The Weekly Distraction, 4.27.20.

paint by number The Weekly Distraction, 4.27.20.
playing around with my self-timer…

Happy Monday. I loved our little check-in last week, and was hoping that we could do it again! (Tell me where you live, how you are feeling about things, and one small thing that’s bringing you joy!) 

I will go first. Life in Brooklyn is more of the same. It’s been pretty isolating but I’m hanging in there. Work has been surprisingly busy(er) which is a relief, and what’s bringing me joy right now is this cats video from SNL – Kate McKinnon is maybe my favorite person ever? I have to say that I am so impressed by the quarantine content SNL has been putting out. It is quite possibly even better than regular SNL? Unclear.

But anyway, tell me how you’re doing. It’s weird, but a few of you said this in the comments last week and I agreed… it made me feel less alone, hearing everyone else’s experiences!

Oh, also! I got a great tip from a reader. I think it was in a blog comment, maybe a DM. But I was whining about all the housework (the dishes just seem to really be adding up) she suggested creating the ritual of “putting my kitchen to bed” everynight. Doing the dishes (even if you really don’t want to!), cleaning out the sink and wiping down the counters, etc. I have done this the past few nights and it definitely makes waking up (and making coffee) much nicer the next day.

Alright alright, let’s get into this week’s distractions!

paint by number The Weekly Distraction, 4.27.20.
dear lord why are these teens so HOT?

Media Update

Well first of all, I am still very much loving The Baker and The Beauty! It’s SUCH a cute show. I haven’t watched the (Israeli) original but the first 2 episodes of the US version have been absolutely adorable so far.

I’ve also fallen very much into Outer Banks. The question and consensus amongst all my girlfriends has been… “WHY ARE THESE TEENS SO HOT!?!?” It makes me feel a little less like a creep knowing that John B. is 27 years old and not 16, but still. Wow. The actual hottest cast ever and I feel like a creep. The show has been described as if Dawson’s Creek and Goonies had a baby, and I’d have to agree. A beautiful foursome of teens, class dynamics between the rich kids and the working class kids, and… a treasure hunt. It’s very fun.

I also watched Run on HBO. There are only two episodes so far and I’m struggling with it to be honest, mostly because (I’m sorry this is terrible), I find both of the characters to be deeply unattractive. Lolz. The premise of this one is that two college sweethearts have a pact where they text each other RUN and both abandon their lives. I’m not sure where it’s going so far but I’m going to keep watching! What are you watching? Got any good recs for me? 

Paint by Number

Paint by Number

One of the best presents I’ve received in a while was a paint by number kit! I was really struggling at the beginning of quarantine and one of my best friends had a photo of Tyrion and I blown up and made into a paint by number kit to cheer me up. It was the most thoughtful gift and also so fun – I can’t wait to get creative!

I will tell you that I haven’t done it yet but am SO excited to get started on it this week. I will be sure to share to stories as I start painting! The site (Mii Creative) is very cool – you can upload any photo and they’ll make it into a paint by number kit… sending you (or your recipient) a canvas, brushes, and all the paints you need. SO smart (and shockingly affordable. I was worried he’d spent a lot of money and the whole kit is under $40.) It’s such a cool idea.

Julia's buffalo chicken


It’s no secret that I’ve been cooking a lot. Aren’t we all?! Every week I try to learn how to make at least two new things. This week, I made Julia’s buffalo chicken. It’s heavenly. I mean I live for buffalo chicken ANYTHING and cannot wait to make real chicken tenders once my air fryer arrives) but I love this. Most days I have it for lunch over a bed of spinach (with cheese + blue cheese dressing). But for something more indulgent it’s great over pizza or even just an english muffin with a little cheese!

Recipe number two was last night I made this summer squash and zucchini pasta. It was delicious and I’m looking forward to having the leftovers (the recipe makes a LOT)

Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee

Whipped coffee (or Dalgona coffee) has been all over social media to the point where I bought some instant coffee (usually a sacrilege!) to try my hand at it. I started with this recipe (if you can even call it a recipe) and tweaked it a little bit to make it less sweet! I use two tablespoons instant coffee (this instant coffee is actually pretty good), a tablespoon of coconut sugar, and two tablespoons of hot water. Then I put it all in a medium sized mixing bowl and beat it with a hand mixer until it’s super fluffy! Then, I fill a glass halfway with a couple ice cubes and coconut milk and top it all off with the coffee mixture.

