This Week, No. 1.


In my everyday life I’m often doing a lot of things that I don’t always get to talk about on the blog. I put a lot of this stuff on Snapchat or social media, but I wanted to find a more structured way to share them here on the site, as my favorite part of reading blogs has always been discovery… learning about cool new stuff. Every Thursday afternoon, I’m going to start telling you my five favorite discoveries from the week. Maybe it’s a new store, a snack, movie, or new app…  just some things that I really enjoyed and think you might, too. 

1) Heyday. One of my old coworkers came into the office with glowing skin a few weeks ago. She’d gone for a facial at Heyday; and completely gushed about it. When I went in (full disclosure: they treated me to a thirty minute facial), I left with the same glowing skin. The facial was quick but thorough and my skin still felt and looked amazing days later. I think that they’re going to disrupt the facial/spa category in the same way that brands like SoulCycle and DryBar have for their respective categories. The business model is smart… facials that are affordable, easy to book (they just launched an app!) and highly effective. Bonus points for the cell phone charging station in every room and for the fact that they only use safe/mostly natural products. I loved the products that they used so much that I ended up buying this scrub and this soothing carrot seed oil.

2) Think Dirty. Also on the beauty front… a genius new app for those of us who are trying to embrace a non-toxic beauty routine. Think Dirty is the easiest way to look up all of your favorite beauty products and find out if they have toxic ingredients. My friend Becca turned me onto this one and we spent nearly the entire duration of our happy hour looking up the contents of our medicine cabinets. Be forewarned, some of it will bum you out… but wouldn’t you rather know?


3) Lattes on Draft! I’ve long been a fan of La Columbe‘s amazing iced coffee; but was so excited to hear that they now have iced lattes + cold brew on draft. It’s the foamiest, creamiest, most delicious coffee confection I’ve ever tried. Depending on how much caffeine you are craving, I definitely would recommend trying out the iced latte, cold brew, or black & tan (a combination of the latte + cold brew… both on draft.)

4) Unlimited Blowouts. I am not kidding. This is a real thing. My friend + fellow blowout addict Ali convinced me to sign up for VIVE and I finally got in off of the waiting list this week! You pay $99 a month and can get unlimited blowouts in the city. It’s crazy. And awesome. So you could get a blowout everyday if you really wanted to/had enough free time. I had my first blowout this week (at Shear Bliss in Murray Hill) and they did a really good job.


5) ADORE Floral Inc.  I have probably walked by this little oasis hundreds of time now, but always on the opposite side of the street. It’s the sweetest little floral shop ever. I stumbled in and walked out with the prettiest bouquet. It’s not inexpensive, so it’s only for special occasions… but if you are looking for really beautiful flowers, this is your spot. (They also deliver.)

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  1. Allison says 8.6.15

    LOVE this new series Grace! It is really fun to see what new things you have found. Cannot wait to try that Black & Tan Coffee!

  2. Natalie says 8.6.15

    I love this new series! I hope Vive comes to Chicago!

  3. Jules says 8.6.15

    Love this idea for a regular post! 🙂 Keep it up!

  4. erica says 8.6.15

    Downloading think dirty now!

  5. Nan says 8.6.15

    I went to Heyday for the first time this week also and equally fell in love. I decided to go all in for my first time and did the 50 minute session and I loved it. I have such a hard time with finding time to go to spas..and I think you are so right about it being the new Drybar for skincare!
    I got that same pineapple scrub, I just used it last night for the first time at home – love!

  6. Cathleen says 8.6.15

    These are fun. I like this new series too.

  7. Nikki says 8.7.15

    Loving this new series!

  8. Casey says 8.7.15

    Love this new series! I can’t wait to try the black&tan next time I’m down that way. Vive sounds pretty amazing, too!