The Weekly Distraction, 4.20.20

Quarantine Books

Hello! First of all, a check-in. How are you?  If you feel comfortable sharing in the comments, I’d love to know. (Tell me where you live, what life is like right now, and what’s keeping you sane? Also, per the below… any good quarantine reading recs!)

I’ll go first. I’m still here in Brooklyn, life is more of the same. Anyone who calls to check in is like, “how is New York!?” and I never know exactly what to say. Besides my daily sanity walks I haven’t seen much of it so I don’t really know. It’s quiet, that’s for sure. Highlights of this week were cleaning a bunch (I went on and on in Friday’s newsletter about them but these cleaning wipes are MAGICAL), and getting my instacart delivery. Instacart/any sort of grocery delivery is it’s own a game of roulette. It’s very hard to get a delivery window (I booked mine more than two weeks out!) AND, when you get your order, items are often missing so you never know what you’ll get… it can make recipe planning interesting, that’s for sure!

That was not the case this week. I got toilet paper, paper towels… all the things that have been especially hard to get! So that was a definite highlight. Work has also picked up a little and I have a few sponsored posts coming over the next couple weeks, which I’m extremely grateful for. And I’m having fun being creative and making videos. Even just hosting a girls night in with myself cheers me up a bit!!!

Media consumption | The Weekly Distraction, 4.20.20

Media Consumption…

And in non-surprising news my media consumption is at an all time high. This media consumption does not involve watching the news. I’ll watch for a little bit every day but save for Governor Cuomo’s updates it all blurs together. I mentioned in Friday’s newsletter that I’ve been bingeing White Collar… but I added a few more things into the rotation over the weekend. I have three recs to share with you! Also: did you guys see the new Saved by the Bell trailer? Wow. I’m excited.

Hot Trash:

So, apparently, I like reality TV now? I have never been big into reality television but (like most people) got sucked into Love is Blind a couple months ago. On Friday night,  Hitha mentioned that I should watch Too Hot to Handle for some “hot trash,” and oh is it hot trash. The premise of the show is they bring on a bunch of sexy singles… but they can’t have sex if they want to win the $100,000 prize. Yup, I watched the whole thing. It’s a hot mess but makes a great distraction.

Fun and Indulgent:

I am absolutely loving The Baker and the Beauty on Hulu. So Becca was really into the Israeli version but I didn’t have the patience for subtitles. There’s now an American version! As I write this, there’s only one episode out but it is DELIGHTFUL and fun. And Noa’s hair is making me wish for a trip to the salon, some lowlights and a CHOP!

Actual quality TV:

I am thankful for this as it’s rounding out all of the guilty pleasures! I devoured Unorthodox (on Netflix) this weekend. I’d been hearing some really good things about it and I’ve always found Orthodox Judaism fascinating, especially living in South Williamsburg. (A good documentary to watch is One of Us). This one had me in tears by the end. A young (19 years old) Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees her community (and arranged marriage) to go to Berlin where she has dual citizenship. She’s taken in by a group of musicians, and struggles to find her footing until her past catches up with her and her husband + bully friend come looking for her. It’s incredibly powerful and emotional… highly recommend!

Quarantine Books | The Weekly Distraction, 4.20.20

Art, Art, + more Art!

Looking at art gets me through a tough day and never fails to make me feel just a little happier. Whether it’s perusing instagram, sitting down with my pile of art coffee table books, or browsing prints online… it helps! One of my favorite artists, Blair Breitenstein, just added a bunch of limited edition prints to her shop. Usually she sticks to very fashion-y subjects but I’m loving the cocktails series! The negroni, pictured above, is so vibrant and fun.

Media consumption | The Weekly Distraction, 4.20.20

A fun newsletter!

I was influenced by Becca and Alisha to sign up for Internet Brunch. And it’s great! Packed with important, essential stuff. Like you know… memes, GIFS, news updates like zoom breakups being a thing… the kind of stuff we need right now. 😉 But seriously… in an age where I subscribe to no fewer than seven COVID-19 newsletters, this one is a fun little break!

My Nine Favorite Quarantine Books/Reads

My Nine Favorite Quarantine Books/Reads

Okay so I have been getting a lot of requests for good quarantine books. These are all very light and fluffy (except Verity which is one hell of a messed up thriller! Also, one of the questions I get asked most often is what to read after The Idea of You! Honestly, I don’t know! Below are nine books I highly recommend. These are mini reviews… if you search the titles on my blog you can read a longer review in the corresponding reading list!