That’s this week’s list! I hope there’s something on here that brings you a little joy/inspiration. In the meantime, tell me how you are doing (and TV recs!) in the comments!!

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  1. Casey says 4.27.20

    Just ordered a canvas from Mii creative – thanks! And had the same thought about RUN, but hadn’t quite allowed myself to say it allowed…so thanks 🙂 It also makes me think of a bathroom emergency lol

    • Casey says 4.27.20

      Out loud not allowed – time for more coffee

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      AH yay!!!! On both counts. The paint by number is so fun and I’m glad I’m not alone in my thoughts. I felt kind of mean writing it! I still like the plot (bathroom stuff aside) but IDK. I am never one to need my characters to be conventionally attractive (though it does help in Outer Banks, ha!) but I just find them both to be kind of revolting (could also be tied to the characters’ personalities as well!)

  2. Lisa Autumn says 4.27.20

    Happy Monday lovely!

    Lisa |

  3. Haha, I see you’ve attempted the dalgona coffee! I think I’m the only one who hasn’t yet. Thanks for sharing your week with us! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Haha yes! It’s everywhere!!! Pretty good, better with less sugar as I’m not into anything super sweet!

      • Emily says 4.27.20

        I made dalgona coffee with a little maple syrup! Just a little sweet, but not too much. I also like to add a tiny bit of vanilla extract to my milk and it’s almost like a vanilla latte. Mmm!

        • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

          Oh interesting!!! Maybe I will try that. I did vanilla extract too! So yummy!!!

  4. Misti says 4.27.20

    For whatever reason, I’ve never watched The West Wing…until this quarantine! I am obsessed. It feels so nostalgic. A glass of wine, a face mask, and some quality 90’s tv, lol – The best.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Oh it is SO GOOD!!!! Such a classic. I miss it, that would be such a perfect quarantine binge!

    • Susana says 4.27.20

      Always been my go to stress binge

  5. Gabrielle Menezes says 4.27.20

    Loved this week’s list. I am in London and was looking to buy an apartment when the shutdown happened. Now I’m staying with my darling aunt who has an autoimmune disease and the stress of running the essential errands is mounting as many people not keeping to the 2-meter rule. I’m loving the daily distraction. Cooking definitely making me happy at the moment. Made this sugar free, gluten free cake and it was amazing. Kind of like an apple macaron.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Oh my gosh that sounds delicious. I was just reading a book where the main character ate apple pie smoothies and it made me weirdly crave apples!
      And hugs to you and your aunt, keep her safe!!!! XO

  6. Mackenzie says 4.27.20

    Hi Grace! I live in Columbus, OH and am feeling quite positive today. It is going to be sunny and 60 today which is my ideal weather! What is bringing me joy is trying new recipes. I actually have a grocery pick up this week and am making a similar recipe as you (The zucchini squash pasta recipe but through Half Baked Harvest’s recipe). It’s easy but gives me joy to try something new Our governor is announcing our plan to re-open today and while I hope it is actually very few things that are opening (like maybe just allowing elective surgeries) it does give me hope for the future.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I feel the same re: new recipes! Let me know how the HBH recipe is… I loved the Bon Appetit!

  7. Angela says 4.27.20

    I completely agree SNL needed a reboot and now I love it again! Outer Banks…we were not that good looking in high school.

  8. Susan says 4.27.20

    Grace! Your coffee looks amazing–I need to jump in on that fun–need to get some instant coffee on my hands! I’m in Chicago and other than last week’s horrible weather, it seems to be improving this week and all of the flowers are in bloom which is seriously exciting! I’m feeling pretty good this week–I’m a teacher so e-Learning has been going for 6 weeks. It’s not getting easier, but getting videos from students and hearing from their families makes my day! One thing that has been bringing me joy is that I’ve been making a new chocolate chip cookie recipe once a week! It’s fun to taste test and compare. Yesterday, a friend and I made Joanna Gaines’ recipe over FaceTime and it was fun to be baking with a friend. I’ve been sure to share my results with family and friends because too many cookies is dangerous for me! I need to try the Alison Roman recipe you mentioned! Have a good week!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      It’s so wild how fluffy it gets as you mix it up!!!!

