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 things influencers buy

happy Friday! I always think it’s fun to see what things influencers buy and actually spend their money on. We are lucky enough to get sent a lot of stuff to try and test out; and I personally have Rent the Runway now (going to post about that at some point – HUGE fan!) so I have been less tempted to shop for new dresses, etc.

Today I’m sharing ten things I bought recently/recently-ish that I am absolutely loving. If you read here daily, a few may look familiar but the consistent thing for each of them is that I bought the item with my own money and would highly recommend it. It’s mostly a mix of Amazon finds and beauty treats… with one more expensive thing: these pants!!!

The Amazon Sunglasses

These sunglasses have been such a godsend. I may never buy an expensive pair again (especially bc I ALWAYS lose all my nice pairs). They’re PERFECT. And only $11. I have the black and the solid nude and am strongly considering another pair. The shape is great (they look cute on everyone who tries mine on) and they look like they’re much more expensive than they actually are.

The perfect pants

I love these pants. They’re my favorite color, and I shockingly don’t have too many pairs of pants in my closet. I’ll be wearing these with the matching blazer (not included here as the brand very generously gave me the blazer) for a power suit combination. Veronica Beard is my favorite splurge brand. I like that they’re inclusive, and I like how well-tailored everything they make (especially their jackets) is. Now I love their pants, too!

The cutest little yellow bag

I get the same rush shopping ASOS that I do when I shop on Amazon. It’s so much searching, but when you find something good… it’s really good. This little yellow bag was a fun $42 find. It will obviously be very cute with summer brights (floral dresses, a denim jacket, really everything) and I can’t wait to pair it with my camel coat when things cool down!

Olaplex No. 3

Years ago when I used to go to a different hair colorist, she would secretly pack me up a little jar of this. So I’m really happy that Olaplex has started selling their line. I also didn’t realize that it’s clean! This is the ultimate hair treatment (especially in the summer, when you’ve been frying your hair in the sun). I apply it once a week after shampooing (you put it all over your hair, not just on the ends), leave on for ten minutes, and notice an immediate difference in how much softer and less frizzy my hair is. Highly recommend for anyone who colors or heat styles their hair!

The Yellow Sandals

What is it with yellow!? It’s such a happy color. I got these sandals maybe a month or so ago and just love them. They’re surprisingly super comfortable too. They’ve sold out in most sizes but are currently on major sale so if they have your size, GET THEM!

Lawless Highlighter

This absolutely positively one of the best highlighters I have ever tried, and I love that it is clean. I had never tried Lawless as a brand but was puttering around Sephora (as one does, waiting for their appointment at the Apple store) and I touched the tester of this and was really impressed by the color payoff (it’s really pigmented!!!). I bought it and it became an instant favorite.

Santal 26 Candle

Okay okay this is cheating, as I bought it as birthday present for Becca, BUT this candle is one of my absolute favorite gifts to give! It’s decadent and expensive for a candle which makes it a great gift; it’s something the recipient might feel guilty buying! (I have that guilt – I buy this one as a gift and the Maison Louis Marie one for me… they smell very similar… like a chic fireplace!)

The Away Everywhere Bag

It is like the people at Away climbed inside my brain to build the PERFECT travel bag and I love it so much. I had seen the nylon one and wasn’t into that but the leather one is just… perfection! And I had lamented my carry-on woes (usually I use my Sofia Fima bag or my Cuyana tote which are more appropriate as work bags). So, I wanted something that was leather that could hold a lot (more than the Cuyana tote) without being cumbersome. It needed that sleeve to go over the handle of my suitcase (seriously why doesn’t every bag have that!?). And it needed to be chic and minimal (no logos, not recognizable). It needed a top zipper. It needed a laptop sleeve. This is the best travel bag. I don’t have an affiliate link or anything for Away so I get nothing from gushing about this bag (besides the gift of feeling like I’ve shared something potentially life changing). I love it!!

DryBar Blonde Ale Shampoo

This is truly the best purple shampoo I’ve ever tried. I have to use a purple shampoo to keep my highlights from getting brassy (I like them to be more of a cool blonde than a golden blonde) and this one is great for that. It gets my hair really clean without being drying, and while it’s effective, it doesn’t ever leave a purple residue or cast which has happened to me in the past.