Would love it if you guys have suggestions! Tell me your fav quaran-reads in the comments!

In Five Years // this is our Bad on Paper pick this month! It’s going to make you cry but in a cathartic way.

The Idea of You // our absolute fav. If you haven’t read it yet, you MUST.

Verity // a super twisty, fucked up thriller. You won’t be able to put it down. I recommend chasing it with The Idea of You as it’s good to read a romance after something this intense.

The Selection // an addicting and fun trilogy… think Hunger Games meets The Bachelor!

Paper Princess // pure trash (also a trilogy) but so fun. A girl from the wrong side of the tracks gets adopted by her late father’s rich friend. She moves in with him and his sons. Madness (and a lot of sex, haha) ensues.

Tell Me Lies // a cautionary tale for not dating the bad boy. Addicting and so good.

Matchmaking for Beginners // a terrible breakup, a new beginning, a bit of magic, and an eccentric old lady. Highly recommend this one, SO heartwarming and magical.

American Royals // if George Washington became the US’s first king, not president, this is what life could be like today.

The Light We Lost // another tearjerker. A woman is caught between two men – the man she loved when she was young and her stable, loving husband.

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  1. Sara says 4.20.20

    Grace, your posts are one of the highlights of my day! I can’t imagine the pressure to create content and be creative when you are living alone in the hardest-hit cities, so it just makes what you are doing even more impressive. Seriously, you have won the blogging and Instagram Olympics. Just had to start with that. In Charleston, our governor just reopened beaches and retail stores, and there is so much tension from people on both sides. As you know, Charleston relies on tourism and food and bev industry, and we were hit so hard, but it’s terrifying to open up before we’ve reached our peak. There is definitely stress all around.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Aw I am so happy to hear that! It’s definitely been hard but creating content takes my mind off of things!!!

      I was just talking to my family about the Charleston beaches. It’s really hard to say what is right and wrong. Ugh. I definitely see both sides!

  2. Love this post! I’m not really one for reality TV shows too, and I hope I never get started on them, haha! Stay healthy! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Malaika says 4.20.20

    Unorthodox was soooo good! Her singing at the audition had me ugly crying!
    I also watched Too Hot To Handle and like you said, hot mess express, so much cringe but I couldn’t look away. For another light, funny watch I watched Ibiza – a comedy with a pretty good cast of funny ladies (Vanessa Bayer & Phoebe Robinson) and I laughed so much.

    Thank you for the Internet Brunch recc! Gonna check it out now.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      YES! The audition had me sobbing. I will have to check out Ibiza, thank you for the rec!

      • Marty says 4.20.20

        Grace …I second “Ibiza.” If you need convincing, maybe the fact that hot Robb Stark (Richard Madden) stars as the love interest … a jet setting DJ. Plus the group of girlfriends and their antics cracked me up.

  4. Brianna Rooney says 4.20.20

    Brianna from Philly! I’m thankful my work is continuing as normal but from the kitchen table (but I have my 2nd monitor and that’s necessary). This weekend, for the first time, I hit a total “I fucking hate this shit” moment BUT getting through it since I know it could be SO much worse.

    The Beauty and the Baker is JUST what I wanted/ needed. Though I wish it was a movie so I could watch it all at once. I’m also all caught up on Younger and I’m so mad I didn’t watch earlier. I hope a new season comes out eventually but I’m sure filming is now behind 🙁

    Bravo has a new show Family Karma and loving that as well…the distractions are never-ending thankfully.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Haha, “I hate this shit” was me yesterday. I was so negative and also ANGRY!!!! And then I will feel guilty/mad at myself for being so angry when I know I have it good and should just be grateful.

      I agree with you – I really wish it was a movie, or at least a bunch of episodes all out at once!!!

      I was just thinking the same re: Younger! I don’t think they filmed (I follow the cast on Insta) so I think it’s going to be a very long time before we get a new ep!

    • Wendy says 4.20.20

      Ooh I feel the anger- I was/am totally annoyed by every work email coming in!
      Family Karma is amazing! I’m reading Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and highly recommend!

