The Perfect Fit, Part 2.

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As you may recall, last week I wrote about my experience with getting a professional bra-fitting. Today, we’re going to chat about my new bras… but also a bunch of other interesting things (proper lingerie care, how many bras you should own, and so on and so forth) as I received several emails + comments with lots of questions that I wasn’t entirely sure how to answer! Luckily the Chantelle team stepped in with loads of great advice.

PS – Chantelle is running a Pinterest contest through the end of December, where they are giving away one bra a week + a full lingerie essentials wardrobe, worth $500. You an enter here!

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opera padded bra


The bra above is Chantelle’s Opera Padded Bra. To be honest, I was initially opposed to a push-up as like any fashion girl, I tend to want to minimize my assets. That said, this bra is the prettiest on. The lace is exquisite and it’s really supportive and provides a nice little lift.

In speaking to the Chantelle team, they suggest that every women have at least 4 to 5 bras in their drawer to work with per week. One that you are wearing, one that is waiting to be washed, one that is waiting to be worn and the other 2 may be speciality bra’s such as sport bra or strapless.

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illusion lace underwire bra


And this is the illusion lace underwire bra. I have been wearing this one a LOT, under my flannel shirts and sweaters. My preference is an unlined bra (again, that whole looking bigger thing!) but if I’m wearing a t-shirt or something tight I’ll wear a t-shirt bra. Once again, the lace on this one is so incredibly beautiful!

When caring for your bras, Chantelle recommends always always hand washing it in a delicate detergent (this one is my absolute fave!) Harsh detergents and bleaches can destroy elastic and lace. Above all, ALWAYS air dry your bras however. Heat can also destroy both fibers and elastic.

chantelle paris 4
mademoiselle t-shirt bra

And this is my new favorite t-shirt bra. T-shirt bras can be tricky as they aren’t always pretty… but this one is so gorgeous. I love the criss-cross detail in the front, and the back is all lace.

Something I learned about molded cup/t-shirt bras: It is best not to store your molded cup bras folded one cup onto the other in your drawer! Depending on the cup fabric, such as Memory Foam….you can stretch one cup over time, causing an ill fitting bra! If you have the space, hanging is ideal otherwise laying flat in a draw one on top of the other is best. Who knew!?

chantelle paris 5
rive gauche racerback bra


I never knew I actually needed a raceback bra but I’m so glad I have one now. There are certain necklines that I’d wear a strapless bra (like for this dress, for example), but a racerback bra is so much more comfortable – and supportive.

chantelle paris 6
lace demi bra


I saved the prettiest for last. I always love a good lace demi bra and this one is beyond. I am going to have to go back for it in black and maybe blue… it’s so stunning in person.

I was asked by a few of you how to set up a fitting appointment. Chantelle actually has a “Fit Expert” Hot Line. You can enjoy some fit help from the privacy of your own home or the “Fit Expert” can set up a professional fitting for you with one of their Brand Consultants. All they need is your location. The Fit Expert can be reached on our toll free number 1-800-482-8202, Monday –Friday during regular business days. 9am to 5pm EST.

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photography by Lydia Hudgens.

Created in partnership with Chantelle.

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  1. Chantelle seems like a great resource – definitely going to shop there when I need to get some new undergarments. I still get mine from Victorias Secret which I’m definitely over, but kind of didn’t know where else to go.

    12.15.15 Reply
  2. Sasha:

    What a beautiful pieces <3

    12.15.15 Reply
  3. I feel like the search for the best bras is a never ending one. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Shae @ Current Habits

    12.15.15 Reply
  4. I learned so much about bra care in this post, I love it. Now I know I have too little bras and I know I definitely don’t take care of them well at all!

    Thanks for this post, Grace 🙂

    12.15.15 Reply