The Five Best Eye Creams.


Let’s talk about eye cream, shall we? You need one. Yes, need. I’ve always used eye cream religiously as I get bags under my eyes when I’m tired, and I always have dark circles (even when I’m my most rested.) But here’s the thing. Even if you don’t care about the bags or dark circles, you still need one for anti-aging benefits! The skin under your eyes is naturally thinner than the rest of your skin, and doesn’t contain any oil glands. So it’s prone to dryness and needs a little extra TLC. Furthermore… as we age, skin becomes less elastic and that crepe-like texture will only get worse. Alas, with regular use, an eye cream will keep that area soft + supple. The short term benefits include de-puffing + help for dark circles, but in the long term, you will look younger.

Finding the right one can be hard. Lucky for you, I’ve tried quite a few. Today I’ve rounded up my five favorites. While it was hard to choose, these ones really are the best. (And a shout-out to Benefit Puff Off… while it didn’t make the top 5, it’s amazing for puffiness.) In terms of application, I typically take one small pump and gently pat it in a little circle around my eye… starting around the contour of my eye below the orbital bone (under my eyebrow) and working around my eye and over the under eye area, gently massaging the area with my pinky finger. For extra credit, try using an eye mask once a week. This one from Sisley is fab and I really love this one from SK-II… though I tracked down a more affordable version in Chinatown this weekend that I can’t wait to try out.


Verso Super Eye Serum. Everyone I know is raving about Verso right now (read my friend Annie’s post about it here), and how magical this eye serum is. When everyone is raving about something I usually feel conflicted (a sudden urge to try it, mixed with skepticism — good PR can make even the worst products sound incredible.) Alas, I managed to get my paws on a bottle and I have to say. This stuff is goooood. It contains a retinol but it’s still super gentle. After consistently using it for seven days straight, the skin under my eyes was tighter (bags be gone) and my dark circles had considerably faded.


Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate. Though I’ve been working toward an all natural routine, Clarins is one of those favorite brands that I make an exception for. Their products really, truly work and the first eye cream I ever used was actually from Clarins (it was this one. I started using eye cream at age twenty two because my boss at my first job insisted upon it.) The eye concentrate is powered by organic harunganathe (a replenishing plant from Madagascar) and while it’s an all in one product (it does everything) the real focus is upon lifting the skin… eliminating puffiness and making you appear more awake. It’s an eye lift in a bottle! 😉


One Love Organics Eye Balm. I love this stuff. Really love it. It literally feels as if you are smoothing butter on under your eyes. (If butter contained Bulgarian lavender, that is…) While it isn’t as high-tech as the other products featured here, it is 100% natural and organic. The balm melts into your skin, moisturizing and firming big time. This is my usual go-to when I’m not testing products and I just love how hydrating it is.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence-Eye. I talked about this one last week in what basically amounted to a love letter to SK-II, so I teetered on whether to mention it again, but in the interest of sticking to my top five picks rather than featuring new products, I had to include it as it’s one of the best eye creams I’ve ever used and my current obsession. It’s ultra hydrating and reduces dark circles + puffiness. But most importantly, it contains Pitera, the magical elixir that is the basis behind SK-II and quite possibly, the actual fountain of youth.


Yes To Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment. I’ve been testing more and more drugstore beauty products and this is the best drugstore eye treatment I’ve tried. (I wrote more about it here.) Anddd, bonus points: It’s nearly 100% natural. It’s super creamy and sinks right into your skin. In a clinical trial, it improved fine lines in seven days and elasticity in 28 days. When I used it for a week, I noticed that my skin was considerably softer, and much smoother.


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  1. rebecca:

    Great picks! I’d love to try the SK-II and Verso eye creams ❤

    3.9.15 Reply
  2. melissa:

    I need to try all of them <3 I am officially obsessed with skin care and never thought I needed eye cream till the esthetician at Sisley asked if I use it haha

    3.9.15 Reply
  3. Noemi:

    I can’t believe that you have bags and dark circles, I never noticed!
    I haven’t tried any of these products, a couple of brands are not easy to find in my country.
    The best eye creams I’ve ever tried are by La Mer, Sisley and Dr Hauschka.

    3.9.15 Reply
  4. Eden:

    Great picks, I need to try some of these next time. My current favourite is Miracle 10 eye cream.

    3.9.15 Reply
  5. Lindsay Ava:

    Great post! I need a new eye cream 🙂

    3.9.15 Reply
  6. Jen:

    Ahh I wish SK-II wasn’t so expensive! If you don’t mind me asking, how long do you think a bottle lasts??

    xo, Jen

    3.9.15 Reply
  7. Lauren:

    Hi Grace,

    I was curious to know how long you test products for before you write reviews and if you use them individually or at the same time (one cream in the a.m. another in the p.m. etc). Thank you!

    3.9.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      Hi Lauren,

      Anything that makes it onto the site is tested for at least a week. I’ll typically test products one at a time for a week (morning + night) before featuring them here. If I don’t like the product it goes in the trash or to a loving home… but then there are always the old favorites that I’ve been using forever (in this case, the OLO and SK-II ones I used for more than a week as I’d been using them before deciding to write this post..)

      Let me know if you have any further questions! xx

      3.9.15 Reply
  8. Abby:

    This post comes at the perfect time for me – I’ve been on the hunt for a new eye creme for ages! I love SK-II as well and think I want to give theirs a try!


    3.9.15 Reply
  9. DNA (designers+artists):

    The Clarins is my religion, but would love to try the other ones out too.

    3.9.15 Reply
  10. Jeanne:

    Must try Clarins! 😉

    3.10.15 Reply
  11. Kaolee:

    I’m super intrigued about the yes to eye cream! I love drugstore products that work! I’m finishing up my philosophy eye cream sample and need something else soon.

    3.10.15 Reply
  12. Alyssa:

    Hi Grace! I’m 22 and impressed that you started doing anti-aging treatments at this age! Do you really recommend investing in expensive eye cream in your early 20s?

    3.10.15 Reply
    • graceatwood:

      honestly? YES! it’s never too early to start. Maybe start with the one love organics or yes to blueberries as they are a little bit less pricy.

      3.10.15 Reply
  13. Diana:

    I personally love Monsia! 🙂

    3.16.15 Reply
  14. Obj limited:

    If u want a amazing eye cream then research the skII stempower magnetic wand eye kit – it’s the best product on market for eye care but has only been available in Asia so far. It will be released world wide this year.

    4.28.15 Reply
  15. charlotte morosse:

    I just got the best eye gel ever!!! I was concerned about my bags but i didn’t have a million dollars to spend on eye cream so… my spa in Nashville recommended the Triple Action Gel from Ingrid Millet. OMG i don’t believe what a difference. You have to try it’s kinda a big deal!

    11.10.15 Reply
  16. Hope:

    Are these still top 5s? I need help choosing the best!

    3.11.16 Reply