  5. Tracey says 4.20.20

    I just finished reading “Seven Days of Us”- it had been on my list for awhile, and the funny thing is it’s about a family that has to quarantine together.
    I’m in Charlotte, so one thing that has kept me sane is the weather. Being able to take long walks makes me feel like I’m not “trapped” in the house. I have two teenagers and one suffers from anxiety and depression and it’s been so hard to help him through this.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Oh that IS funny. Would you recommend reading it?

      I’m jealous of you with the weather. I think it’s going to be nicer here in New York this week BUT it’s been pretty grey here! I try to take a walk every day (wearing a mask, on low traffic quiet streets!!!) It definitely helps. I’m thinking of you and your teens – that sounds so hard!

      • Tracey says 4.20.20

        I do recommend it-it’s a super quick read but I enjoyed it. I’ve been on a Curtis Sittenfeld kick lately, and am currently reading “Something in the Water” so I’m all over the place! And just started watching Fleabag

        • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

          Oh I LOVE her books!!!! I loved Eligible and am so excited for Rodham. Something int he Water was fun and LOVED fleabag!!!

  6. Emma says 4.20.20

    Hi Grace! Echoing what Sara says – you are a true gem on the internet and I always look forward to your IG stories/posts, daily blog and weekly newsletter + weekend links now more than ever. It’s so impressive how much new and interesting content you come up with and you’re solidified as my #1 to follow! I’m in Chicago and it’s been…quiet. We are such a vibrant bar/restaurant/sports city and it breaks my heart thinking about businesses that won’t make it out of this. I’m impressed with our Mayor and Governor and feel we’re definitely in the right hands, but it’s been so hard not being able to visit my parents in their condo a mile away, I miss hugs and my friends. I’m getting a bit used to what’s happening but like you, I have my ups and downs. I will feel fine one day and wracked with anxiety the next.

    Things helping me through this: walks, wine, candles and cooking almost every night, along with standing Zoom Happy Hours every week. Something new I’ve gotten into is watching an old favorite based on real-life movie (e.g. “Spotlight,” “Erin Brockovich,” “Wolf of Wall Street”) and then obsessively reading all the trivia and story behind the movie, learn how the actors played the real-life version and then listen to a podcast on it (The Skinny Confidential interviewed Jordan Belfort and he is outrageous and fascinating). I’m still not focused on reading but this is still feeding my brain in a different way. Xx

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Aw, thank you so much Emma!!!!

      I feel a lot of the same. I was walking down Bedford Ave yesterday and started crying – seeing all of the bars and restaurants shut down hurt my heart.

      I LOVE your movie/trivia game! That’s so fun. I am definitely going to listen to the TSC ep with Jordan Belfort; I loved the movie!!!

  7. Ellen says 4.20.20

    On the Island is a great book to read after The Idea of You!!

  8. Molly says 4.20.20

    Almost done with Too Hot to Handle and very thankful for this ‘hot trash’ show distraction! I finished We Came Here to Forget (thanks for the rec!) and read BigLaw and The Guardians last week. I get into a John Grisham kick every few years and love that the books are interesting but always follow a similar pattern, which is comforting. I started Educated yesterday and am excited to dig in today.

    Work was super busy for the first weeks of WFH, but I actually gave my notice a few weeks ago and my last day was last week. It is super weird changing jobs right now (and I feel very lucky to have this choice right now), but this had been in the works for months. My new job doesn’t start until May, so I have LOTS of time now. I’ve been working out for much longer than usual (long runs + peloton strength), sleeping, reading, cooking, netflixing and honestly just taking my time doing everything. Also my dog is in the best shape of his life from all the playing we do these days, and I love how happy he is that I’m home with him.

    Have a good week!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      It’s SUCH trash but so necessary!!!!

      I hope you love Educated. It was one of the best books I read last year!!!

      Also, I feel like maybe I need to exercise Tyrion a bit more, ha ha! Have a good week!

  9. Shana says 4.20.20

    The weather in Houston has been great, I cannot complain. We are in a northern suburb on a lake and can get out with our daughter each day in between meetings to scooter or jump in muddy puddles. I will say that I don’t have the energy to zoom or Facetime with anyone on the weekends after being in video conferences all week. I feel sad about it as I know my family doesn’t have this connection so this weekend we tried to make a real effort and the grandparents were v excited so it was worth it. Next weekend I have a baby shower for a friend on zoom and we are all going to get dressed up and have beverages 🙂 I don’t watch the news but reading about universities and how they will/won’t proceed in the fall seems surreal. Also the news about neimans and there will be others is a downer but trying to help who we can (local cafes and shops) and keep our spirits up. I’m thankful for you and the content you are delivering during this time! You are evolving and learning new skills and you are going to come out of this stronger 🙂

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      I feel the same way and have been experiencing major zoom/facetime burnout! My parents and sisters like to talk every day and it can add up!!!! Hang in there and thank you for the kind words!!!

