The Prettiest Summer Beauty Products (Possibly Ever)


When Clarins summer “Splendours” Collection landed on my desk, my reaction was quite possibly the girliest “EEEEEEK!” you’ve ever heard.  I’m not ashamed.  Beauty products make me giddy and this bronzing / glow-inducing combination made me especially happy (especially as I’m looking a little bit pasty…  have been spending entirely too much time indoors.)

The bronzing powder is my new favorite bronzer.  It gives you the most insane, instant glow.  The compact is oversized (probably 40% larger than your standard compact) and that immediately makes it feel a bit more luxe/special/fun to hold in your hand; but I love the effect that the three different colors (especially the shimmery gold in the center) have when blended together using a big fluffy brush.  I obviously use this on (all over) my face, but also a bit on my collarbone, decollate, + shoulders.

And oh… the shimmer body oil!  I slick just the littlest bit on my collarbone + and front of my legs when I’m wearing a dress for that supermodel-esque (at least in my own mind) shine.  I love this stuff… possibly a bit too much.  It also smells heavenly… in a faint, not wearing any perfume sort of way.

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Leave a Comment


  1. I need a good bronzer, so this is perfect. Thanks Grace!

    6.17.13 Reply
  2. i’m also a sucker for pretty packaging, and any/all new beauty products. were you wearing these products in your recent instagram photo at dream dry? you looked very tan! (now i feel like a stalker, sorry!).

    6.17.13 Reply
  3. Robin:

    I was just going to ask for a photo wearing these since I haven’t read any reviews! Best head to IG!

    6.18.13 Reply
  4. Its fabulous! really nice.. I like the information

    6.24.13 Reply