Thinking Pink

The other day, the boyfriend said to me… “Babe.  Neon Pink.  It isn’t in.”  This made me giggle.  Boys… aren’t they silly?  I feel badly – he hates neons… especially pink; and I can’t stop wearing them.  Neon pink is my favorite.  The best ways to wear it are with navy + white stripes, boyfriend jeans, and camel pieces…   I try to stick to accessories (nails, belts, etc…) but there is a part of me that desperately wants to parade around like a crazy lady, wearing it from head to toe.  I can’t help it.  I just love it.  It’s vibrant and fun… and just so darn happy + cheery.  Here are a few of my favorite pink pieces.  I want to wear them all… all at once.

From Top Left:  Madewell Color Wash Cardigan // J.Crew Sequined Skirt // Roberto Cavalli Clutch (so amazing!) // Preen Pants (what dreams are made of) // Anthropologie bra + boy short // J.Crew Belt // TopShop Neon Jeans (only $76!) //  NARS Schiap Lipstick // TKEES Flip Flops // CC SKYE Cuff // Essie Knockout Pout (the best neon pink nail out there.) // J.Crew Sandals // Madewell Tank // J.Crew Sweatshirt (on sale!)

On an entirely different note, I’d love to hear what your significant others think of your fashion choices!  Spill in the comments.

P.S.  Here is a fun way to wear neon pink (and other neons, too!)

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  1. Stefanie Teufel says 5.10.12

    Hubby isn’t keen of pink either but he has to deal with it:-)

  2. PennyPincherFashion says 5.10.12

    I can never get enough pink – can’t believe I don’t have that Essie polish…will have to go pick it up today! 🙂

  3. Flair By Brandi says 5.10.12

    Love love love these!!! Pink is my favorite color!!! You can never have enough pink!!!

  4. Tiffany M says 5.10.12

    I’ve been in love with neon pink also- just can’t get enough! LOVE that clutch! Best shape and color! Didn’t know about the Essie polish-might have to go hunt it down this weekend!

  5. Emily says 5.10.12

    Back when maxi’s first came on the scene, I threw on a black, SUPER CASUAL, cotton maxi to go to the movies with my boyfriend.  He looked at me sideways and asked, “Ummm babe, isn’t that what you wore to the inagural ball?” So much for all that money spent on a gown….

  6. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} says 5.10.12

    I can completely relate, my boyfriend prefers the most boring pieces in my wardrobe and hates the things that I love. No understanding of trends, I honestly believe that every guy wishes his significant other dressed like a ralph lauren model. Oh well, those J.Crew sandals need to be mine. 

  7. Megan Zietz says 5.10.12

    i loooove that bra/boyshort set and those fab pants!

  8. Viviana Carmona says 5.10.12

    Hahaha, Love it! Kenny says the same thing to me about neons! And I also love the neon pink… although the neon yellow is competing for first place in my closet 🙂

  9. Jesselyn Toufar says 5.10.12

    Oh my husband doesn’t get half of what I wear. I will come out of the bedroom and he gives me that “what ARE you wearing?” look – c’mon, you know the look I speak of! We will head out and I will have ALL these women tell me I look stunning and he will shake his head in disbelief. Men, I notice, seem to hate maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I have no idea why.

  10. Denise Atwood says 5.10.12

    I want some!  It does remind me of the 70’s and High School… know I am dating myself but Mom’s can do that!  xo

  11. Lindsey Lebowitz says 5.10.12

    I love all the pink!  Check me out here:

  12. GlamChameleon says 5.10.12

    Beautiful pieces!! I wouldn’t ever stop wearing this pretty and utterly girly color!:)

  13. *~* Lexi says 5.10.12

    I’m with you! Love! Love! LOVE pink! The hotter, the more shocking and the more in-your-face, the BETTER! That of course goes for neon, too! {properly balanced, of course!} *~*

  14. Molliee Martin says 5.10.12

    love your bf – how silly;) I am with you… if I could not get weird looks, I would rock neon head to toe! haha

  15. Theresnoplacelikehomemke says 5.10.12

    So funny! I posted about neon pink this week. Last week I wore neon pink jcrew shorts to  my boyfriends house and I got picked on by his dad and brothers 🙂 Boys just don’t get it!