  10. Melanie says 4.20.20

    Hi! I love these posts. I’m in Chicago and have been reading nonstop. I just finished Twice in a Blue Moon which was the perfect “chick lit” (clearly all I can handle right now!). Also loved One True Loves, Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, and The Bookish Life of Nina Hill (HIGHLY recommend).

  11. Liz says 4.20.20

    These Mondays keep coming so fast during quarantine, Milwaukee here. Love these suggestions, I’ve heard such great things about Unorthodox but weirdly I haven’t been able to get into TV or movies during this time when usually they are my go to.

    I love that you have Paper Princess on your list. It’s such trash but I think I read all 3 books in a day an a half because it’s so so good!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      They really do come so fast!!!!! And so glad you can agree on Paper Princess. So terrible but I think it would be a really good distraction during quarantine!

  12. Lucy says 4.20.20

    The 2H2H deliberate underboob is stressing me out too. Then again this is basically how I feel about every article of clothing at Revolve these days (and then again I’m not sure I remember what an article of clothing even is). #eachtoherown

  13. Danielle says 4.20.20

    I love reading these weekly updates! I work in healthcare so I find them refreshing.

    Two uplifting books that I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks are Oona out of Order and The Authenticity Project!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      I am so glad! And thank you for your work!!! (I loved The Authenticity Project as well!)

  14. Jane says 4.20.20

    Hi Grace! I’m Jane, quarantining with my husband and toddler in London. The weather is on our side so we try and get out for a run or walk every day. Also very grateful I can wfh, my husband can’t so he’s not working but it means I have childcare. We are all probably having too much screen time – Peppa Pig for Rosie and lots of reality tv for me! Thank goodness for Bravo and housewives. Our family is healthy and all that matters, but I worry and miss my family in the states, who knows when we’ll be able to travel back..

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      So glad you can get outside!!!! Am with you on TV – it’s really helping. Also just feeling very grateful to be healthy. Hugs!

  15. Carly says 4.20.20

    Like you, I’m a voracious reader who had a hard time reading at the beginning of all this. I eased back in with light reads (those brit romcoms were clutch) but am now reading I Am Pilgrim which is maybe too on-the-nose for pandemic, but very good. Also, if you loved Unorthodox on Netflix, I highly recommend reading the book. The “true” story is very different (particularly the “after” parts), but very very good.

  16. Courtney says 4.20.20

    I’m not feeling today at all. Like you I’m single and live alone (with no pets). This weekend I got my period (hello cramps) and really felt lonely. I didn’t sleep well at all last night and just wanted to call in a day off from work but I didn’t. Thankfully I’m working from home so I took a shower, did a full face of makeup and I’m thinking a walk is in order today. I need a pick me up so I’m gonna try to assemble the patio set that’s been in a box sitting in my garage for two summers today.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      UGH that was me a week ago!!! Cramps + loneliness are such a bad combination. Sending you a big hug. Hang in there!!!

  17. Annie says 4.20.20

    Hey Grace! I love your blog and it’s been a great happy place these last couple wks. I’m a nurse in Manhattan and working on an entirely covid ICU- the hospital turned our ORs and PACUs into an ICU and this is NOT my normal job in any way. I’m also working nights because that was the largest need for staffing so I volunteered. Right now the show Outer Banks on Netflix is keeping me sane- teen “drama,” everyone is hot and it’s beautiful seaside locations w a treasure hunting story too. I‘ve been getting Hungry Root meal delivery and so far so good- v easy to cook plant based meals. Also got Winc/wine delivery and def drinking way more than usual… not good but giving myself a free pass right now bc life is upside down. Thanks for doing what you do! ❤️

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Oh my gosh WOW. Thank you so much for the work you are doing. So grateful to people like you.
      Outer Banks sounds great, I need to check that out! And I love Hungry Root! The garlic parm sauce is amazing!

  18. Molly says 4.20.20

    I just devoured American Royals based on one of your previous reading lists!

