The Williamson Collection

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Today, my sister, Rebecca Atwood launched her latest collection… The Williamson Collection. I’m so amazed by how incredibly talented she is.

Her pillows are of course timeless… and in my opinion, the perfect addition to any home no matter the season. That said, this collection is decidedly more Spring than her first collection, with easy natural linen and notes of marine green + tangerine. When describing her line, my sister uses words like “luxurious but relaxed” and “meant to be lived with and enjoyed” and that’s such a perfect description. I’m lucky enough to have four of them in my own home, and I love that the fabrics are rumpled and easy – but still elegant and upscale. And they are practical, too. Due to a recent kitten accident, I had to wash the covers… they held up perfectly in the washer (and dryer.) It’s nice to have nice things that can be used every day… it encourages a more relaxed way of living.

I personally really love the tangerine. I say this knowing they wouldn’t go with my current living room decor… but something about the vibrant hue really speaks to me. This little dip dyed pillow makes me particularly happy… so cheerful and happy. And then there is her classic Shibori (I don’t own any of her Shibori pillows… yet) which she did in both Tangerine and Marine Green. For a more neutral touch, I love these stripes… they’re really classic and will go with absolutely everything.

Maybe its time to add a few to my bed.


Also! Victoria, Caitlin, Molly + Sally, and Cass are all writing about Becca’s collection today, so be sure to hop on over and read their posts, too!

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photography by Emily Johnston

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  1. Jessica:

    What a talented sister! The pillows are gorgeous. I’d love to add a set to our bedroom.

    (If you’re interested, I’m giving away a pair of Emma McKinstry earrings valued at $70. Enter here.)

    3.24.14 Reply
  2. Heidi:

    I just want to dive into that pile of pillows! Congratulations to your sister on the new collection – everything looks amazing.

    3.24.14 Reply
  3. jillian:

    SO exciting! congratulations to your sister :):) lovely pillows! 🙂 xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    3.24.14 Reply
  4. fashionsbit:

    Congrats! The pillows are really cool, especially the white&indigo ones!

    3.24.14 Reply
  5. Becca:

    Thank you so much sister!! xx

    3.24.14 Reply
  6. Stefanie // Life on the Squares:

    ah so cool! I am in need of some new pillows — will have to check out her site! xoxo

    3.24.14 Reply
  7. Andi:

    They are stunning, congrats to her!

    3.24.14 Reply
  8. Alison:

    Such pretty pretty pillows, congrats!

    3.24.14 Reply
  9. jet:

    Nice and good to see old painting methodes comming back.
    Insteade off rubber bands you can use your sewing machine and buttons and plastics, fabric pins. Then you can make much more worked out desings, and an other tip is to use colours that don’t match, that’s strange but it really work well out.
    I have tried this out when i was 17 and later in my older days as an art student as well;-D

    3.24.14 Reply
  10. Cindy Lyon:

    “Luxurious but relaxed” perfectly describes what I am going for in my home. The pillows look like just the ting to rest your head on for that Sunday afternoon nap on the sofa. 🙂

    3.24.14 Reply
  11. Katherine:

    I agree, love the tangerine! Love the picture of all the pillows piled together, I just want to jump in it!!

    3.24.14 Reply