      And funny you mention the Joanna Gaines recipe as my family group text has been all over that. I want to make it!! Baking with a friend sounds so fun! You have a great week as well! xx

  9. Holly says 4.27.20

    Hey, can you share what shirt you’re wearing? Thanks!

  10. Sarah says 4.27.20

    Like you, I’m holed up alone here in Williamsburg. Also like you, my best friend (and her family) live in the same building – across the hall! In early-ish March I left the city for a few weeks because I have a dog and walking her every day started to feel like a game of russian roulette because there were still so many people on the streets who weren’t doing a great job of social distancing. I have another Williamsburg friend who also has a dog and we decided to go to her parents empty house in suburban New Jersey – which was…good and bad. It definitely felt safer and it was awesome to have a big washer and dryer, a huge kitchen and to be in a neighborhood where we didn’t have to come in close contact with anyone. The downside was that I was in a gated 55+ community where all the houses looked EXACTLY THE SAME and I missed my cozy loft and all my stuff. I stayed for four weeks but I’m a native New Yorker and I felt like a traitor to my city – the city that I love and have lived in for most of my life – and my heart was breaking for everyone here, for my beloved home and I just…needed to be here. I came back a little over a week ago and I’m so happy that I did. Yes, it’s sad to see everything shuttered and I worry so much for the healthcare workers, for the local businesses and the essential workers who are keeping the lights on while we all shelter in place but there’s a strange, communal beauty to it all. Seeing all the creative ways that people are wearing their masks, taking my dog to the park (she is thrilled to be home as well), the quiet streets, the trees in bloom – all of this brings me joy. And I LOVE the 7pm clap where my entire block comes to their windows and shouts at the tops of their lungs, bangs on pots and pans, plays instruments and wave to one another – checking in to see how everyone is doing and offering help and encouragement to those who need it. This is my city, I love it and there’s no place like it in the world.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I feel exactly the same way. People constantly ask me how I’m managing to stay here and I can’t imagine anywhere else. It would be great to be with my friends and family down in Charleston but I love my apartment and my neighborhood (and I like to think that my occasional takeout orders are in a small way, helping my favorite restaurants).

      I love the clapping, too! Your comment makes me think maybe we live on the same block, LOL! Hang in there!! Xx

  11. Elizabeth says 4.27.20

    Hi! I live in Newport News, VA (near Williamsburg & Virginia Beach). I just bought a La Creuset braiser pan and love it! It was my quarantine splurge item and 100% worth it. We’re lucky that we live near the water and have a boat, we’ve been going on boat rides 3-4x a week and it’s been a lifesaver! Having a change in scenery, getting some vitamin D and spending quality time with my boyfriend has been great.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Hi! Ooh that is so exciting. Le Creuset is just the best. I have 3 pieces and want to build a small, colorful collection of them!!! Boat rides sound heavenly right now! Hang in there and have a great week! xx

  12. Zoe Jackson says 4.27.20

    Hi Grace! My name is Zoe Jackson and I live in San Antonio, TX. For the past 6 weeks (which is how long I’ve officially been in quarantine), I have tried really hard to have an attitude of gratitude for the fact that I still have my job (and it’s going really well) and both myself and my husband are able to fully work from home. I WFH full time anyway but him being able to do that is well is truly a blessing! I am starting to feel a little antsy/bored but overall trying to stay positive. Something that is bringing me joy is my new MacBook Air. I have been saving for months for this thing and it came in the mail on Friday. I love to write songs and have been wanting a nice laptop to record them on- so I am excited to get started with that! I hope you have a great week!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Hi Zoe! Thanks for commenting! (And congrats on your new macbook – the best!!!) It’s funny how different working from home in regular life is vs. quarantine life. I thought I’d been prepared but it’s definitely very different. Have a great week ahead!