    I really loved The Royal We and I was worried that I would be comparing it too much throughout. However, American Royals was totally distinct and the fact that it is YA made it very fun and heartwarming IMO. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  19. Anne says 4.20.20

    I loved Unorthodox so much! I live on the southern border of the Satmar Community (on the Bed Stuy end of Kent), and have always been a bit obsessed with them. Did you watch the Making of Unorthodox? If not, I highly recommend watching that as well. I feel like things are getting better, but went out for a walk with my husband and daughter Sunday and saw that Domino Park was absolutely packed with people and there were several groups hanging out and picnicking. I really hope that with the nice weather coming people don’t just say screw it to distancing, and then we get a whole new surge.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      I did not, but now adding that to my list! Thanks for the rec.

      AND I KNOW. I had the same experience with Domino Park and got so mad. I really hope that people don’t mess things up for the rest of us by making dumb decisions!

  20. Melissa says 4.20.20

    In Atlanta, we’re a month into our quarantine and everyday is more of the same. I definitely had my “fuck all of this” moment this weekend, but then felt extremely guilty for feeling that way when I know I’ve been lucky (I WFH in a relatively safe job, nobody in my family has gotten sick or lost their jobs). So trying to start focusing on what I’m grateful for when I have those moments.

    I absolutely loved Unorthodox and have been enjoying Making the Cut too. Also thinking about starting Book of the Month in an attempt to get back into reading and decreasing my out of control screen time!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Haha I had the same moment over the weekend. It’s funny what a strange range of emotion we are all experiencing. Some days I am sad, other days I’m fine, and other times I’m just angry (but have no one to be angry at so that’s weird, too!)

      Highly recommend book of the month! It’s my favorite mail every month. I did The Guest List this month and can’t wait to read!

  21. Tracey says 4.20.20

    I Am loving your posts! I live in Kentucky. Both my husband and I are on the front lines. He is a fireman and I am a cat scan technologist (in radiology ) at our local hospital. Needless to say it has been very stressful. Although I think I am getting some what use to things. Our policies change daily and just kind of over it all. We also have a 1st grader and 6th grader we have to “homeschool “. Luckily we have child care on days we both work. (a college kid that literally goes to our house and home . I work with her mom ) . I normally work 4 days a week but changed my schedule to 3 longer days so I could be home more with the kids. It has been tough on them as well. They miss school , their friends and sports. I love to read but having a hard time reading and concentrating. At night after kids in bed we started watching ozark on Netflix and LOVE it . I love to go go go so this has been hard mentally . But thank you for bringing a great distraction with your blog and insta!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      That sounds incredibly stressful and I’m so glad you have help!!!! I can’t imagine. I’m glad you have Ozark and distractions… it’s a great show! I think now I need to watch season 2!

  22. Kerry says 4.20.20

    Hey from London! I live in Wimbledon, just outside the busy parts of the city, so there’s been a bit of normalcy in a neighbourhood environment. There are a lot of people (but not too many, still distancing!) going on walks as it’s so beautiful out, so in a way you’d hardly know anything is wrong. In the food shops that’s different of course, but stocks are fully replenished now and I can finally buy chickpeas, thank god. I’m originally from New York though, my parents are in Westchester and it definitely sounds more intense there than it is here. I just finished The Woman in the Window and absolutely loved it, so easy to read and so gripping! Also never thought I’d be able to relate to woman who hasn’t left her house in 10 months, but here we are. Glad to hear you’re doing alright

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      HAHAAH you are right – that book is so relatable right now. Thanks for making me laugh. I’m glad you’re able to get outside!!!

  23. Lauren says 4.20.20

    Hiya – Austin, TX here. Quarantined with three little ones under 6 and we’re both attempting to WFH. We’ve been very thankful for a cooler spring than normal, so we are outside ALOT and take once or even twice daily walks through our neighborhood streets. I working in marketing at a tech company and my team has been super accomodating given the kiddos, which I really appreciate! Somehow I found time to devour two books in less than two weeks, was previously doing audible but I can’t these days. The Dinner List was a recommendation from the BOP episode with Ashley Spivey and Matchmaking for Beginners was soo wonderful! Currently reading “If I never met you” and just ordered Royal We, Light we lost and tell me lies

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Oh my goodness that sounds exhausting!!!!! I’m glad that work is breing accomodating… and that you can get outside!

