This Week’s Good Things, 12.8.20.

This Weeks Good Things 12.8.20

This week’s good things are coming at you a day late as yesterday was my fun little pajama launch with Nightire! If you missed it, you can read all about that here in this blog post. I am really excited about how they turned out and cannot wait to see you wear them as your orders ship.

My weekend was (my) ideal. I had family dinners on Friday and Sunday and saw my friends in between. On Saturday I went to Sullivan’s Island for the day and we sipped frozen drinks outside at Home Team (CHS locals will know – the game changer drink is my favvvvv basically a very boozy creamsicle). Yum… and also a little wild to be able to do that in December! (Sidebar: how is it December!?) I started reading Mexican Gothic which was highly recommended by so many but I just can’t get into it. I’m going to DNF it and start White Ivy by Susie Yang which also came highly recommended.

I guess you win some, lose some, but if there is one thing I know (especially as I’ve been in so many reading slumps this year!), life is too short to slog through books you don’t enjoy no matter how acclaimed they are. Also on the books front: I’ve been listening to A Promised Land on all my walks and cannot recommend it enough… it’s like getting to spend 29 hours with Barack, telling you about his life. I am really enjoying it.

This Week’s Good Things, 12.8.20

This Weeks Good Things 12.8.20

A New Sweat Suit from Worthy Threads

I have talked about Worthy Threads here before but I just looooooove their tie-dye sweatsuits and was so happy when they reached out and offered to send me a new set. (As an aside: are we still wearing tie-dye? I am not over it yet!!!!) This spring/summer I favored a brighter tie-dye but I am really into this more subdued neutral one for Fall. I’m wearing this exact hoodie and these sweatpants. One thing I love about Worthy Threads is that the sweatpants have a slimmer cut to them so you feel *slightly* less frumpy.

This Weeks Good Things 12.8.20

Jenna Lyons’ New Show

We talked about this on the podcast but I am a big fan of having a show I can half-watch in the background (I do this with lighter stuff and reality TV) while I do more menial job tasks like cropping and uploading images, or pulling links. I can’t do this with heavier shows like The Undoing or The Queen’s Gambit but Jenna Lyons’ new show Stylish on HBO Max is perfect for this. It’s got eye candy, beautiful homes, and actual useful tips and tricks… it’s engaging… it’s fun, and as a fan of hers I really love seeing what she’s up to next! I’m only a couple episodes in so far but I’m enjoying it.

This Weeks Good Things 12.8.20

Plant Juice Mask Sprays

OK this is such a smart idea (and would make for a great stocking stuffer, too!). Plant Juice is an essential oils company and they have rollerballs and tinctures galore but a girlfriend sent me a few of their mask sprays and I really love them. I feel like they turn wearing a face mask into a sensorial aromatherapy experience. I have uplift (smells like mint and oranges) and relax (my favorite of the two, smells like lavender and bergamot) but they have a bunch of other fragrances too, including holiday scents and some cute kids ones (chocolate mint and sugar cookie!).

East Olivia x Perrier

East Olivia x Perrier

I talk about East Olivia ALL THE TIME as they’re one of my favorite local businesses back home in Brooklyn. When I want to send a gift that is really special and unique I almost always go with East Olivia. I love giving flowers but I really like that her dried floral arrangements last at least a year, and they look so elegant and unique in your home. I was excited to see her team up with Perrier Jouet on an incredibly chic and luxe collab… packaged inside a beautiful box you will receive a bottle of Perrier and one of Kelsey’s signature dried floral arrangements!

Maya Perfume Oils

Maya Perfume Oils

Maya perfume oils are the perfect no fragrance-fragrance. That “maybe she is wearing perfume, maybe she just smells really really good” sort of scent. I tried to keep my toiletries for Charleston limited-ish and packing these as my perfume was an excellent space saver but also: I forgot how much I love them! What I really like about them is that they adjust to your body chemistry and the environment to create a scent that is just… you… they smell differently on everyone! I’ve had friends try them out and it’s so crazy to me how differently they smell on everyone.

I personally like to wear the base oil and then layer number one over it. The base oil smells clean and fresh (but a little sexy) and the number one oil is a little beachy. Sometimes I just do the base oil but together they just smell really, really good. Anytime I wear them I get a lot of compliments. ALSO if you want to try them, take 20% off with code GRACEATWOOD !

Photos (of me) by Clay Austin in my rental apartment.

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  1. Brianna Rooney says 12.8.20

    My parents always say, “life’s too short to read a bad book or drink a bad beer” – so start a new book and order a new drink!

    Happy Tuesday, Grace!

  2. Jessica Camerata says 12.8.20

    Okay these face mask oils are GENIUS! So so smart. Also, give me a boozy creamsicle anyday. Have only been to Sullivans island once and barely spent any time there. Definitely need to explore it more on my next visit.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  3. Lily says 12.8.20

    I always love these posts, Grace – such a fun little treat every week! I reread your review of the Theragun over the weekend because I’m thinking about getting it for my dad for Christmas. This might be too niche of a question, but do you think it would be good for an older guy (~60) with lots of chronic muscle soreness and sleeping issues? I don’t envision him using it as much for post-workout relief (although he does work out) but more for general aches and pains and relaxing. Do you find that it helps with sleep at all? And do you think it’s good for general body aches and not just post-workout soreness? I’ve seen lots of claims on the internet that it does both of those things but I always really trust your recommendations so wanted to ask here. Thanks and happy holidays!

    • grace at the stripe says 12.8.20

      I’m honestly not sure! I use it for sore muscles. I know that the app has a “bedtime routine” but I don’t regularly use it for that. I would maybe send a note to their customer service team to get their thoughts. And since he isn’t using it for soreness he could probably go with the smallest/least expensive one!

  4. Wendy says 12.8.20

    I finished Mexican Gothic, it was interesting and I had to slog through it.
    Reading David Chang’s memoir now and it’s so good. Highly recommend a Knock at Midnight as well.

  5. Emily says 12.8.20

    I am so glad to hear someone else didn’t like Mexican Gothic because I thought I was missing something! I am still learning how to DNF, though, so I powered through it (spoiler: you didn’t miss anything by putting it down).

  6. Kayla says 12.8.20

    Apparently there is a name for shows like Stylish that we put on “in the background”…..ambient television! Have you heard this? Found the article my husband sent as I was “watching” Emily in Paris:

  7. Glad you had a good week! Perfume oils sound like a great solution for those of us who don’t like wearing perfume much! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  8. Heidi says 12.8.20

    Everyone has been raving about Untamed and I stopped 30% through, which I felt a little guilty about at first. It’s been easier in 2020 to quit a book that isn’t enjoyable – I need books to hook me more than ever in order to hold my attention during this doozy of a year!

  9. Angelica says 12.8.20

    Oooo mask sprays!

    Also, since you’re in Charleston atm, I’ll be going there for Christmas. I wonder how things will be around that time 🙂

  10. Krystle Schroeder says 12.8.20

    I am looking at doing a month in Charleston. Could you share a link to your rental? I think it would be perfect for me. Thx.

  11. Anne says 12.8.20

    Smart move DNFing Mexican Gothic. I made the mistake of slogging through to the bitter end and honestly it really grossed me out.

  12. Theodora says 12.8.20

    Mask sprays…2020 is so weird. (That doesn’t mean I didn’t buy one :))

  13. Rach says 12.8.20

    Grace! Banking on my sister, Maya not reading this! Just added the “Maya” scent to her Hanukkah present along with a lot of your other beauty recs. Excited for her to see her name and to try what sounds like such a pretty scent. Thanks for sharing!