  13. Cate says 4.27.20

    I live in Texas. Things are actually pretty fine down here… I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Social distancing is getting old, but our weather has been great which has made it a lot easier to deal with. Excited about a new pair of joggers that I ordered myself for my quarantine wardrobe (Vuori – I bought into the hype).

    And I’ve been binging Cheers! Nymag has always told me it’s a classic – really good comedic (short) escape.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I have been hearing such good things about Vuori!!!!
      Glad you are enjoying some nice weather!!

    • Val says 4.27.20

      Great decision on the joggers from Vuori – THEY ARE WORTH THE HYPE 🙂

      • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

        OK can someone tell me what the hype is!? So curious! Do I need?

        • Cate says 4.28.20

          They’re very comfy – super soft but less pajama feeling? And my husband actually told me he “didn’t hate them” and referred to them as “your formal sweats” haha. I don’t know that they’re flattering, but cute. One note: they run short (I’m 5’4″ on a good day), and Grace, I know you’re tall! So if you don’t want them pretty cropped you might not like them! I’m considering a second pair!

          • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

            Haha! I love it – formal sweats.

            Thanks for the tips. Interesting on length. I ordered a pair today and got a small and am nervous now. I guess we’ll see! Maybe I’ll be wearing sweatpant capris 😉

    • Juliet says 4.27.20

      Hi! What is the sizing like on the vuori sweatpants? It looks like they just got a restock and I was thinking of trying! Hope everyone is safe and healthy 🙂

      • Cate says 4.28.20

        True to size for me! But like I noted above, definitely cropped – feels on trend that way but might bug you if you’re taller!

  14. Susana says 4.27.20

    As I am a nurse I still leave the house to work and meet a number of real life friends. This has all given us a sense of normalcy that iludes A lot of people. As I don’t work on the front line, we keep safe and carry on. So I am grateful for my work, and work mates. Besides work I live alone and am very thankful for my apartment, small but my little heaven. I am thankful for single life too as it would have been too stressful worrying making another person ill.

    • Susana says 4.27.20

      Ah I forgot I live in Europe, more precisely Lisbon, Portugal

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Aw so excited that I have a reader in Portugal! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been really focused on cleaning and organizing and making my apartment a little oasis.

      Thank you for the work you do! Stay safe.

  15. Shana says 4.27.20

    Okay I am not understanding this dalgona coffee thing so I looked it up this weekend. Instant coffee is a major thing in Asia and when we lived there I could not get into it. I tried, really tried 🙂 I drink my coffee black so the amt of sugar was throwing me off but coconut sugar would be good to try! Now “egg coffee” in Vietnam on the other hand I can get behind in small doses – egg, condensed milk, a pinch of sugar whipped up similar to dalgona and place on top of the strong, black coffee YUM! Overall doing okay down here in Texas, still WFH, staying at home in general but the weather was amazing this weekend which really helped! Happy Monday and glad things are getting busy (er) for you!!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      It’s so strange! Egg coffee sounds interesting, though I think I’d get skeeved out by the eggs, ha!

  16. Gretchen H says 4.27.20

    Hi! I’m in West Michigan (right on Lake Michigan). Yesterday we finally had sun and high 60s weather. I promptly sat outside reading for way too long without sunscreen and my legs are scorched! Worth it though. I was in a rotten mood and the weather helped SO MUCH. And today my new book (Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel) is in stock at the local bookstore, so there’s today’s win.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Sunshine sounds so nice right now! It’s been cold and rainy here in Brooklyn. Def a mood elevator. I have to be better about getting outside. I have been indoors for 4-5 days straight now and always feel better when I get out, even just for a little while!

  17. Molly says 4.27.20

    One small thing bringing me joy is that I get to try new skincare goodies without worrying whether they will blowup my skin and I’ll have to go out and see people. I ordered the Tata Harper mask during the Sephora sale, and I’m excited to try it! I’ve also been using (and loving) the Isle of Paradise face tanning drops.

    We just finished Waco on Netflix, and I highly recommend!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Haha you are totally right. That’s kind of how i feel about my hair right now. It’s a hot mess but it’s been nice to give it a break from the constant heat styling!

      Hope you love the Tata mask as much as I do – it’s my FAV!

