The Pink Curl Extension.


As you know if you are a regular reader in these parts, I’m a huge fan of playing around with my hair color… it’s been blonde for a while but it was red and then brown before that. This time around, I’ve gone pink! But not for good… in today’s post I’m actually wearing Ouidad’s new Pink Curl Extension, launched this month to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® through its Curls for a Cure® program, dedicated to supporting the organization in its fight to find a cure.

Ouidad is donating 100% of the $10 purchase price of the extension to BCRF – offering women a fun + fashionable way to wear pink + show support for the cause. Of course the extension is a curl (alas, a soft wave which is perfect for my hair) as Ouidad’s heritage is in products for curly haired gals… but you might not know that Ouidad herself is actually a breast cancer survivor. It clips in easily… even those of us who aren’t the best at doing their hair (hand raised) can easily handle it.

Taking the mission even further, if you wear your Pink Curl Extension and post a selfie using #CurlsforACure, Ouidad will donate $1 to BCRF. I’ll be wearing mine this month (and showing it off on the ‘gram… and encourage you to do the same!) Fun fact: Since the program’s inception, Ouidad has donated over $475,000 to BCRF, matching customer donations 100%.. dollar for dollar. Learn more about the campaign here, and purchase your own pink curl extension here!








Thank you to Ouidad for sponsoring this post.

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  1. Lil:

    I typically love your blog and your posts, but these look terrible, and I’m so sick of companies shilling cheap pink crap and saying “It’s for breast cancer!” Why not just donate ten bucks yourself and skip the tacky plastic hair?

    10.2.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      Hi there. thanks for your comment. I think the look of a pink extension is probably not for everyone and definitely a matter of personal taste (I happen to really love it) but I did want to address the last bit of your comment.

      In this case, Ouidad is donating all of the money from the extension to breast cancer, and then another dollar if you use the hashtag on instagram. So it’s not your typical “a portion of sales,” where $5 from a $60 product goes to the actual cause. It’s also a very personal cause for the brand as the founder herself has battled breast cancer. I can see how you are fatigued by all of the marketing initiatives out there right now, but I think that this is one of the good ones, which is why I wanted to work with Ouidad to support it.

      (and in the case that the extension is not for you, I think that donating money to the cause is a great idea!)

      10.2.14 Reply
  2. The hair is so fun, but girl I am LOVING those shoes!!!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

    10.2.14 Reply
  3. jillian:

    love those curls! what a great company + cause. xo

    10.2.14 Reply
  4. Beautiful pink curls for an important cause!

    10.2.14 Reply
  5. I’m a Team Pink kinda girl too! Love companies involved in great causes =)
    Another alternative to give your look a pink vibe is using hairchalk! Check out My Little Pony hair here:

    thanks for sharing.

    10.2.14 Reply
  6. great cause and very cute skirt!

    10.2.14 Reply
  7. Such a cute idea for a post Grace, I’ve been doing the pink hair extensions for years!

    10.2.14 Reply
  8. It’s nice to see that 100% of the profit goes to breast cancer foundation. P.s. I love that jacket!

    10.2.14 Reply