      SO many of my favorite books – literally love everything you mentioned! Hang in there and stay SAFE! xx

  24. Val says 4.20.20

    Hi Grace, love getting your emails each day! I’m in Phoenix AZ and my husband and I have been sheltering in place for about a month now. The weather has been beautiful so I definitely can’t complain however it’s going to 95+ degrees this week…WTF! I WFH so my day life isn’t much different however I feel very lazy and unmotivated. I hike/walk each day which helps keep me sane. Also, my online shopping is at an all time high :(. Getting packages is about the only thing I look forward to these days. Missing my “normal” life but incredibly blessed to have the life that I do. I am paying it forward by donating to our food bank as I know they are in great need right now. Thanks for the bright spot everyday!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.20.20

      Oh my gosh that is hot!!!!!!! I hear you. I find my walks to be one of the best ways to feel better and have also been shopping a little too much!!!! (and also donating quite a bit too). Thanks for sharing!!!

  25. erin says 4.20.20

    if you haven’t read “the invisible city” by julia dahl, you should. murder mystery + hasidic jewish life. there are 3 n the series.

  26. Megan H says 4.20.20

    I’m in Columbia, SC. We’ve had a “Home or Work” order since April 7, but things haven’t been too different from normal life for me. I’ve always been a homebody, and I’ve been going into the office to work every other day since the end of March. My husband has been completely working from home since mid-March, so he’s been getting a little more antsy than me. I’ve really only gone to the grocery store a few times since our state has started implementing social distancing orders. I’ve mostly missed going out to eat on Fridays with my husband (take out is just never the same) and perusing stores for stuff I don’t need to buy.

    Back at the beginning of March, I was starting to get worried because I tend to panic and expect the worst possible scenario, but SC has fared a lot better than some other states with the number of cases. My level of panic went down around mid-March. I’m starting to worry again though because our governor is ready to open the state completely by May 1st. I feel like it will either be totally fine or terribly awful.

    My husband and I have been rewatching some our favorite movie series, and I finally caved and bought Animal Crossing.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      I hear you… I really miss going out to eat, and just being able to walk around and browse! It’s definitely easy to panic which is probably why I’ve been watching so much TV and reading so much… I need a distraction or my mind races! Stay safe and healthy! xox

  27. Raquel Fancher says 4.20.20

    As always enjoy your posts! All is well here in Encinitas, CA. I attempt sanity by having a daily routine of daily race walking and spinning to Gabriella Guevara. I’m using the downtime to revamp my LinkedIn and my resumes so hopefully I can land a job when things open up!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      I’m so glad you are enjoying them!!!! Glad that things are well and sending you good vibes on the job front!

  28. Melinda says 4.20.20

    Thank you so much for introducing me to new artists, especially ones that have work or prints at more approachable prices. I studied art in college and always enjoy discovering new artists and creators to inspire me and for me to support. Please continue sharing artists and small business creatives

  29. Kate says 4.20.20

    Hi! I live outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My husband and I are both teachers so we are adjusting to life without seeing our students in person. We are learning how to teach virtually. It can be emotional and overwhelming. I try to take life one day at a time and not look too far ahead or I become anxious. I use a gratitude app to list things that I am grateful for each night…and never has there been a time to focus on the positive more! My biggest stress relievers are daily walks with our two dogs, baking, and reading. I love so many of your recommendations. Thank you for being a bright spot in my daily online reading! Be well!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      That must be so hard! My cousin is a teacher and she’s been doing drive bys to wave to her students. Agree with you in that walks can really help. Stay safe and healthy! XO

  30. clare says 4.20.20

    I LOVED Unorthodox! The story was beautiful and touching and Shira Haas (Esty) was so so magical. Be sure to watch the bonus behind the scenes episode.

  31. Melissa Whaley says 4.20.20

    Riding the ups & downs of this experience. I’m a small business owner (barre studio) in Western NY… teaching virtual classes from home & wishing the weather would consistently warm & praying the economy opens back up soon & nervous what it will look like when it does… walking the dog & washing all the dishes. Your videos are inspired & cracking me up & because I also am now beholden to making iPhone video content, I must say… they’re impressive! Thank you for all you’re doing (Blog & Pod) to make us all laugh. It’s valuable & appreciated.

  32. Alison says 4.20.20

    Hi Grace! I really love the number of times you used the word “trash” in this post – this is such a rating scale that I can get behind! Have had “Idea of You” waiting in my kindle for a while now, just haven’t sat down to read. This might be the week I tackle it.

