The Turtleneck.


I’m sure any man would probably disagree with me (at least maybe until they see these photos), but I find the turtleneck to be surprisingly sexy.  Am I totally crazy here?  That could be the case.  I’m not talking about loose chunky knit turtlenecks, here… but a good, thin, slim-cut turtleneck.  It ‘s not only incredibly elegant, but it definitely has at least a little bit of sex appeal.  I’m personally partial to J.Crew’s cashmere turtlenecks, but also love this one from Vince.  And if you want an under $100 option, it doesn’t get better than this.  So good.  I actually do not currently own any slim cut turtlenecks, but aspire to add a few to my wardrobe this season.

Shop my favorite turtlenecks:




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  1. Meghan says 1.13.14

    I surprised even myself and wore a turtleneck here:

    It’s from Target years ago but it’s great for layering. And I’ve had my eye on that Vince one, too! (Again, surprising myself).

  2. Heidi says 1.13.14

    Maybe the last two are perceived as “sexy” because the models are clearly not wearing a