This Week’s Good Things, 1.25.21.

This Weeks Good Things 1.25.21.
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How was your weekend? Mine was really nice. On Friday I stayed in with Thai food and An American President…  on Saturday I worked on my measuring project (I have to measure every single piece of furniture and art for my designer) and then had an early outdoor dinner at Carbone with Becca, and on Sunday I met my friend John for brunch at American Bar. Honestly, both were freezing cold. Delicious but I am not sure how much more outdoor dining I will be doing! Other than that, I did a lot of cleaning and sorting and purging while listening to audiobooks (right now I am alternating between The Lynching and Untamed). Last on the media front, I started Losing Alice last night on Apple TV. I am only an episode in but it’s promising so far.

Also, I read an entire book and it is one that I will absolutely be full on proselytizing. Morgan had told me that Infinite Country by Patricia Engel might be THE book of 2021 and I am inclined to agree. You must read this book. It was wonderful. Beautifully writing, a plot that makes you unable to put it down… I’ll review it in this month’s reading list but would absolutely recommend preordering it. It’s just under 200 pages but incredibly powerful and just SO GOOD.

This Week’s Good Things, 1.25.21

Sweatshirt Dresses

Sweatshirt Dresses

My new work from home obsession is definitely the sweatshirt dress. I got so many compliments on the sweatshirt dress in the top photo and it’s become one of my most favorite cozy pieces. I linked a few similar options in my instagram shop but it’s been hard to find a version with that same a-line silhouette and flounciness. So I was verrrrry excited to come across this one, which is an excellent price and comes in three colors! I love the cut and think it’s pretty much perfect. Use code VDAY30 to get 30% off. (Also: I love this one too but it’s a lot more expensive.)

Thirteen Lune

Thirteen Lune

I am really impressed by Thirteen Lune. They are an absolutely beautiful e-commerce site dedicated to selling beauty brands created by Black and Brown founders, stocking products meant to resonate with people of all colors. Founded by Nyakio Grieco, (founder of Nyakio Beauty) and Patrick Herning (the founder of 11 Honore), it is going to be your new favorite spot to shop for indie beauty. Here are their criteria for brand selection.

  • Products made by Black and Brown founders that cater to all skin tones
  • Products that treat Black and Brown skin but are not exactly Black-owned
  • “Ally brands” that have made a conscious effort to be inclusive in their offerings and beyond

The site is beautiful (and I love their content, they have a great blog too). The things I wanted (this scrub) were sold out but planning to place an order soon!

Crazy, Not Insane

Crazy, Not Insane

I’ve always loved true crime and a friend recommended watching this documentary (on HBO Max) last week. It is FASCINATING! A look, if you will, at the brains of the world’s most notorious serial killers. It follows Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis – a psychologist who has dedicated her career to studying murderers and trying to understand what makes them kill. It’s dark but so interesting, I absolutely recommend watching it.


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Like many of you, I became a little bit obsessed with comedian Jazmyn W’s instagram videos last week. She did all of these videos where she pretends to be a White House HR employee (checking out the Trumps, checking in Kamala etc) which had me in utter stitches laughing out loud.

Charles Ryan Clarke

Charles Ryan Clarke

I feel like this one may fall under the “old news” category, but it’s new to me so I am sharing it anyway! My friend gave me the most thoughtful gift for Christmas: a print of Charles Ryan Clarke’s Beverly Hills Hotel Matchbook. Charles Ryan Clarke (CRC) sells beautiful prints of various matchbooks from all the most iconic hotels and restaurants from around the country. He also has a very cool instagram account with matchbooks and stories… Matchbook Diaries!


Photo by Allie Provost.

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  1. I need to watch Crazy, Not Insane! Thanks for the rec! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • Kerry says 1.25.21

      The Charles Ryan Clarke matchbook prints… omg. My heart. Just scrolling through makes me so happy, all of the NYC restaurants I miss and love ❤️ I want all of them!!! What an absolutely perfect gift. Thank you for sharing! Xxxx

    • grace at the stripe says 1.25.21

      It’s excellent – ENJOY!

  2. Kate says 1.25.21

    I am so excited you shared this artist! I just ordered the Caneel Bay matchbox print for my mom’s 70th birthday!

  3. Kelly says 1.25.21

    I want to start Losing Alice but part of me thinks I should wait till it’s all out because it seems like the series I’d want to just DEVOUR on a Sunday. Glad to hear it’s promising!! Also that tunic is adorable on you.

    xoxo – Kelly

  4. Miki says 1.26.21

    I adore your dress so much!!
    Miki x