Found: The Perfect Camera Bag

You already know how I feel about my Lo + Sons bag.  I mean, it’s just amazing.  I could go on, but if you need a refresher on why I love it so much, just go here.   In the meantime, they’ve done it again with two brand spanking new camera bags – the Claremont Crossbody and the Melrose Mini Backpack.  I’m squealing with glee once more – the thoughtful design, the compartments, and this time… in sleek leather!  I love them both but prefer the backpack just a tiny bit more.  Sadly, the bags are not shipping until Fall, but you can join me on the wait list.  My camera works so hard for me… she deserves this.

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  1. inhonorofdesign says 7.24.12

    So fantastic. Practical and stylish.
    Thanks for sharing the find!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thank you Anna! I’m OBSESSED. xx

  2. Elizabeth Schneider says 7.24.12

    These bags are so chic, great find!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks, Liz… I can’t wait til they are available for purchase! xo

  3. I NNNNEEEDDDDD one of these on the ASAP!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Dude. Me. TOO.

  4. Alex Hubbard says 7.24.12

    Already on the waitlist for the Claremont. It’s so necessary in my life.

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      An absolute NECESSITY! Serious perfection. 🙂

  5. Style Tab says 7.24.12

    I’ve been looking high and low for a chic camera bag and these are amazing!! Great find, thanks for sharing!

    Katherine |

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      So happy you like them, Katherine. I cannot wait to get one!

  6. The Avg Girl Guide says 7.24.12

    That cross body is amazing! I’ve been using a neoprene sleeve that I toss in my bag — works perfectly — but this is amazing for bigger days on the go with my camera. 

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Alyson, and I know! Perfect for longer camera-necessary outings.

  7. Sarah Pickell says 7.24.12

    sooo cute!! love the crossbody bag! functional and chic 🙂

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Thanks Sarah! xx

  8. Becca Atwood says 7.24.12

    Oh love it! On my list for when I get a new camera.

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      At the top of my list too 🙂

  9. Sarah says 7.24.12

    I asked my boyfriend for the backpack for my birthday as soon as I saw that Lo & Sons had launched these (I LOVE my Lo & Sons work bag so I thought this would be perfect!) Alas, he got me something else instead! haha but this is still on my wish list and I’m considering treating myself this year. I’ve been looking for a bag to hold my camera forever and there’s literally NOTHING stylish out there that’s also somewhat affordable, so I was so happy to hear about these!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Hahaha… oh, boys… they just don’t get it! I hope you got something equally fabulous! xo

  10. Lauren M. Ferreira says 7.24.12

    Love Lo & Sons! How great they came out with a camera bag!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Me too – so smart on their part!

  11. Alexa C Evans says 7.24.12

    So cute! Great style and it looks easy to carry around!

    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      Agreed – the perfect blend of form + function!

  12. stop it right now…..just got a dslr so all about the cute camera bags!! Love these both!!


    • graceatwood says 7.24.12

      So perfect!! Hope you get one!

  13. Bettina says 7.24.12

    The backpack! Don’t mind if I do, I’ll be joining the wait list as well!

    • graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Nice! We’ll be twinsies… want one so badly!

  14. Patchwork Printerie says 7.24.12

    WOW I need one of these in my life! 

    Wonderful post 🙂 

    Chloe Eleanor xx

    • graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Right? Me TOO!!

  15. Patchwork Printerie says 7.24.12

    WOW I need one of these in my life!

    Wonderful post 🙂

    Chloe Eleanor xx

  16. Anna says 7.24.12

    If I had a better camera I would definitely order one of these bags.

    • graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Definitely worth the splurge (once the initial splurge of the DSLR, of course!)

  17. Mai says 7.24.12

    ooh yes!
    i am definitely in need of a camera bag.

    • graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Me too. Which one is your favorite?

      • Mai says 7.25.12

        the crossbody for sure!

        • graceatwood says 7.25.12

          Love it!! Mine is the backpack but I’d take either one.

  18. Rachel Nguyen says 7.25.12

    Those are super cute, but what’s cuter is you! Love how you pull off lazy denim. 

    • graceatwood says 7.25.12

      Haha, thank you – but that’s not me! These are from Lo + Sons’ (amazing) lookbook.