The Amazon Pearl Hoops

I had been looking for a cute pair of pearl hoops (the pair I had my eye on was $300 or something crazy) so decided to search Amazon and am glad they did. After doing a search I ordered four pairs (I didn’t keep them all; I wanted to compare the different styles as jewelry can be so hard to tell) and these were the ones I ended up keeping. And I get so many compliments every time I wear them! (I also kept this $12 pair – they’re a little trendier but also super fun).


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  1. Happy Friday, Grace! I love seeing what other people buy too – not just clothes, but all the random little tidbits, haha! Thanks for sharing your list with us! The yellow bag is super cute! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    9.6.19 Reply
  2. I bought the sunglasses (black) after seeing them here, and I love them! Great find!

    9.6.19 Reply
  3. mary:

    These are my favorite kind of influencer posts. Keep ’em coming, please!

    9.6.19 Reply
  4. Regina:

    Bought the Olaplex at the Sephora sale last month based on your earlier recommendation! Thanks for your honest opinions!!

    9.6.19 Reply
  5. Shana:

    Veronica Beard is killing it! these pants look amazing and that matching blazer = LOVE! Can’t wait to see it in a post!! I wanted to love the Olaplex but couldn’t figure out how to work it into my routine and gave it to my SIL – do you shampoo and then hang out in the shower for 10 minutes and then rinse it out? Someone mentioned wetting my hair down before the shower with a spray bottle and then showering. It seems so simple yet I couldn’t figure it out – HA!

    9.6.19 Reply
    • Haha, to be honest I’m pretty quick in the shower so I do it in the bath!

      Squeeze out my hair and put it in, and then pull my hair up into a banana clip. Then when the bath is over I rinse my hair out in the tub faucet (NOT the dirty bath water!!). Does that make sense? Sometimes I will do it in the shower if I have one of those days where I’m doing a ton of scrubbing, exfoliating / shaving my whole body? JK I don’t shave my whole body but you get what I mean.

      9.6.19 Reply
      • Shana:

        That makes total sense! Thank you! I have a detachable sprayer in the tub so I need to try this 🙂

        9.6.19 Reply
  6. Colleen Zaslow:

    Do you have a link to the $12.00 pearl earrings? Would love to see them.

    9.6.19 Reply
  7. Esme:

    I wish you had a discount code for that away bag!! I want it so badly! might just have to get it…

    9.6.19 Reply
    • You and me both. I also wish they had an affiliate program as I have a feeling a lot of people are going to buy it!!!

      9.6.19 Reply
    • ACTUALLY – let’s let my delightful friends at Girls Gotta Eat get some credit for this! if you use the code GGE you get $20 off. It’s not much but it’s something (I didn’t think to use it!!)

      9.6.19 Reply
  8. Jonna:

    Thank you for sharing- Keep these kinds of posts coming! 🙂

    9.6.19 Reply
  9. Yesss I love all these blonde recs. I’ve tried so many blonde products but most of them suck.

    9.6.19 Reply
  10. Orla:

    I love Veronica Beard and love it when you feature it.

    Also, I am totally buying the sparkle hair clips and cat sponges.

    9.7.19 Reply
  11. Lindsey:

    I love these posts! Thank you for sharing! I also just wanted to let you know that the Lawless highlighter links to the yellow bag. 🙂

    9.7.19 Reply
  12. Amelie:

    Hi Grace – I’m a little bit late but just wanted leave a quick comment to say thank you for the recommendation on the Drybar Blonde Ale purple shampoo! I’m the same hair color as you so when I read this blog post, I almost immediately went to Sephora and got this shampoo…OMG best purchase! Washed my hair with it and the next day, I was asked if I had just dyed my hair because the color looked so good! Also, another thing worth mentioning is this shampoo actually smells pretty good!! (OK am I the only to find that most purple shampoos smell awful? haha). Anyways, I’m sold! 🙂

    9.13.19 Reply
    • I am SO glad to hear that!!!!! It’s the best purple shampoo I’ve tried (or smelled!) xo

      9.13.19 Reply