  18. Tierney says 4.27.20

    I’m doing well! I’m living in a hotel while working on the SARS-CoV-2 response in LA. While I know I’m living my friends with children’s dream, I remind myself that our individual opportunities and challenges during this time do not need to become a competition of who’s suffering is more (important). One thing I’m loving is the Peloton app- great dance cardio, bodyweight workouts, and yoga. Sign up before 4/30 and the free trial is 3 months, instead of 1. A new thing I’m loving is that cat skit you shared. It’s delightfully punny and clever!

    Also, nice job on the self-timer- excellent lighting!

    • Tierney says 4.27.20


    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      That skit is just so funny. I can’t stop watching! And you are totally right, it is not a competition about who is suffering more. I think we’re all having a hard time no matter what our situation may be – single, married, kids, etc. Though I will say I do not envy my friends with children right now. I cannot imagine trying to balance everything I have going on with caring for a child full time!

  19. Nora says 4.27.20

    Good Afternoon! I live in Madison, NJ. I just started watching Sopranos for the first time and I love it! It’s also fun because I know a lot of the locations! I went to grammar school with the girl whose house was the Soprano house! I’ve been cooking a lot of Well Plated and Skinnytaste meals! The new What’s Gaby Cooking cookbook comes out tomorrow and I’m so glad I preordered it! She’s the best so if you don’t know her, definitely check her out!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      OH I didn’t realize Gaby’s cookbook comes out so soon. That’s so exciting. I may need to preorder it as well.

  20. Kate Aitken says 4.27.20

    Hi! I am in Seattle, WA. I am liking the distractions and feeling very middle of the road today, and most days. This time has been really rough on my chronic migraines but there are a few things that I look forward to:
    -getting coffee at my brother in laws cafe! He is running a very limited, clean, one person at a time situation and his cafe is just a five min walk from my house. I love going and chatting with him and getting great coffee every morning.
    -reading! i have really been reading a lot and i usually don’t have any time to because i work so much. It’s such a pleasure!
    -The Last Dance on ESPN. I’m not even a basketball fan but this makes me so nostalgic!
    -long walks with my dog listening to podcasts. I am listening to Binge Mode: Harry Potter and it is so so so good and funny, and it makes these nice walks so enjoyable!

    Thank you for the wonderful distractions!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I love your list!!!! A podcast about Harry Potter sounds like just the thing right now!

  21. Anne says 4.27.20

    Last week was a hard one – maybe because it was so cold and gloomy in Brooklyn. We watched One of Us on Netflix, which was a documentary about people leaving the Hassidic community. It was heartbreaking, but a great follow-up to Unorthodox. Love seeing places I recognize and it is crazy to think that just up the block is a completely different world.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      So cold and gloomy!!!!!

      And funny you mention One of Us – I watched that a year or two ago and really enjoyed it (if you can enjoy something so heartbreaking, but you know what I mean!!!) I live just a few blocks away from that community so felt the same, things are so different!!!

  22. Rebecca Zoler says 4.27.20

    Happy Monday! I’m in Queens, NY managing to survive sharing a one bedroom with my husband and 2 cats – we’re keep things nice and cozy lol. My emotions are definitely a roller coaster, trying to stay positive through it all: being furloughed from my job at the beginning of the month and not having a clear timeline of what the future looks like has been the hardest adjustment. Before quarantine, I was in a great gym routine and feeling confident about exercise. But when the gym’s closed, I knew I needed to finally try and get myself into a running routine – it’s by no means easy, and I’m certainly not signing up for a marathon anytime soon, but I’m proud of myself for sticking to my goal of trying to get out for run when the weather is nice. Now at the start of week 7 (??), I feel in a really good groove and love anytime I’m able to get some fresh air and move my body (at a safe 6ft distance of course). <3

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I’m so glad you are feeling like you’re in a good groove. I’m getting there. I agree with you in that it’s very hard not having a clear timeline of what is going to happen next. And I’m so sorry you’ve been furloughed.

