The Only Woman.

If you are looking for a really cool and unique gift for the woman in your life, might I suggest this brand new book from Phaidon?

Immy Humes (the author, also an Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker) was initially inspired by a group photograph of all male directors with one lone female – radical filmmaker Shirley Clarke as she celebrated her first feature in 1961. Clarke was often described as “the only woman filmmaker” of her time. Why her?

This led her down a rabbit hole. Humes became fixated, which eventually led to her creating this book: over a hundred group portraits where there is only one woman. The portraits, together, make for such a powerful visual statement. Athletes, artists, activists, chefs, doctors, factory workers, even astronauts, and even criminals! It’s a great coffee table book (and an even better gift) as it will make for some really good conversations… you’ll learn a lot, too.

And don’t just take my recommendation: Gloria Steinem endorsed it too: ‘The Only Woman dramatizes the high price of tokenism.’

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  1. Shana:

    I saw this on your site last week maybe?? I immediately went down the rabbit hole 🙂 I’m often the only woman where I work, on site, in the room and they are large rooms at times – it’s exhausting, scary, energizing, exciting, and so many other things. It’s been going on so long I often don’t realize it until I have what I tell my husband is an “out of body” experience. I’m floating above myself in the room looking around thinking but I want to be part of the solution and if one other woman at work sees me and is inspired than it’s worth it! I will be gifting this book to ALL of the people around me this holiday season!!

    8.10.22 Reply
    • I am so curious now, what do you do?

      But yes, I feel the same (even in a very female dominated industry lol) and want to give it to everyone I know!

      8.10.22 Reply
      • Shana:

        I work for one of the US’s largest integrated oil and gas companies 🙂 an amazing job that has taken me all over the world and I’ve met amazing women who can all relate to being an “only” at one moment or another 🙂

        8.10.22 Reply
  2. I was *just* browsing for a housewarming gift for a friend – I’m sold! Love this.

    8.10.22 Reply
  3. Andrea:

    I am a womens basketball coach and I don’t know how many times I sit in a room and be the only female ! ( in a female sport ) I speak on panels and at clinics and I may be the only woman.! I really just noticed it ! Sometimes it can be intimidating and it teaches you how to stand up tall and hold your own! I can’t wait to read your book!

    8.13.22 Reply