This Week’s Good Things, 12.14.20.

This Weeks Good Things 12.14.20
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Hi! How was your weekend? Mine was nice. So calm. I read a bunch (currently alternating between reading Joyful and What Would Frida Kahlo Do?), walked a ton, and got caught up on work. I watched a bunch of TV, mostly as background noise while I worked. Sex and the City reruns on HBO are the bestttt. It’s fun to watch and realize how dated they are. I also watched Let Them All Talk (the new Meryl Streep movie on HBO Max) but have to say that it fell a little flat for me! Last night, I went over my parents’ house and my dad made brisket – YUMMMM.

It is wild to me that I have now been here for three full weeks. The time here is going WAY too quickly, I feel so spoiled by the warm(er) weather and all of this family time, I don’t want it to end.

This Week’s Good Things, 12.14.20

This Weeks Good Things 12.14.20

Grossy Pelosi Merch

My friend Dan is so amazing and wonderful. Besides being an incredible food blogger to follow on Instagram, etc. he also has a line of merchandise (I loooove my This Too Shall Pasta tee SO MUCH) AND the best part is that all proceeds (yes, all!) of his merch goes directly to SAGE, the country’s oldest and largest national organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT elders. Proceeds will go directly towards helping this community as they face their second pandemic in this lifetime. So amazing. Bravo, Dan.

This Weeks Good Things 12.14.20

Chameleon Cold Brew

This is a more random one but I’ve struggled with my coffee situation, especially on days where it’s really cold here OR everything is closed on the weekend (which does happen – definitely something new vs NYC!!!!). I wanted to have some yummy iced coffee on hand in the fridge and at a friend’s rec ordered Chameleon Cold Brew on Amazon. It’s so good! I like it better than all the other pre-made cold brews I’ve tried (mostly Illy and Starbucks) and can’t recommend it enough. Smooth and very drinkable (I mostly drink mine black) but still strong. Will def be stocking my BK fridge with these when I get back home. I will say that I did not really like the lattes… they were just a little bit too rich and creamy (almost thick!?) for me.

Owning the Interview

Owning the Interview

My friends Rich and Mary have launched a brand new digital interview course! The course is called Owning The Interview and it offers people an in-depth guide to mastering every aspect of the job interview process. In light of the pandemic and record unemployment rates, they decided to massively slash the cost! This could be a great gift for a loved one or recent grad who might be on the job hunt right now. I love that they also included a section on compensation negotiation.

The Artist Plate Project

The Artist Plate Project

If you are still looking for a great gift (perfect for the art lover in your life) and want to do something that gives back, might I suggest The Artist Plate Project to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless? They’ve partnered with 50 celebrated artists (there are some big names!!) to create limited-edition dinner plates that are offered for sale to support services for homeless and poor New Yorkers in the wake of COVID-19. Each artist-designed porcelain plate is available in editions of 175 and sold for $175 per plate. The sale of just one plate can feed 75 homeless and hungry New Yorkers. They’re available through 12/15 and then they are gone. You can also just make a donation to the Coalition for the Homeless right this way.

Studs Earrings

Studs Earrings

I did some sponsored stories this weekend with Studs but wanted to talk about them here as I LOVE THIS BRAND. The styles are so great, the quality is fantastic (everything I have from them looks like fine jewelry!), and the prices are really great. Annnnd with my code GRACEA15 you can take 15% off through the end of the month. I particularly love the pavé hoops, the pavé drip huggies, and all the tiny studs. I pulled together all of my favorite styles on this page.


photo of me by Clay Austin.

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  1. Betsy says 12.14.20

    Chameleon Cold Brew is the best! It’s a local company for me and I love seeing it mentioned here. I never thought I could drink coffee black until I tried Chameleon – it’s so yummy!

    And why are SATC episodes so comforting? It’s like revisiting a bygone era.

    Have a great week! Love the Charleston updates!

    • grace at the stripe says 12.14.20

      Aw good! That makes me so happy to hear. And you’re right – it really is. It’s hard to believe how old the show is now!!! You have a great week too! XO

  2. Glad you’re having a great time, Grace! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Jessica Camerata says 12.14.20

    You are THRIVING in Charleston and it’s so fun to watch. Need to check out Studs, I’m all about a good gold little earring.

    xo Jessica
    an indigo day

  4. Danielle says 12.14.20

    Those earrings are beautiful, I want to invest in some new earrings now!

    Danielle xx