  23. Kathryn Cook says 4.27.20

    I am also sheltering in place by myself here in Richmond and it is really hard to be alone for this long. Facetime/Zoom/Skype is great but not the same thing as seeing someone’s face in person and getting a hug. To keep myself busy and distracted I am grateful these types of posts that give me new ideas of what to do, what to watch, what to cook! Keep up the good work and know it is appreciated now maybe more the ever!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      It’s so hard! I can’t even imagine what it will feel like to even just hug another person!!! I’m happy you are enjoying the blog. Hang in there!!!

  24. Chelsea says 4.27.20

    With a 10mo old at home who is starting to walk, I don’t have a TON of extra free time right now, but I am baking quite a bit and it’s making me happy. Nothing too fancy, but it’s nice to have cookie dough in the freezer for when a craving strikes. I’ve also been binging iZombie and I’m totally obsessed. It’s everything I want in a quarantine binge!

  25. Ellen says 4.27.20

    Last week I made the NYT green goddess roast chicken and it was HEAVENLY! I threw the chicken/extra dressing on high fiber wraps, salad, pizza, mac and cheese (sounds weird but I got desperate…)

    This week I’m eating leftovers so I can clean out fridge/pantry but I’m plotting my meals for next week. I think I’ll make banana bread, the coffee mentioned above, and some beef enchiladas. Not sure what else I’ll add to the mix but I’m hoping to get some great suggestions from this post! xx

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Oh YUM that sounds so good. Will have to look into that! I have been putting this buffalo chicken on everything and will need a new protein. Thanks for the rec. Also in need of eating the leftovers, + planning to make banana bread!

  26. rosemarie says 4.27.20

    HI Grace! I’m in Ohio with my husband and 2 boys that are 7 and 4. I work full time from home anyway, so in that regard I feel really fortunate that was one thing I didn’t have to figure out suddenly. My kids are at an age where their school work isn’t much at all, and they still really enjoy being home with us so it’s been nice to spend this extra time together. I’m really happy that I actually enjoy cooking, because I’m doing a lot of it! The dishes are tougher to get excited about. But I find doing them after lunch/before dinner (to have a clean space for making dinner) and then turning on some music and having a glass of wine and cleaning the kitchen after dinner makes it a little more enjoyable. I like that idea of “putting the kitchen to bed”. It really starts the day off right to wake up to a clean kitchen. I recently discovered your podcast, then the blog. Both has been a pleasant distraction when I need one!!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I’m so glad you found me!!! 🙂 Best of luck with everything, I can imagine it’s probably pretty hard raising two littles during this!! XO

  27. PB says 4.27.20

    I’m Patty, I’m in Boston and I like having fun with my friends (on Zoom) and I’m mostly keeping it together, but I live alone as well. Last night I did a whole routine to “Sisters” from White Christmas… with myself… so that’s where I’m at.

    I need to try Outer Banks! I’ve been watching Mrs. America on Hulu and it’s SO interesting. It’s hard to watch at times because some of the characters are quite unlikeable. But it has a Mad Men feel (amazing outfits, 70’s vibes) but more female-centric! I also watched Little Fires Everywhere and hated the ending… and a lot of those characters. I’m sensing a theme.

    SNL has been so good! I mean, let’s face it, the show hasn’t revamped its process in 40+ years so this must be GREAT for them. They have more time to create the content, they can involve more people (like Adam Sandler!) and they can create sketches in advance and still leave wiggle room for the topical moments (like Brad Pitt as Anthony Fauci… which is somehow the hottest Brad Pitt I’ve ever seen.)

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Oh my gosh now “sisters” is stuck in my head! I’ve gone down the same rabbithole spending whole nights lip synching on tiktok, only to never post any of it!

      Mrs. America is on my list!!! I’m excited to watch it. And yes! Could not agree more re: SNL!!! LOVED Brad playing Fauci (and agree that he was pretty hot, which made me feel like a creep???!) Hang in there! XO

  28. Pia says 4.27.20

    I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your posts each day, Grace. They are written with humor, honesty and well, your namesake. One thing that brings me joy is the local indie bookstore. I have been ordering from them so as to help keep them in business, but their deliveries are the highlights of my weeks and then of course the time I get to spend reading (which is hardly enough with working and my kids). But when I do, it’s so so joyous.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Awww I am so happy to hear that!!!! And love that your local bookstore is delivering, that’s amazing!

