This Month’s Amazon Favorites.

This Months List of Amazon Favorites This Months List of Amazon Favorites

This Month’s List of Amazon Favorites

This month’s list of Amazon favorites is a little all over the place but it’s all so good. We have so many things to chat about! First of all, this foot massager is amazing. I have been having some really annoying lower leg problems (God I sound old!) and my massage therapist recommended it. I love that I can passively sit and watch TV while working the kinks out of my feet and lower legs.

Also: the marble bowl obsession has reached a high. It started with the serving bowls last month and then I went and got the matching ice cream bowls and these adorable little bowls for sauces (I use mine for soy sauce – they are the perfect size!). Also marbled, but very different: these water-absorbing coasters. SUCH a game changer. I drink a lot of ice water and was leaving little puddles all over my coffee table and side tables. Not anymore – these are pretty magical. They come in a zillion different colors and patterns so there is something for everyone.

collage details: one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen // sixteen

On the kinda random but still very important food front, I keep a few packets of this mix on hand to make an impromptu dip (so so good) for guests, and we couldn’t forget the best margarita salts ever. I love them!

And of course, two Prime Day favorites:

This set of glass storage containers is great (I like to cut up veggies to use them for salads and snacks), and my pebble ice maker. I know it’s expensive (it was $100 off on Prime Day) but man – it is just the best. Having pebble ice on hand for my coffee, water, seltzer just adds such a nice little touch of luxury to my day.

On the beauty front, two old but good favorites:

My ice roller is just everything (for tired, puffy skin… and just to feel better when it’s really hot!), and the Clark’s Botanicals moisture mask. They made a few tweaks to the formula and I like it even better.

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  1. Katie:

    I ordered the massager. Hoping it helps with restless legs. I sound 100! Thanks for sharing.

    7.27.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I hope it helps! I feel you!!!!

      7.27.21 Reply
  2. Jess:

    Would you mind re-linking the long white cover up? It’s not working for me…thank you!!

    7.27.21 Reply
  3. Em:

    The serving bowls and coasters are so cute! And I need to get that ice roller – I keep forgetting about it!

    Em @

    7.27.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      Yes! The best!!!

      7.27.21 Reply
  4. Pat Schwab:

    I love the little bowls for sauces on the side- I will probably order these. Have you put them in the dishwasher or only washed them by hand? My kids bought me an awesome oversized book on Bowie when they were on a trip. I saw Bowie in Cleveland on his first tour in 1972 it was awesome! Always been one of my best concerts ever and my first as a teen without an adult. We didn’t even drive yet and my friend’s sister had to drop us off. Here is a link for you to enjoy with some video. I am dating myself. Pat S

    7.27.21 Reply
    • grace at the stripe:

      I put mine in the dishwasher!!!

      And wow that book looks amazing, thanks for sharing.

      7.28.21 Reply