violent but all of that being said, I highly recommend it? If you like that sort of thing?

This week I have a lot going on. I am extra excited as we are interviewing Julia Turshen for the podcast… what a dream! (Her new cookbook is phenomenal, btw!). PS – this is random but didn’t have another place to stick it: my favorite Aerie henley is now just $14.

This Week’s Good Things, 3.8.21

The best little citrusy-y earrings!

The best little citrusy-y earrings!

How FUN are these citrus slice earrings from Holst & Lee? I am completely obsessed with them and immediately ordered the lemon and grapefruit ones. They are so happy and cute and whimsical, which is really all I want right now to be honest. I think my post-pandemic style is going to be “happy, citrus-y, human rainbow.” Bring on all the bright colors and fruit motifs. We need more happy things.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (on Amazon Prime)

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (on Amazon Prime)

Speaking of happy things, this is just the cutest YA movie! It came highly recommended to me by Becca (we recorded last week, and this week’s episode is a big pop culture episode with everything we have been watching, listening to, etc. I really loved it. A boy is stuck in a time loop, waking up on the same day every day. Then one day things are different, and he meets a girl who also knows about the time loop. They strike up a very cute friendship/romance as they navigate how to (and if they even want to!) break the time loop. It’s heartwarming and sweet and made me cry a little bit.

Eucalyptus Farms

Eucalyptus Farms

A sweet reader sent me this website and I think it is just the coolest thing ever (and for the record, I’m 1,000% signing up once I get settled in my new apartment). It’s a eucalyptus delivery service! For $19.50/month ($12 + shipping) they will send you a bunch of seasonal eucalyptus…. what a treat. It would make such a nice gift, or a special monthly treat for yourself. You know I love fresh eucalyptus – right now I buy it every couple weeks at the bodega and use it to make my bathroom smell incredible.The best white tees ever | This Weeks Good Things 3.8.21

The best white tees ever.

My friend Emily has gotten me quite obsessed with Lululemon t-shirts. The classic crewneck and the v-neck. Not for working out but for an everyday tee to wear with jeans or a skirt etc etc, these are just the BEST. They have the perfect amount of drape, they are thin but not sheer, they are soft but not so soft that they look sloppy… and they are nice and long. Truly the best t-shirt ever. For sizing reference I am generally a 6 in most tops/dresses but like my t-shirts to be loose. I tried on a 6, 8, and a 10 in all three styles. I prefer the 6 in the v-neck (it looks a little better more fitted) and an 8 in the crewneck (I like those to be looser). Highly, highly recommend.

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photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. Mackenzie says 3.8.21

    Hi Grace! Have you seen the movie Palm Springs on Hulu? It reminds me of the plot from the movie you recommended, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. It has Andy Sandberg and he is in a time loop and a woman is brought into his time loop. It’s pretty funny and I really enjoyed it!

    • Yes!!! It’s funny that you mention that as we talk about it in this week’s episode of the podcast.

  2. It’s been so long since I watched a YA movie! I need to watch The Map of Tiny Perfect Things! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Jenn Lake says 3.8.21

    Can’t wait to listen to the Julia interview! Hope it goes well!

  4. Theodora says 3.8.21

    When you first posted about shower eucalyptus, I remember commenting “uhhh but then does your apt smell like an Equinox?” Not that I didn’t love Equinox and the towels, but still, associating my bathroom with a gym felt weird…but no, I am a convert and signing up for that delivery service.

    • HAAH I Love love loveeee making my home smell like Equinox! But could see how it might be weird to some. I miss those towels so much (PS – you should check out Mifa’s eucalyptus mist which I love to spray on my face and my towels and basically everywhere!)

  5. Molly says 3.8.21

    OMG I started Tell Me Your Secrets based on your rec (I forget if it was here, the pod or intsta!) and I ended up watching the whole thing in less than 24 hours…whoops!!!

    So crazy good and all I want to do is talk about it! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but I was truly terrified at points which rarely happens anymore after treating myself to too many murders lol

    • I KNOW!!!! I never get scared watching TV but this was terrifying! I really hope there is a second season, I am truly so upset. Won’t say who I’m upset for to you know, avoid spoilers etc but WHOA.

  6. Gayle says 3.8.21

    What coat are you wearing in the photo? I am looking for a camel coat.

  7. Terrell says 3.9.21

    Can someone please tell me if the kitty turns out ok at the end of Tell me Your Secrets????? I just need to know…