  29. Gayle says 4.27.20

    Okay, I’ll play. This past week I had joy walking through my neighborhood – especially the days when I saw other people. Everyone is so friendly. And I am really enjoying the app “Down Dog” – free right now but I may end up joining. Baking. Doing a puzzle. Watching “New Girl” – I go to bed giggling!

  30. Rebecca says 4.27.20

    Ordered instant coffee. Who am I? We grind beans fresh every morning. Gonna try it upon arrival. I’ve already baked banana muffins. I’m not you’re typical follower, so I’m not sure I can impact anything. But coming from an older, or as the French say,” A woman of a certain age,” I have definite highs and lows. I’m cooking more now than ever, drinking more wine than usual, and soaking in a bath more frequently. Live in NJ, so it’ll be awhile for us. Besides putting my kitchen to bed every evening, I’ve been walking through our small home and tidying every space, so upon awakening the next day it’s a pleasant good morning for all. I also bought a café chalkboard and everyday I put an inspirational or encouraging message to neighbors.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      HAHA i know i felt the same. I kind of just look at the whipped coffee as a different thing. Like a treat/dessert?

      Sounds like we are having very similar quarantines: cooking, baths, and wine are the things that will get us through this!

  31. Ali says 4.27.20

    Hi from Chicago! Last week was really tough for me and I had so much trouble focusing on anything. I’m hoping this week is a bit more productive. The weather is warming up (out of the 40s! finally!) so more walks outside should help too. Thank you for always keeping it real, and giving lots of good distractions! I love taking a walk with Bad on Paper podcast, it’s like I’m on a walk with friends. 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      I agree, it’s been so much harder to focus! Ugh!!!! Hope this week is better for you (also happy you walk with us!!!) xx

  32. Katherine says 4.27.20

    I live in Vermont and just started fostering the sweetest LAMBS as a little quarantine project (though hopefully quarantine will be over before I give them back to their farmer). I live on an old farm, so I have plenty of space for them. And I’m not going anywhere, so I know they’ll never miss a bottle. They have been bringing me lots of good company.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Oh my gosh WHAT!? That sounds amazing and so cool (and is so wonderfully different from what’s happening here in Brooklyn!!) I love this. Would love to see pics if you feel like sharing!

  33. jenny says 4.27.20

    Thanks for all the fun! I’m in Charlottesville, VA with 2 boys. We are enjoying a break from the rat race and are luck to be financially ok and online school ok. We are enjoying each other A LOT, baking (sourdough rabbit hole), and cooking new meals. Also really enjoying cocktail hour nightly.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      Hi Jenny! That sounds really nice. I’m glad you are all enjoying each other!!! And a nightly cocktail hour is a must! 🙂

  34. Rebecca says 4.27.20

    Hi Grace,

    I live in Greenpoint (Brooklyn, nearish to where Grace is). Doing so-so. I look a mess, it’s hard to wfh etc…The clapping brings me joy! And also I have Alexa and/or Spotify play me songs and I just crazy dance around my apt or when I cook. Got to keep moving.
    Disagree about RUN, I LOVE Merritt Wever. She’s a fantastic actress (Nurse Jackie, Unbelievable) But hey in these times, I get it 🙂 Saving Outerbanks for nice good binge.

  35. Mimi says 4.27.20

    Hi! I’m in Chicago and as another reader mentioned…last week we had some snow, etc so the sun has been wonderful the last couple of days! I’m ok…grateful that my husband can WFH but anxious and missing my own job, which involves mass gatherings so I’m extra anxious about the future. Puppies are everywhere (we have a golden retriever, plenty of those too) right now and they make me laugh every time! Also watching the Last Dance, like everybody in the Chi and I guess the world. Love your content, hang in there!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.27.20

      So jealous of your nice weather. It’s been pretty yucky here!!!! You hang in too! xx

  36. Juliet says 4.27.20

    I was living abroad in India when things first shut down but made it back to the US (Michigan) and am quarantining with my parents! Haven’t lived at home in 5 years and I’m working from home, so it’s a learning curve for all of us. But all are well! We’ve been making lots of Half Baked Harvest recipes, went for a nice bike ride on what felt like the first real spring day today, and have watched Hunters, Mrs. America, The Stranger, and Little Fires! Hope you and your family are healthy 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      So glad you made it back!!!!