    Working from home here in Columbus, OH – SO thankful to have a job that allows me to do so, but I work in healthcare marketing, so there’s a mix of guilt not being with my coworkers on the front lines, and COVID knowledge fatigue. I’m lucky enough to hear the inspiring stories on a daily basis – and trust they’ll reunite us at the right time.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      HAHA I didn’t even realize!!!! And oh my god, I am jealous that you have it, now is the time to read it. Prepare to be sucked in!!!!!

  33. Jennifer Rea says 4.20.20

    Love your blog! Thank you for posting wonderful, lighthearted content throughout all of this. I look forward to reading it every day. I lost my job at a magazine a month ago and while I was ready for something new, this wasn’t how I had hoped to leave. I’m trying to use this time to enjoy a slower pace of life but am also trying to do things like perfect my cover letter, watch work-related webinars, and read. Some days I really enjoy the downtime and other days I’m just straight up bored! Bright side is I know I will so appreciate my next job and will never take my paycheck or health insurance for granted again!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      I’m so sorry to hear about your job. That’s so shitty. It sounds like you are using your downtime exactly right!

  34. Gina says 4.21.20

    Hi! I just love this post so much. I have been on an instagram break all month (it’s been so nice) and I’m so happy to get updates from you on your blog. Thank you for this awesome post! I live in San Diego- we had a lot of rain but it’s going to start getting really warm which I’m excited for. I’m a stay at home mom to a 1 and 3 year old- I hate to complain because life could be way worse but it’s definitely getting old with no end in sight. Baking (and eating) a lot, adult bevs, and retail therapy are the only things keeping me sane. Also I just went through your “correct order to apply skincare post” and ordered pretty much everything including Vinter’s Daughter. Sooo excited to have an awesome skincare routine soon, thank you! Also, I can’t wait for the pod ep on In Five Years!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      Oh good!! Keep me posted on how you like the products (annnnd also good luck with the kiddos!!!) That sounds exhausting! XO

  35. Megan says 4.21.20

    I live in Sitka, Alaska and this whole COVID situation has been crazy! As an RN I am still working a lot – which has been hard but kept me sane. Just finished The Name of the Wind…not the sort of book I usually read, but was good. Looking forward to watching Unorthodox.
    These posts and the Saturday recommendations are my favorite. Love reading your blog and following all your recs on Instagram! Hang in there!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      Oh my goodness, thank you for the work you do!!!!!! (And glad you like these posts!) Stay safe.

  36. Kayla says 4.21.20

    I read Summer of ’69 after The Idea of You to switch it up.

    I also started listening to a seriously embarrassing amount of One Direction + Harry Styles — something I had never done before — and it kind of helped the book hangover

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      OMG seriously, Harry was never really on my radar until the book and I did the exact same thing!!!!

  37. Gilly says 4.21.20

    First time posting and love your blog! I am in Western Australia and we are lucky to be here – experiencing this all very differently. My husband lost his job though, so we have other trials. But we’ll be fine!

    We have escaped the worst of the health crisis here. We’re in lockdown but it you can still get flat whites and its autumn and it’s 75F today so we’re fine.

    Do you know the Irish author Marian Keyes. If you don’t, run and get her last two books. All of hers are brilliant but start there. Funny and writes about people and families so well. She’s an amazing wit and would be a fab guest for you guys. – Do you know the author Elizabeth Day? She had her on recently -highly recommend her podcast and the angle it takes.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.21.20

      Aw thank you, and welcome!!!! I do know Marian Keyes! But must check out the podcast. Haven’t heard of Elizabeth Day but will check her out! xx

  38. Natmari’s Corner says 4.21.20

    I’m in the DMV area. I’ve been in the house for over a month. They want people to wear mask going to the grocery store and public places. I kind of feel weird about wearing a mask. I wonder is is breathable, is it comfortable, etc. I’m doing well and I hope you are too. What is your experience wearing a mask? Also, I have been having a hard time getting back into reading way before this pandemic. I know you read a lot any tips on getting back into reading? I’m thinking about getting some kind of E-reader because I don’t have enough space in my home and trying to keep ordering to a minimal so how do you feel about E-readers? Have you ever used one? I love reading your blog. It is one of the blogs that is actually a blog and not just pictures.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.20

      Hi Natmari,
      I ordered a bunch of fabric masks on Etsy. To be honest, I don’t really go to the grocery store unless it’s an emergency. I went once. I generally don’t leave my house unless I’m going for a walk in which case I wear a mask and stick to quiet spots!

