Thoughts on Younger, Pretty New Earrings, & More Good Things.

Thoughts on Younger, Pretty New Earrings, & More Good Things.

Thoughts on Younger, Pretty New Earrings, & More Good Things.

Happy Monday… I hope you had a great weekend. (Mine was so quiet which was just what I needed.) Wanted to start with a little check in on Younger. So, like… how are we feeling about it? I actually didn’t hate last week’s episode but I’m still so bummed out – it’s been my favorite show for years and this season has been such a disappointment. The writing feels lazy and the plot is infuriating.

And I have to tell you… (this is big for me, been #TeamCharles from day one) I really don’t like Charles anymore. Charles is cancelled. He’s making awful decisions and has been such a jerk to Liza. And Quinn, well, Quinn is just Quinn and the feminist in me refuses to blame the woman but still – UGH. Anyway I did really enjoy this interview with Laura Benanti. There are four episodes left and I am going to keep watching (duh) but yeah… disappointed!

Also in disappointing TV/media news: The Woman in the Window on Netflix. I watched it this weekend and had been so excited (I loved the book and it features an all star cast!) but it just… wasn’t very good? I will caveat that it could be because I read the book so I knew what was going to happen. So if you did not read the book but watched the movie I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d love to hear your thoughts regardless.

But this post is not meant to be all complaints.

I have lots of good things to share with you and I’m back into a MUCH better groove with reading. I finished (and loved) Anna K Away, and I just started The Most Beautiful Girl in Cubawhich I am really enjoying. And it was a wonderful weekend. So there is all of that!

PS – I rented this dress on Rent the Runway. My code RTRGRACE will get you 40% off the first two months of an 8 or 16 item plan. (Also: all my promo codes live on this page!)

I rented this dress on Rent the Runway
bag // heels

Hyer Goods

My bag in the above photo is from Hyer Goods, a very cool new (to me) brand. The founder, Dana Cohen spent over a decade working in fashion and seeing firsthand how wasteful the industry can be. And so she started to use “waste” leather (deadstock materials and manufacturing scraps), creating beautiful limited edition bags and wallets. Dana kindly gifted me this bag, (the mini bucket in green croc) but I am a big fan of the classic bucket bag in flame, too. Honestly, the whole site is great – stylish, sustainable, and very well priced.

Halston on Netflix

Halston on Netflix

And now for something on TV that I actually did like: The Halston biopic (from Ryan Murphy who does glittery and glamorous so well) on Netflix! I am a little embarrassed because I’d had it on my to-watch list, assuming that it was a documentary… and then I put it on last night and realized it’s actually a scripted (limited) series. Ewan McGregor plays Halston, and I’m really enjoying it so far. It’s fun and glamorous and I love learning more about the designer’s life (and his relationships with Liza Minnelli, Elsa Peretti, etc!). I haven’t watched the whole thing but am liking it so far.

Annie Costello Brown | Thoughts on Younger, Pretty New Earrings, & More Good Things.

Annie Costello Brown

During a little weekend Instagram rabbithole, I found Annie Costello Brown and became instantly smitten with her designs. I am always on the hunt for earrings that are big and bold but also lightweight and ordered her Arc earrings on the spot. They are four inches long so definitely pack a punch. I’m eyeing these cyan earrings next – love the color.

my new juicer

My new juicer!

You might have seen this on my instagram story yesterday but I am so excited to be able to have a juicer in my new apartment. I say “be able to have” as I have never had enough cabinet space. I had one years ago but had nowhere to put it so ended up giving it away. So one of the first things I did when I moved here was a) reserve a cabinet and b) order a new juicer. I spent a very long time reading reviews and ultimately went with this one as it had really good reviews and you can clean most of the parts in the dishwasher.

I’m so excited about this! I made a green juice and an orange juice yesterday. I also bought these bottles to store the juice in… since it’s a bit of a “project” to get the juicer out and make juice, I try to make a bunch at a time.


Top two photos by Clay Austin.

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  1. Katie says 5.17.21

    I agree with you Grace on The Woman in the Window. Very disappointing because I love Amy Adams but Mare of Easttown made up for it! Wow!!!

  2. Love your dress – the colour combination is the cutest! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  3. Sarah says 5.17.21

    I love Younger so much, but I agree! I’m Team Josh and have been waiting, hoping they would get back together but this season is leaving me no hope. Nothing is happening! I just can’t see how they will wrap it up. Also, I watched The Woman in the Window, haven’t read the book and thought it was weird . All of a sudden I was watching Scream, I didn’t get it.

    • grace at the stripe says 5.17.21

      Haha it did have Scream vibes!

    • Katie says 5.17.21

      I think Younger is setting things up to have Liza end up with Josh. Especially since now he got his family in that he has a kid, maybe they can “be together” now. Ugh idk haha.

      • grace at the stripe says 5.17.21

        I think you are totally right. I think that’s the only solution!!!!

      • Sarah says 5.17.21

        Don’t tease me! This would be my dream! Ugh manifesting it right now…ha.

      • Maggie says 5.17.21

        Ooh that’s fascinating because I feel like they’re setting up Charles and Liza to get back together! I am Team Josh, and I was really hoping something would happen after all the tension in the last season. But after the proposal, and it was like, jk we have no feelings for each other and are so mature now.
        Otherwise, the first 4 episodes were very disappointing, and they’ve been getting better. I have no idea how they’re gonna wrap the show up in 4 more episodes. (Same goes for The Bold Type if anyone watches that – only 6 episodes for the final season!?) And I really want Diana to actually come back, but it seems like that’s not happening either. The video call scene was a cruel tease.