      That sounds like a solid cooking + TV lineup. I have been thinking about buying the Halfed Baked Harvest cookbook; would you recommend it?

      • Juliet says 4.28.20

        Definitely recommend! Every recipe is pretty easy to follow along with, the ingredients are mostly pantry items plus fresh produce (never have to buy anything you’d never use again!) and so far we’ve loved all but one! Great reviews from my judgey mom haha.

  37. Theodora says 4.27.20

    Hello from…foggy?…LA. Grace, I love this weekly post like a weird amount. I just read through all the comments and love the community you have here <3

    I'm in grad school right now (to become a therapist!), and I am very glad my classes started up again three weeks, because it's given me something else to be doing/focusing on. Other than that, obsessed with the Peloton app for running/yoga/meditation, and I also caved and bought the bike. And am still taking lots of long walks as near to the beach as I can get with my little dog <3

    I'm not a huge TV person but I think I might need to watch Outer Banks!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      I agree!!! It’s been really fun reading the comments. Verrrry jealous of your beach walks!

  38. Zara says 4.27.20

    Hi Grace, love the comments section in your blog! It’s interesting to learn how others are coping 🙂 Bought Tarte serum from the Sephora’s sale and loving it so far. I’ve been wanting to get a new lipstick (the orange one from Hermes!!) but lip products are something that I must try on first to get it right…texture, color, finishes etc haha.

    We are in our 44th day of quarantine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Slightly tired of the social distancing and wearing mask outside, but slowly learning to accept that this is the new norm for the next 2 years, at least.

    Hope you are doing well!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      Couldn’t agree more; reading everyone’s comments has been so helpful! It’s really interesting to see where everyone lives and what life is like! Hope you’re hanging in there!

  39. jess says 4.27.20

    hi! i’ve never commented on a blog before i don’t think (?!) but the stripe and your insta stories have been such a highlight during this dreary time. i usually split time between DC (where my friends and family are) and SF (where my biggest client is), but have been only in SF for the past 6 weeks and feeling very down + lonely (like so many others). hate for my joy-bringing thing to be tv but i finally got into The Americans like years later than everyone else and am addicted! it’s such a nice distraction when you’re so into a book or show. thank you for these weekly posts and all the content you’re creating!! it truly helps.

    • jess says 4.27.20

      ALSO i was influenced by you to buy both the ole henriksen phat peel AND the supergoop glowscreen during the sephora sale – only one use so far of each but i love them both.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      Comments like this just make my whole night. Thank you for the kind words… and hang in there! xx

  40. Hi Grace!

    Thank you so much for your wonderful posts, they always bring me so many great ideas and joy!

    I’m in Wiesbaden, Germany with my husband and our 7 month old son. I love them both so much but I really miss hanging out with other people.
    We created some new rituals which are a lovely distraction, like online game nights with friends and a weekly call with my sister while we’re watching the new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

    I feel so much more connected to all my favorite bloggers and internet friends during these weird times.

    Have a good week!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.28.20

      Hey Katha! Hi! THanks for chiming in from Germany!!! You have a good week, too!

  41. Carol says 4.29.20

    Love your blog,,even though I’m much older your suggestions and style of life make me happy. I’m looking for a handsoap and a cream (not lotion) to keep by the sink…pretty and effective…any thing you might suggest?

  42. Madelyn says 5.2.20

    Hi! First of all, I love your blog and podcast. I love that you are still blogging…so many bloggers ditched the blogs for Instagram only! Long live blogs and newsletters!

    Anyway, I’m Madelyn. I’m in a suburb of St. Paul, MN. I’m doing OK. I’m in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend lives in Portland, OR so that has definitely been challenging, not having any clue when I might see him again. One thing that has brought me joy is my hammock! I ordered one at the beginning of lockdown and it is THE BEST PURCHASE EVER. I fell asleep in it today and got myself quite the hammock sunburn. Oops.

    • Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful! Right now I would do just about anything for a hammock/yard/etc!!!!

      Also love MN! My sister lives in Northfield 🙂