The Modern Loafer.

Everlane Loafer

Over the past year, I’ve turned into a die-hard Everlane fanatic. I love the brand. Love. I dipped my toe in the water with their classic t-shirts back in 2012 here, and it was all downhill from there. Throughout the past couple years I have obsessed over their sweatshirtstotes, and most recently; the trench coat. The pieces are classic and minimal. You don’t feel guilty purchasing them as you know you will wear them until they fall apart. The merchandise on their site adds up to great style that you don’t have to think too hard about. And I really love how transparent they are about the actual cost of their products. It’s fascinating and I think ultimately going to be very disruptive to the fashion industry as the brand continues to grow and they educate their customers about the true costs of an item.

I ordered a pair of their new loafers immediately (in burgundy, if you were curious) as I think they’re just the perfect everyday shoe (and made from 100% Italian leather, thankyouverymuch.) Add ankle jeans, maybe top it off with Everlane’s Swing Trench (still one of my favorite purchases to date) and a comfy cashmere scarf, and you’re pretty much ready for Fall. The loafers are available in black, olive, and burgundy… but I thought the burgundy was the most versatile as I wear a lot of camel + brown in the Fall.

Everlane Loafer 2

Everlane Loafer 3

Everlane Loafer 4

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  1. Love these loafers. I was actually going to order a pair of Allen Edmonds just because I couldn’t find any women’s loafers I loved as much as my husband’s AE pair.

    10.3.14 Reply
  2. Can’t wait to see how you you wear them.

    10.3.14 Reply
  3. Mara:

    I love Everlane! I just wish the loafers weren’t so pointy … as a lady with big feet (le sigh) the shape of the shoe makes me look like a witch or a (fashionable) clown! sadness.

    10.4.14 Reply
  4. terri:

    what color did you get the trench in?

    10.4.14 Reply
    • Grace Atwood:

      The green! It’s the best. When I got mine though it only came in green… I might have gotten the navy if it were an option back then…

      10.5.14 Reply
  5. Have you worn these loafers much? I would love to see how you styled them. I am thinking about purchasing my own pair in burgundy.

    6.7.15 Reply