  16. BmoreLoveLeigh says 5.10.12

    I have that Madewell cardigan, and it’s one of my favorites.  Best way to incorporate neon for an office environment!

  17. PinQue says 5.10.12

    If I had it my way I would wear something pink every day…not sure how that would go over in my office though!

  18. Sara B says 5.10.12

    Drooling over this post – while wearing the hottest highlighter pink top and feeling so happy 🙂

  19. Jordan - Queen of LA says 5.10.12

    oh stefan… neon pink is SO IN!!! and it always will be 🙂 

    i have been wearing my bright pink gap jeans nonstop and mayyyy be a slight fashion nightmare with my matching hot pink nail polish, but i dont care! 🙂

  20. Thenowstylebook says 5.10.12

    Every time I see that J. Crew Skirt, I convince myself to buy it…but then I get so scared of the price….But it’s so perfect!!!! Such a pretty post! xoxo Elizabeth

  21. The Life of Clare says 5.10.12

    I’m not in love with neon pink either, never have been a pink fan, but am loving small amounts of other neons. Hubby’s pretty good with my wardrobe choices, always reminding me to stay true to myself.

  22. Kate {domestikatedlife} says 5.10.12

    Ha, sounds like a lot of us can relate. My boyf is at least diplomatic and he’ll say that maybe he just doesn’t get how it’s supposed to look 🙂 

  23. Sarah says 5.10.12

    Ha. Sounds like my boyfriend. (Except he’s usually just like, “WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?!” and not really able to articulate what, specifically, confuses him about my outfit. Boys.) But pink is my all time favorite color and has been since I was about 4 (the approritate age to have pink be your favorite color). So the fact that is is “in” right now is a big plus for me 🙂 At any rate, I really want to try the pink pants look, which like you said, would be awesome with some navy and white stripes on top.

  24. Erin @ Thanks, I Made It says 5.10.12

    This is too funny. I belted a tunic once and my boyfriend called me peter pan. NEVER wore that again.
    And I also bought a hot pink tank today, quelle coincidence! 

  25. aprettynest says 5.10.12

    Boys !!! My  husband is always commenting on my most colorful choices but what does he know !

  26. Gotham Polish says 5.10.12

    Haha oh no!!! Neon is so hot right now!!! I saw the most AMAZING neon pink scarf at Zara (I ended up buying the grey/neon green one). I also found some great neon tanks at TJ Maxx. Score.

  27. Lisa // Elembee, Etc says 5.10.12

    I’m kind of obsessed with bright pink lipstick right now. Might have to pick up that Nars!

  28. Bettina says 5.11.12

    I wish boys were fonder of the neon. The BF was shocked when my cambridge neon satchel came in the mail last year, he thought they’d made a mistake during the dye process haha

  29. Frankie hearts fashion says 5.11.12

    i have been rocking neon yellow quite a bit lately and every time I come out of my closet he says…”you’re not going to wear that, are you?” To which I reply, Hell yes I am! And then he says, “dudes don’t dig neon”. ahahaha…boys! 

  30. Sascha says 5.11.12

    It’s gorgeous! Such a happy color. And…not to diss your boyfriend, but it IS in!

  31. Stefan Nowicki says 5.11.12

    I’d like to set the record straight on a few things. First, I like most of the things shown above, just not the darker pants (or the lipstick). The neon pants and shorts Grace has are a weird shade of neon pink and not always the most flattering cut – just trying to help. Second, I never said neon wasn’t in. I said that just because it IS in, doesn’t mean it always looks good (though I do often like it). And lastly, I don’t especially hate neon pink, it’s neon yellow I particularly dislike. There. I hope I brought some clarity to this situation. While I may not always like Grace’s fashion choices, I feel that’s better than not caring at all. And, even though I always share my opinion, though not always solicited, Grace knows I will always be honest with her and shoot her straight

  32. Jessica says 5.11.12

    First off, Pink is SOOO in, and I adore neon pink paired with classic camel.
    Secondly, I think what my bf says about my fashion choices is refreshing, and while I do usually dress to impress him and only him, sometimes he inevitably ends up being “repelled”… I can’t help it that he doesn’t understand! oh BOYS!?