  4. Tiffany says 5.17.21

    Totally agree with you on Younger! Have always been #TeamCharles but really disliking his character this season. Not sure what the heck is going to happen in the last 4 episodes, but will watch to find out how they wrap it up. (P.S. – love your podcast and blog!)

  5. iz says 5.17.21

    Agree on Younger. And where the heck has Dianna been?! She’s one of the BEST characters!!!

  6. Kari says 5.17.21

    I love younger! I have been waiting for this season to end, so I can watch it all at once. But now I’m nervous! I also definitely thought Halston was a documentary. Good to know it’s a limited series, and by Ryan Murphy. I’m even more excited for it now!

  7. Katrina says 5.17.21

    This isn’t helpful for you, Grace, since you already bought a juicer, but for people thinking about purchasing one: get a Vitamix instead! You can throw in full fruits/veggies with liquid (my favorite is spinach/apple/ginger/coco water, or celery/whole lime/cucumber/regular water), and make green juice – with lots fiber since you use the whole piece of fruit or veggie. Super quick, and clean up just involves rinsing out the blender, as opposed to the whole disassembly process of a juicer. It’s been a huge game-changer for me!

    • grace at the stripe says 5.17.21

      Oh that is so funny, I have a vitamix too… but I love the juicer for real juice-juice!

  8. GJ says 5.17.21

    I watched Woman in the Window too this weekend. I had mixed thoughts. Some times I really liked it and other times I felt that it dragged. I did think at some points it felt like someone filmed a theatrical production – did anyone else get that vibe?

  9. Rebecca Evans says 5.17.21

    Hi Grace, I haven’t seen the women in the window but I was eying it. I haven’t read the book so I’ll give it a try, though I think I might rather read the book! Reading the description kind of reminding me of this radio lab episode:

    Have you watched Rebecca on Netflix, I thought it was about 50 minutes too long but still good.

  10. HC says 5.17.21

    The produce bag is such a genius hack! The pulp container gets so messy. I’ll have to try that with my juicer next time.

  11. Trendie2 says 5.17.21

    Woman in the Window was sooooooooooo awful! Really hated it and a waste of time – sighs!

  12. Danielle says 5.17.21

    Agree on The Woman in the Window, it was just underwhelming. I didn’t read the book but apparently the author is pretty bonkers…I read this article from the New Yorker in 2019 over the weekend about him and it’s wild:

  13. Oh nooooooooo! My partner and I are huge Younger fans and have yet to start this season because we don’t have Paramount+ or whatever streaming service it’s on. Now I’m nervous to finish the series! I’m also #TeamCharles but I had a feeling the writers wouldn’t let that happen in the end. Sigh.

  14. Amber says 5.17.21

    Younger has always been one of my favorite shows, but I’m so bummed about this season! I was always #TeamCharles but they seemed to just gradually ruin his character more and more since they got together. Honestly would’ve preferred they cancelled it to this… everyone’s characters are a mess!

  15. Sharni says 5.18.21

    I was so disappointed by The Woman In The Window as well — and my partner [who hasn’t read the book] kept asking when it would get good. Eeek — how did they stuff it up THAT bad?

    This month I’m loving Mare of Easttown — so bloody good I cannot get enough. I’ve also just started watching Big Sky which is a new vibe for me but I’m enjoying it so far.

    • grace at the stripe says 5.18.21

      I don’t know! Great book, great cast… bad movie!
      I’m loving Mare of Easttown too!

  16. Mimi says 5.18.21

    Speaking of “The Woman in the Window” my friend sent me this New Yorker article over the weekend:! It’s from 2019, but I missed it…WILD.

  17. Caitlin says 5.18.21

    Oh my god… the bag in the juicer collection cup…. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING THAT??

    Thank you for the hot tip!!

  18. Tina says 5.20.21

    After this most recent episode, I am even more confused about Younger! I do not understand where it could be going. If there are only three more episodes, how can they redeem Charles? Josh is pretty absent. Importantly, what is the deal with Quinn???

    • grace at the stripe says 5.20.21

      I KNOW!!!! I don’t either! Charles has just been awful, Josh is gone… I am just not sure how they will resolve this!

      • Tina says 6.8.21

        Hi Grace, I watched episode 11 last night and had to check back in with you. Ummm, not a convincing reunion. Neither of them actually seemed happy about it. The reunion seemed off and Empirical absorbing Inkubator is a let-down. Why should Charles get to acquire it just because he FINALLY realized the worth of Kelsey & Liza. Or did he? Peter Herman was not convincing. I’m starting to wonder if Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann no longer get along IRL and that is why the chemistry is off. Lauren is having a great season and I’m loving her. But if she ends up with Dr. Max that will be a very bad choice, IMHO. Especially for a finale airing in Pride month. I’ve always been Team Charles, but I think it might have been better to end it with Liza & Josh together and Inkubator an independent success for Liza & Kelsey.

        • Couldn’t agree more with EVERYTHING you said!!!! Killing me! And you’re so right about Lauren’s storyline and Pride. Ugh!