      As for reading, I would recommend sticking to light, fun page turners! Any of the books on this list could work! I find that my attention span isn’t what it used to be so I need fun, light reads.

      And I haven’t gotten an e-reader yet – still a big paper book person but you should do what works best for yoU!

  39. Theodora says 4.21.20

    It was actually really nice to read all of the comments on this post and remember that all of us are struggling, since it doesn’t always look that way on social media. Definitely at the I’m-so-fucking-done stage of all of this, and starting to feel very envious of those quarantined with partners. (Although I’ve been single for so long that I also think I would have a hard time with someone in my space 24/7 right now.)

    I’m in LA, and I am very lucky that I have a view of the ocean out my window. The beach and beach path are closed, which makes sense but is also a huge bummer since the path is where I usually walk/run and now the streets are more crowded since everyone just moves inland. People here seem to be taking things less seriously—I’m seeing less and less people wearing masks out on walks, and seeing more and more people having picnics, etc, outside.

    I miss hugs from other humans, but I am very lucky to have a little dog to squeeze (against her will but whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.20

      I felt the same way! It’s really nice to hear other peoples’ experiences, especially in different locations.

      I’m glad you have that ocean view!!! Sending you a hug! xo

  40. Amy says 4.21.20

    Hi Grace,
    First of all, I’m impressed and appreciative of the content you are continuing to provide during this time. I can’t imagine it must be easy!! I use to live in NYC, but now live in chicago with my husband and two daughters. I’ve gone back to school myself, so WFH for me means managing my homework and helping my girls with theirs. That being said, i’ve gone down the rabbit hole watching “Younger” based on your recommendation. It’s so good!! I also have been making my way through your book recommendations. “In Five Years” was a recent fav!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.20

      Hi Amy!
      Thank you so much for the nice note and kind words!!!! Younger is SO GOOD!!!! And hope you’ll tune into next week’s episode of the podcast, we are going to talk about In Five Years and also have a bonus episode with the author, Rebecca Serle!

  41. Hawley says 4.21.20

    Combining some of the interests here- have you read Cut Me Loose by Leah Vincent? It’s a memoir (that reads like fiction) written by a woman who is kicked out of her ultra-Orthodox Jewish family and community. I read it years ago and still think about it to this day. Definitely a little dark at times, but if you want something you can’t put down, try this!

  42. Heidi says 4.21.20

    Hey Grace, long time reader first time commenter here. Your blog has been a source of entertainment, realness and light during the pandemic – thank you! Book posts are the best, in part because readers chime in and share their recent favorites. I’ve been having trouble focusing on more substantial books lately, so page turners it is! Some that I don’t think others listed – the golden cage, the boy from the woods, little secrets, the perfect wife, pretty things, the bankers wife, the best kind of people, never have I ever, the marriage lie, the antidote for everything, If I had your face, and the red lotus. Happy reading, all!

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.20

      Aw I am so glad to hear that. Thanks for taking the time to comment! And totally with you – alllll about a light, fun page turner right now!

  43. Jillian says 4.22.20

    Hi! I’ve been feeling ok the last few days. I’ve been avoiding the news minus my morning NY Times newsletter which includes any COVID updates I feel like I need. I’ve been staying sane by watching more tv than necessary! We just started watching Outer Banks and it’s better than I was expecting, honestly. I had been reading Educated but needed something more lighthearted so based on your recommendation I ordered, If I Never Met You. You mentioned a highlight of your week was cleaning a bunch so I have a feeling you might like this IG account – @gocleanco. I’m embarrassed to say I spent one Sunday afternoon just scrolling through her highlights and feed and was amazed at my lack of cleaning knowledge!! But I gave some of her tips a try this weekend and holy cow- my floors have never looked better. Wow- what a bore I am!?! Ha! Glad you’re hangin’ in there and staying safe and well.

    • grace at the stripe says 4.22.20

      Haha I just started following gocleanco!!!!! I am obsessed! Why is cleaning so satisfying!?

      And I am the same as you – avoiding the news except for Buzzfeed’s COVID newsletter. Oof. Also funny that you mention Outer Banks; I gave my parents my Netflix login and I think they are watching it now as it keeps showing up as something for me to continue watching! I’m going to give it a try!